18 Best Open-World Games On Steam

Explore these delicious open-world options on Steam and prepare yourself for the most exciting stories and adventures to be recorded.

Video games provide a way to relax that is free of the pressures of life, a place to take a look at the stories they tell. There is no better way to do this than the open-world genre in which the possibilities are limitless and the range of possibilities is beyond imagination. If you’re a fan of fantasy who wants to be dragonslayers in Dragon Age or an avid fan of sci-fi who wants to explore the universe and beyond, you’re sure to not be bored as quickly.

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Open-World Games

The games range from Valheim through the Post-apocalyptic Dying Light 2, there are an abundance of open-world titles available on Steam that provide endless access to thrilling adventures and compelling stories. With special offers and deals on weekends that are frequently offered There’s always an chance to get any of them for just half the cost.

Last updated on 17 November 2022 from Sanyam Jain: Through the years, many of the top open-world titles have appeared on Steam. Steam is one of the most reliable places to search for games that are open-world and have excellent environmental detail and provide create an immersive gaming experience. The majority of these games feature new areas frequently to satisfy the player’s curiosity.

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim Skyrim has been establishing its place as a fantasy-based giant, with a long-lasting legacy that’s unrivalled. You play as The Dragonborn in the rough, yet gorgeous landscape of Skyrim and you’re confronted with completing a God-like destiny. From keeping the bloodthirsty Vampire Lord from blotting out the sun, to taking on the toughest tasks in the land and beyond, the Dragonborn is never bored.

Receiving numerous awards, including the ‘PC Game Of the Year’, Skyrim continues to be the most played game by fans over 10 years after its release. With its rich story and unbeatable storytelling, Skyrim is an open-world game that you’ll never be bored of.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world adventure located in the future dystopian future in Night City, where violence is a part of life. The player is a gun-toting mercenary called V who attempts to establish a name his/herself and be a fighter after an unlucky mission. Apart from the primary quest there are a variety of different activities V might be interested in. Night City is a Blade Metropolis that is reminiscent of BladeRunner that has many additional quests to improve your status and gain some Eddies.

Despite the initial complaints about issues and unfinished stories the game has been through numerous changes, with modders even offering to help. In all, Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely an open-world title that you should explore if you’re interested in high-tech, futuristic worlds.

Ark The Survival Evolved

The game has been transformed from one that features modern-day details to one inspired by the dinosaur era. Ark: Survival Evolved leaves the players on an undiscovered island, where they must survive by themselves. When you travel around the world, you’ll see several dinosaurs that can be controlled with a thorough process.

Play around in the back of your dragon or fight other players and dragons to the max. In Ark You’ll be sharing the world with many players who will open doors to playing and PvP too. If you’ve ever fantasized about owning a dinosaur as an animal, then Ark is the game for you.


There’s no discussion of an open universe PvP games without mentioning the name of Rust. In this world that is unique it is possible to spawn with only an object and a torch in your hand. You’ll need to hunt for different objects and create your own weapon as you work on establishing an operational base. Once you’ve got your equipment, you are able to take advantage of the opportunity to get your hands on other players’ gear.

The game is a perfect blend both PvP and PvE as you can take on real players, or raid various sites and battle Scientists to earn valuable loot. You are also able to raid an opponent’s base or defend your own with different Airlocks, traps and other devices.


Subnautica can be described as an open world game that takes the concept of open-world to a new level. Set in a futuristic world in which mankind is equipped with the technology to conquer other planets, you’re Ryley Robinson. Affixed to a stunning – but dangerous – ocean world, Ryley must find a cure for the disease that has devastated the planet while trying to locate a way to return home. In a survival-themed game that is set in the deepest in the depths of an ocean that is not yet explored, Ryley is confronted with frightening and brand new creatures.

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From leviathans who are fierce to cute cuddlefishes Subnautica puts your skills to the to the test. Also, if you’re interested in aquatic survival game, Subnautica is not one to pass up.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Another futuristic title in the open-world genre Horizon Zero Dawn will see the planet filled with modern-day machines with various animal forms. It is set in the year 2030 humans have suffered an immense setback, and has been was divided into tribal factions. The game is about Nora exiled Aloy who is on a quest find her roots and save mankind from HADES and insidious machines.

Horizon Zero Dawn gives you an eerie look at the world of nature that has taken over. With high-end, realistic graphics and incredible environments put yourself in the role of Aloy and discover an experience like you’ve never experienced before.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 puts you in the shoes an entirely new character, Aiden Caldwell, whose primary goal is to locate and reconnect to his twin sister Mia. The story takes place two decades after the events in the first game, the adventure of fighting Volatiles and other scary creatures means additional chase sequences.

The virus didn’t stop in Harran it spread across the world when a handful of greedy scientists could not be bothered to reveal the truth. Apart from eliminating hordes creatures of the night, Aiden is able to take on a couple of lucrative job opportunities and travel around an apocalyptic city that is that is on the verge of collapse.

The Forest

The Forest is a different open-world adventure game in which the real adversaries are monsters that resemble humans. The game begins with your plane crash landing on a mysterious island you awake to discover the existence of cannibals there , and they’re looking for blood. You’ll need to procure your own food and water as well as shelter as well as locate weapons to protect yourself.

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This game tells an underlying storyline that you can play at your own speed. You’ll be searching for your son all the duration you’re there however, fighting the cannibals can consume the majority in your spare time. The great thing is that you are able to play the game in multiplayer , and invite your friends to take on the hordes of apes.

7 Days To Die

It’s difficult enough to deal the threat of zombies within any open-world post-apocalyptic game, but it becomes more difficult when you have to complete the task in just seven days. Like the title implies, 7 Days To Die leaves players in a world in which you must build your own shelter that has good defense against the zombie invasions that are expected in the evening on each seventh day.

In these times the moon will turn red and you’ll be surrounded by zombies. You must be prepared to face the horde and find enough water and food to stay alive and surviving, which will result in an intense and hectic experience.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The third entry in the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition was like a breath of fresh air. It is set in the fantastical world of Thedas You have the choice of exploring vast lands both in Orlais as well as Ferelden, even delving deep into The Deep Roads.

With a range of races available you can embark as the determined Inquisitor on an adventure to defeat Corypheus. From the beautiful and gilded Val Royeaux to the barren desert in The Hissing wastes BioWare has certainly not spared any cost. Alongside the intricate plots, every character in the Inquisitor’s group is well-developed..


Valheim is a game that takes this game of Nordic afterlife to a new level with this survival adventure. In the role of into the boots of a dead Viking the warrior must work hard to make it to Valhalla which is the place of rest that is suitable for the strongest warriors. Of course, will not be done within the space of a day.

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There are a variety of biomes to explore There are bosses in the game for you to take down to unlock their powers. The game offers a variety of opportunities to discover including building your own boat navigate through the Ocean Biome to attempting to build your own house. In reality, getting to Valhalla is a lifetime effort to accomplish.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes the form of a modern-day game and an ode to the past. The earlier games in The Sherlock Holmes franchise by Frogwares have culminated in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, an open-world experience that takes place in a fictional Cordona. Sherlock is a budding, young detective, but is a emerging star within the world of detectives.

In the course of resolving the mystery surrounding his mother’s disappearance, Sherlock takes on the challenges and trials of the inhabitants from Cordona. From kidnapping to murder There’s always a mystery to Sherlock to resolve.

Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Brings your dreams of a pirate to life with this thrilling adventure. Find your inner Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow by taking the captain of your private pirate vessel, sailing the oceans, and looting other ships to find treasure. With the new season brimming with tons of fresh enhancements and updates every season, there’s something new to anticipate.

If you’re eager to take over the Sea Fort or just want to make quite a bit worth of cash, Sea of Thieves is certainly an excellent game. most enjoyable pirate games that has ever graced our screens on computers.

The Elder Scrolls Online

If you’re in search of a fantasy MMO of immense scale, The Elder Scrolls Online is the ideal open-world game to enjoy while waiting to play The Elder Scrolls 6. With additional regions that you can explore within the vast and sprawling world of Tamriel It is possible to return to Skyrim and get lost in the reminiscence of.

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From the idyllic Island that is Summerset Isle to the sweltering heat of Alik’r Desert, The Elder Scrolls Online is an adventure unlike any other, featuring The Elder Scrolls lore explored in greater depth as never before. No matter if you’re a Necromancer , or a Templar warrior it’s going to be an incredible adventure in the realm of fantasy.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

A game that is among the more realistic open world games that takes place in the medieval eraKingdom Come Deliverance is certainly an accurate portrayal. Henry’s journey begins with his village being ripped in two by King Sigismund and ignited a passion within him to seek revenge and justice.

Kingdom Come definitely does not make any concessions in terms of realism during the medieval period. From the intricate combat mechanics, to having the best horses, Henry also finds the time to aid his companions in a variety of adventures.

Red Dead 2 Redemption

If you think that the Wild West is one of your top historical times it is likely that Rockstar Games has captured its essence in its Red Dead Redemption series. Red Dead Redemption 2 follows the path that our main character Arthur Morgan and the dying days of the Van der Linde gang in the time before the initial game.

In the course of fighting the vile factions that are threatening their lives Arthur and his family members, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a true representation of the “kill or be killed” environment that was that of the Wild West. From hunting down dangerous creatures to shooting out and shootouts, the concept of death is woven into the very core in Wild West America.

Grand Theft Theft 5

The thrilling and tense story that is Grand Theft Auto 5‘s captivating trio is certain never to bore you. The game is set in the open world that includes Los Santos, San Andreas in addition to Blaine County, the prospect of exploration is huge and never-ending. Follow the adventures about Michael, Trevor, and Franklin who are surrounded on all times by government and criminal organizations that want to eliminate and use their enemies.

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In the absence of a main plot the city itself makes for a fully-immersive, everyday experience. If you’re not planning the heist, or getting targeted, everyday activities like having haircuts or buying a house can make it more real and relatable. Even criminals need a little time off in the end, right.

Elden Ring

FromSoftware is back to prominence with the debut in the form of Elden Ring The Elden Ring is a big hit, as it’s the beginning of the fantasy series that’s more and more impressive than anything else. The slender Tarnished wanders The Lands Between with the ambition of becoming an Elden Lordship, many are against their ultimate glory.

From the Hogwarts-like magical region from the Hogwarts-like magical region of Liurnia to the glittering underground city that is Nokron, Eternal City, the Tarnished is a long road before them. However, with the benefits of the powerful Ashes of War and an assortment of history-making Spirit Ashes, all Shardbearers will be swept away by the power of the weak Tarnished.

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