10 Video Game Quests That Had No Business Being That Creepy

Video Game Quests

Sometimes , in games, you’re presented with quests that appear innocent initially. But some of them end up being a lot more terrifying than you thought.

Games are an opportunity to go on adventures which take many forms including thrilling car chases, difficult fights, to boring fetch missions and hilarious random objectives that will eventually fill your hero’s adventure.

10 Video Game Quests That Had No Business Being That Creepy

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Sometimes, developers give you a surprise that you didn’t anticipate due to how strong your character is, or the way the tone differs in comparison to the general game. It’s not uncommon to expect a spook two from titles such as Madison or Observer however, there are plenty of enjoyable games that will suddenly send players into a story which has no right to be such a scary.

The Aurora Wreck Missions Subnautica

Subnautica Subnautica an exciting open-world adventure that lets you explore the deep depths of an ocean that is not your own. The primary reason you are able to embark on your journey is that your ship, Aurora is in the process of being destroyed by an undiscovered planet. The goal is to live however the work you need to accomplish in the wreckage of your ship could cause an uneasy feeling. Bleeders float around inside the ship, while reapers and stalkers lurk within the vessel itself.

The Aurora is vast and there are a variety of chapters to be explored in order to discover the entire scope. The sunken and fiery areas can be a major trigger for submechanophobia. You are unable to resist feeling the specter of death as you wait for an event to hit you. The fact that you’re close to the black inky ocean that is so overwhelming it can overwhelm even your light sources.

The Ghost Haunts at Midnight Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines

Despite the moody and dark setting created by vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines Bloodlines creates it doesn’t feel like an actual horror game since you’re a vampire who is constantly growing in power. The more capabilities and skills you acquire the stronger you are. The sun is the only thing that could hinder your progress as well as the animals of night are your relatives.

If you’re tasked with obtaining a locket from an abandoned hotel to let go the spirits that haunt it, you’ll notice an abrupt change in the atmosphere that the player is experiencing. In a flash, you’re hearing voices that aren’t there (even even if you’re not Malkavian) as well as seeing apparitions as well as being attacked by objects that are thrown at you by a rogue poltergeist and even falling down basements with ghosts residing.

The jumpscares, ghostly events with haunting sound effects, as well as shocking newspaper clippings are scattered all over the hotel. It is likely to scare you enough to make you want to simply speed through the entire journey.

The Devil’s Due Fallout 4

If you’re being advised regarding Witchcraft In the Fallout 4 game The best option is to steer clear. However, you would not become an Sole Survivor if you didn’t be able to leap ahead, wouldn’t you?

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It is the Devil’s Due, with its darkly threatening quest title, invites you to go to The Museum of Witchcraft to figure out the ominous things taking place there. When you go through the journey you’ll encounter Deathclaws with a terrifying growl that gets closer and closer, life-sized mannequins positioned in the most dangerous locations, and bodies being pulled across ceiling gaps. The sounds that make you jump when you see shadows that appear in the distance do not help however, at least you have someone else along with you.

Whispers in The Dark – The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim offers no lack of frightening quests However, the thing that is what makes Whispers In the Dark different is that you’re never in danger of any sort. It is said that you should observe Cicero by hiding in the coffin of the Night Mother, and listening to the conversations of Cicero.

As if being inside a very tight coffin that has a corpse in the middle of it weren’t enough then you must listen to the ramblings of a madman in complete darkness until you can see the body of the Night Mother’s daughter appearing in a dim light before your eyes. And it’s speaking to you. Spine-tingling.

ULP: Cleanup GTA Online

The final task in GTA Online’s Operation Paper Trail questline is an utter contrast to the other missions you’ll need to complete prior to it. Following all of the illegal activities and online snark you’ve mastered it’s time to walk across the silo, in pitch-black darkness.

There’s weapons and flashlights to use but that does not make the atmosphere less thrilling. Halls that wind and sleepy Juggernauts in corners are waiting for you to explore while you try to bring back power to the area. The dark, empty space and the subtle sound of breathing coming from the Juggernauts could really make you feel Heebie-jeebies.

There’s Still The Grass Fallout: New Vegas

The whole fallout series includes numerous terrifying vaults which you’ll require courage to get into One that stands out as one of the greatest within the Fallout game New Vegas is Vault 22. There are a variety of other quests that bring you to this vault, the most significant of them being There Stands the Grass.

With spores and overgrowth The vault is able to appear endless and squeezing. It’s easy to become lost in this place and there are a lot of species of mutated animals that roam the halls that have been forgotten for years. If you explore further there are dark caverns with dim lighting that makes the experience even more confusing and uncomfortable.

Queen Vanessa’s House – An Hat In Time

The thing that makes Queen Vanessa’s Manor difficult is its distinct “horror” feel when compared to the game that is otherwise a joy to play. From vibrant levels to fun platforming, you are now making your way through frozen pathways in order to enter the manor.

It is here that you’re confronted by sudden flashes lights, loud sounds, and the terrifying black mass that has glowing eyes that require you to escape and avoid. The contrast with the remainder of the game so intense that the creators have included a shortcut that allows you to skip the entire confrontation with Vanessa and head right to the attic.

Scarecrow Nightmares Batman: Arkham Asylum

If you’re Batman You feel unstoppable. You’re never afraid of anything since you’re determined to take revenge! This is until you are burned by Scarecrow and enter an incredibly terrifying nightmare. Three nightmares are available from Batman: Arkham Asylum and each is truly frightening in its own way.

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The player must experience hallucinations and ghosts, similar to those found in horror games like Mortuary Assistant. Then, you enter intense hiding scenes where you have to avoid being spotted by Scarecrow which is terrifying himself.

The Blindness Shard Trial – Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

The Trials of Odin are already terrifying in their own way however, the Blindness Shard Trial is just frightening in its own right. This is quite a statement because Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice does not shy away from terrifying sequences. To be able to complete this test you must make it to the finish without alerting creatures that are all around you.

There’s nothing to see other than blurred figures in the distance and you must rely on sound signals to get around the terrain in a safe manner. While Dillion’s advice can be helpful however, it’s a stressful and terrifying feeling to be blinded in a dangerous environment. You must pay attention regardless of the fact that every organ in your body warns that you should not be aware of the terrifying noises that surround you.

Robbing the Cradle Thief Deadly Shadows

The Thief series Shadows are your best friend. That’s how you can make your journey through the darkness and accomplish what you have to accomplish. If you’re inside Shalebridge Cradle Shalebridge Cradle in Thief: Deadly Shadows, the shadows get quite a bit more terrifying.

The music design is effective in making you feel more anxious, with a scream of terror as well as a constant rumble of wind as well as tracks, dripping water and a sonic echoes that keep following your every step. The former asylum and orphanage look threatening in their appearance with terrifying echoes and violent puppets when you attempt to help an animal escape and avoid the similar fate.

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