7 Best Shooting Game To Play For Android and iOS In 2022.

7 Best Shooting Game To Play

7 Best Shooting Game To Play

Are you looking for the top shooting games for Android as well as iOS to fill your shooting itch? This list contains the top shooting games available on your phone today!

The most thrilling shooting games available for Android and iOS give you an amazing game play and an unbeatable adrenaline rush. They usually feature stunning graphics. Certain games can have amazing storylines, while other concentrate more on the multiplayer component. There’s nothing you could do wrong as a game designer in the field of shooting games. The most important elements of a shooting game include an excellent gunplay experience and a replayability.

As Android as well as iOS receiving hardware and software improvements Shooting games have also received some significant improvements. Many of the best shooting games available on Android and iOS have stunning graphics which make full use of their hardware. Additionally mobile gaming has been adapted beautifully to a genre that was once a standard of PC gaming. It doesn’t matter if you use your fingers or claw grips it is possible to adjust the controls to suit your preferences. This is just the beginning of shooting games for Android and iOS as there is more to come in the near future.

In this light we can take an examination of the entries!

Call of Duty Mobile

We decided to include it as the very first entry on our list. The top shooting game for Android as well as iOS tag is now associated with Call of Duty Mobile. This is how the shooter game that competes with other games developed since it’s launch in the year 2019. To date, it’s even beating other classics of the genre like Fortnite, PUBG as well as Fortnite. Call of Duty Mobile offers a refined shooting that’s not seen on PC or console gaming. The series has always been a success in terms of shooting. It seems that the designers have managed to bring this level of refinement in the games mobile edition.

There are of course online games with a variety of guns, customization and other events. In addition there are 100 player Battle Royale matches that are also very entertaining. Call of Duty Mobile is the best name you hear or speak about when playing any shooting competition game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Even though Call of Duty Mobile offers a great possibility to play online shooting games, Battlegrounds Mobile India is still the best when Battle Royale you’re looking for favorite. No matter what shooting game is available, BGMI set the groundwork for Battle Royale modes. Even today it continues to provide excellent layout and design to ensure the best Battle Royale matchups. In addition, the gunplay of the game is quite well-constructed. While sniping, you’ll need to consider the distance, movement of the target and winds speeds. These specific techniques are what make the BGMI‘s gameplay among the top shooter games in the genre. Furthermore the rewards are fantastic, with crates and coupons that offer a better visual in gaming. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the top shooting games available for Android or iOS.

Hitman: Sniper

As gamers, many of us can remember how enjoyable it was to play the Hitman series was. They gave us the chance to become the ideal modern assassin, and with an amount of freedom that was unheard of at the time. With Hitman Sniper You still enjoy enormous freedom when it comes to approaching targets. But instead of getting close to them, you’ll need to shoot the targets from some distance. What you shoot and how you shoot will affect the way the situation is played out for you. Additionally, the sniping techniques are in place and provide a fun task. Additionally, you’ll have numerous sniper guns available to pick from. If you decide to go for more speed or precision is your choice!

Shadowgun Legends

If you’re a lover of the Halo series and are dissatisfied by the fact that Halo did not have an app for mobile then think twice. Shadowgun Legends will provide you with strong Halo impressions and much more. The game is among the few shooting games on Android and iOS with superb solo games and multiplayer elements. The action is thrilling and the story exciting. In addition, there are more than 10,000 items of armour and weapons to customize your avatar in the game. From small missions, to multiplayer that is fast and intense You’ll find everything you could want from an action game for mobile devices. Start playing this game today!

Infinity Ops

For all the PC gamers Have you had the pleasure of playing Battlefield 2042? This is an important question because Infinity Opsis the closest game to Battlefield 2042 that you can find on your mobile. The game is loaded with excellent gunplay mechanics. But, it’s the diverse settings that will grab your interest. Each one is distinctive by itself and comes with its own unique characteristics. Certain areas have more or less gravities that can pose challenges as you’ll need adapt your play style to suit the environment.

Furthermore, there are a lot of possibilities for customization and exploration. The gameplay is quick and sometimes chaotic. If you’re seeking a multiplayer shooting game on Android or iOS with a little design flair, you should try Infinity Ops.

Modern Strike Online

The most powerful alternative against Counter-Strike Global Offensive that is available for smartphones could be Modern Strike Online. This is one of the most played shooting games on Android and iOS with thousands of downloaded games. If you try it for the very first time you’ll observe the reason. It is a great game with good graphic design, as well as the amount of weapons you can pick is astounding. Furthermore, there are numerous options to play in. For example, from Team Deathmatch to Search and Defuse The games here are worth the effort. Additionally there are more than 10 different maps you can play. Each map has its own advantages, drawbacks and points of navigation. The game is always exciting and fresh. Modern Strike Online is among the top shooting games available for Android or iOS that is available to play now.

Doom I and Doom II

It’s a little cheating in this article however, both are worthy of recognition. This isn’t the new version of the popular franchise. It’s the classic game released in the early 1990s and has been brought to mobile gaming. The two initial entries in the Doom franchise were notable success during the beginning of the PC gaming time. If you’ve not played these games, it’s the right moment to play. The graphics may be old-fashioned. But the nostalgia is just as good as it ever was. The arcade-style, classic shooting game is still played to today. The games also come with expansion packs that can provide seriously entertainment. The best shooting games available on PC were converted to make the top shooting games available for Android or iOS!


We’re now to the conclusion of our list of most enjoyable shooting games available on Android or iOS. We’ve tried to include games that are geared towards solo players as well as co-op and multiplayer players. These games offer a wealth of entertainment and content for all players and may even give some nostalgia. Shooting games aren’t the only ones to be played, but there’s always more to be covered. Contact us if you are interested in seeing other lists similar to these!

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