A Link to the Past – A Step-by-Step Information

Before we get started – A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past – Hello and welcome to my walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past! The step-by-step walkthrough will walk you through everything starting at the beginning of the game through the very end when you defeat Ganon. I will show you how to accomplish all the major story objectives, and will also provide the places of the useful items that can make your journey easier. But I won’t detail the steps to take to complete the dungeons, except for Link’s very first journey into Hyrule Castle because they’re much more fun to explore on your own.

To make your life easier you can keep these maps of important locations so that you can reference these maps as you play :

Map”The Light World – Map”The Dark World –

A Link to the Past

Restoring Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda speaks to Link in an unreal dream, hoping Link will save her from the basement of the castle. A sleeping Link awakes to find his uncle has left the house, and he informs Link to stay at home. Then, look inside the chest for the lantern and then go out of the home.

There’s not a great deal of locations to explore in the beginning, so head north until Hyrule Castle . The entrance is locked, however you can take the right-hand side detour and proceed towards the castle’s wall. Take a bush that looks suspicious and then plunge into the pit. The uncle will be there and will offer you the sword. Enter the courtyard of the castle Go inside the castle, and locate the steps leading to the basement. Go through the basement until you can find the princess Zelda locked in an cell. Take on the ball and chain guy and then grab the large key , and then unlock Zelda’s cell. Zelda will follow you, and take her to the main level inside the castle.

The throne room is located that is located to the north from the entrance. The sword’s decoration is pushed to the left to reveal a passageway and walk your way through the passageway. It’s a treacherous and long journey filled with bats, rats and snakes. So, keep going until you arrive at Sanctuary.

Kakariko Village and Lost Woods

The chest is open for the initial heart-shaped container . After you are outside, you can open your map and head to the location shown by the map . There’s a lady in the house who isn’t sure the location of the elder, but instead, she tells you the tale about the Master Sword. In Kakariko Village, there’s a small blue-haired boy who is aware of the exact location of the elder, and will place this on the map in front of you.

It’s costing 100 rupees purchase a bottle, so you can fall into a well in the northeastern Kakariko Village to find 70 rupees, along with some explosives . Explode the wall in order to uncover more rupees, and the heart-shaped piece . After that, enter the green roofed house and descend into the basement. Unlock the four chests and get 80 rupees and then blast the wall with a hammer for 30 rupees. Also, you can get an additional heart-shaped piece .

Purchase the bottle from the seller at a cost of 100 rupees. Locate the other bottle through the back of a house located in Kakariko Village. Locate the bug net inside some of the homes after speaking to a sick kid . Visit Kakariko Village to visit the Lost Woods north of Kakariko Village. Take a look at an unusual plant in the middle of an area of 3×3 and then fall into the pit to discover the third heart piece ! In the Lost Woods, you might encounter a fungus . You should pick it up as you’ll require it later.

Take a single screen to the towards the South of Kakariko Village. Find the house of the brothers and then bomb the wall to the west there’s a 15-second game. You can win the game and get a fourth heart piece, which will increase the total number of hearts by 5!

The shopkeeper knows what’s up

A Link to the Past

Eastern Palace

The map should be opened and, once again follow the marked spot; a hut within the Eastern Ruins. Speak to the elder, Sahasrahla. He’s asking you to locate the initial of the three pendants, and then the elder will give you a magical artifact, and will tell you the story of The Master Sword.

Visit close by the Eastern Palace (there’s nothing special you have to do to arrive there) and finish the dungeon in order to obtain the bow and the pendant of Courage . Go back to Sahasrahla and he’ll hand his Pegasus Boots .

Link begins exploring his first dungeon

Pendant of Power

You must locate it. Book of Mudora . It’s located just one screen away of Kakariko Village on top of the bookshelf. You’ll need to slash with Pegasus Boots to get it down. Pegasus Boots to knock it down.

After that, head to the southern-western desert to you will find The Desert Palace. The entryway is closed, but it is possible to open the door with the Book of Mudora on the massive stone. Once you have completed the dungeon, you will be able to earn the Power Glove and the Pendant of Power . Its Power Glove lets you lift massive stones throughout Hyrule.

It wouldn’t be a proper Nintendo game without a desert

Finding an Icy Rod and Flippers

The ice rod can be found in a cave located northeast from Lake Hylia after you bomb an unsound wall . 300 rupees are located in a cave south-west in Lake Hylia after bombing another damaged wall. You can then speak to the person who stole it and he’ll offer you money for free.

If you’re still not able to come up with 500 rupees, visit the graveyard to the east of the Sanctuary and then move the grave in the northwestern direction and slide down. The western wall is destroyed while the room next to it will be home to 300 rupees in a chest .

The northeast region is on the map . If you’ve got an Lost Woods mushroom , now is the best time to take advantage of the magical powder. Use the mushroom to the witch that is brewing things in her pot. After that, walk one screen west, then return to the shop of the witch. Take two steps to the right and take the magical powder.

Continue to the northeast and use Your Power Glove to throw the huge stone. Explore the Zora’s realm until you come across a huge Zora who will sell you Flippers at 500 Rs. It’s a treat ! You can go swimming downstream from the nearby waterfall and before walking west to get another heart-shaped piece of free 

A Link to the Past

Link discovers a cave which holds the rod of ice

Pendant of Wisdom

Go to the base of Death Mountain , west of Sanctuary and enter the cave that is near the house of the lumberjack brothers. Take the old man to the cave in darkness. He’ll thank you and you’ll be able contact him at any time to get complete healing. He will also provide you with the mirror that he created.

Try to climb up the mountain to the highest point you can. The blue portal is the way for a journey into the dark world that is a mirror of the light world, with slight variations in the arrangement. It is also possible to make use of the mirror to go across to Dark World to the Light World anywhere. It is necessary to walk through the portal to the dark world just a few steps north, and then utilize the mirror to get towards the Light World at exactly the appropriate place. You’ll end up in the Piece of Heart plateau. Grab the heart-shaped piece for free and drop it down to the north of the plateau. You must complete The Tower of Hera to receive the Pendant of Wisdom but don’t overlook to search for the moon’s pearl! It’s needed later on so you don’t turn into an animal within the Dark World.

Link is such a good mountain climber; taking the stairs…

Hyrule Castle 2

Then descend Death Mountain and, with the 3 pendants, go into The Lost Woods to claim the Master Sword! Then, Zelda will contact you via telepathy, stating that she’s being attacked at Sanctuary! Get to Sanctuary in the quickest time you can. However, you’ll arrive just a bit late. Get to the top in Hyrule Castle and take the entrance outside. You’ll be at the high above the castle’s walls. Utilizing the Master Sword, destroy the magic seal , and you’ll be able to take on Hyrule Castle 2 which is an asymmetrical dungeon with no specific item you can find. This dungeon offers plenty of battle challenges, but.

After you defeat The wizard Agahnim at the final dungeon, the wizard will transport you to The Dark World on top of the Pyramid of Power. Then you’ll return to your Human form only after the The Moon Pearl from the Tower of Hera. There’s an additional free heart located on the right side of the pyramid.

Only a true hero can wield the Master Sword!

A Bottle of Wine Under The Bridge

If you want to return to the darkness at any time it is possible to do so through the Hyrule Castle’s main gate. The mirror also creates the portal each when you utilize it. Additionally there are many other hidden portals throughout the world of games.

If you’re heading towards The Palace of Darkness, now is the perfect moment to grab the bottle that is under the bridge. In the dark it is best to swim on the river. On an area of water that is shallow utilize the mirror to travel to the light side of the universe. The bridge is under your feet and you can speak to the sleepy guy.

You can also get the bottle as soon as you get the flippers after a long swim

Palace of Darkness

The Palace of Darkness is marked 1 on the map of the dark world and you’ll need to navigate through a maze to reach it. You’ll also encounter a charming little monkey who is obsessed with rupees. In fact, he’s looking for 10 rupees in exchange and another 100 rupees to open the doors to the palace.

The inside of The Palace of Darkness contains a magical Hammer . Utilize it to eliminate all the pegs in the world that block your path. Every dark world dungeon has one of the seven maidens who are imprisoned. It is necessary to be free of all seven for the purpose of removing the Ganon’s tower of seals.

This boss was no trouble at all

Swamp Palace

The Swamp Palace is easy to locate, and it’s marked as 2 on the map of the dark world . Before entering the structure, use the mirror to enter the light world, and then in the inside of the structure complete the puzzle and drain the water. Grab your free heart too.

Return to the dark realm and then you can go through your Swamp Palace proper. This Swamp Palace contains the hookshot it is an extremely useful tool which allows you to grip vast distances.

Link: 2 – Ganon: 0

The Flute is collected

Find the grove close to Kakariko Village in the dark world, and speak to the man who lives in the tree. He will advise you to find his flute. He’ll provide you with a shovel, so that you can locate the flute. Visit the light world and dig up the northwest corner of the grove under some flowers until you find the flute. Then, return to the tree man in the dark world to play the flute to the tree dude, and observe as he transforms into a real tree . Then, head to the Light World Kakariko Village and play the flute before an animal statue . A bird in the statue will smash the statue before flying away! What a strange idea. When you play your flute in the light of the world the bird will fly in and let you swiftly move to different locations.

Dig on this tile to find the flute

Skull Woods

Skull Woods is located in the dark world forest. it’s marked as 3 by the map . In the present story, this area of dark space is separated from the world of darkness that you’ve explored so far. It’s because the inaccessible black rocks block the way, and the bridges are not in order. This means that you have to locate a secret entrance under an unmarked stone, just to the north of the light World Kakariko Village. The entrance can be blocked due to an immovable black stone. However, there is a second alternative to access it via The Lost Woods.

When you are in the dark you can walk just a few steps to the north of Skull Woods which is quite like a maze, as it has numerous entrances as well as numerous disengaged components. The fire rod is inside and it’s extremely helpful for one-shotting those irritating monsters.

Mothula is everyone’s favorite Zelda boss, right?

Gargoyle’s Domain

The Gargoyle’s Domain Dungeon is located located in the middle of a town of thieves and it’s located at with the 4th number on the map . Take the pitchfork, pull it back and the door will be opened. In the dungeon, you’ll discover an item called the Titan’s Mitt , which is an upgraded Power Glove that lets you throw black stones.

How dare Link pretend to be an innocent maiden

Red Sword

Travel south of the town of thieves in the dark to meet a frog . Utilize the mirror and he’ll follow into the light realm. Go to the blacksmith’s home to the east from Kakariko Village. The blacksmiths will be grateful by forming an entirely new sword for you. They will keep your sword for a time but all you need to do is move one screen to the west, then return at the blacksmiths.

Fun fact: blacksmiths don’t actually stand around holding hammers above their heads

Half Magic

If you’ve followed the guide then you’ll have the magic powder , but to summarise: Find this mushroom within the Lost Woods and deliver it to the witch in the house of the witch. Walk one screen to the west. Once you’re back. Go inside the house, and take the magical powder. In any case, visit the blacksmith’s home, leap down the well and you’ll see an altar that is bloody. If you apply your magic powder to it, and the bat will lash out at youand you’ll be rewarded with half magic, which is a very useful enhancement that will reduce the amount of energy you draw from your magical power.

Now, useful items like the medallions don’t cost so much magic power

Bombos, Ether, and Quake Medallions

To find the medallions , you must use to open your Book of Mudora on the odd stones. For example, the Bombos Medallion is in the eastern desert . To climb to the top of the mountain, you must to escape away from the darkness.

It is believed that the Ether Medallion is also in the light world, to the west in The Tower of Hera in northwestern Death Mountain . In addition, the Quake Medallion is located in the dark world of Zora’s Domain region. Place a stone inside the stones’ circle within the water.

Here’s the (former) location of The Ether Medallion which you need to enter Misery Mire

Ice Palace

In the world of light you can swim to the center in Lake Hylia. Nearby is a fairy-themed fountain in which you can toss rupees to get more bombs and arrow capacities. Bomb the walls and fill up your bottles with fairies too. Once you’ve spent your cash then throw the stone that is black outside and enter the portal to the dark world. The dungeon is just a couple of steps to the north.

The Ice Palace is a very difficult dungeon. You must bring the medicine of magic and keep it in reserve until the final boss battle. It’s better to have half-magic. If you are unable to use your magic during the battle, then your boss is difficult to take down. Therefore, I say Save a MEDICINE OF MAGIC for the boss. Be sure to locate the blue mail inside it; you’ll suffer less damage against anything!

Enemies should be less dangerous now that we have the blue mail

Misery Mire

In the beginning, you must have obtained the flute, freed the Kakariko bird of the statue and then collected the Ether medallion . In the world of light play your flute and then fly to number 6. Take the black stone up and then enter the dark side. Find the entrance to the dungeon by standing on the top on the Ether symbols, and then use the Ether medallion . The rain will cease and the dungeon will now open its doors. The item that is in the dungeon is called The Cane of Somaria: a unusual cane with a variety of applications, but is most useful when you enter the next level of dungeon Turtle Rock.

You’ll notice I shot all of my arrows…

Turtle Rock

Before heading towards Turtle rock, ensure that you have an ice rod fire rod , Quake Medallion as well as a potion of magic and all the items found in the earlier dungeons, naturally. Remember, SAVE A MEDICINE of MAGIC for the boss..

Return to the Tower of Hera but walk to the east until you can climb up to the highest point of the hill. Hit the three pegs in the proper order: top, right left. In the newly discovered portal to the dark world by standing at your Quake symbol, and apply to wear your Quake medallion . The door will be opened, so you can enter. To enter the second room, utilize your Cane of Somaria to cross the wireframes in red. An red-colored platform is likely to pop up that allows you to move through the red route.

The item in the dungeon includes the mirror shield that is a fantastic shield that allows Link project laser light beams! After defeating the boss in the dungeon and rescuing Princess Zelda also!

Link: 7 – Ganon: 0

Ganon’s Tower

After all seven maidens have been released, visit Ganon’s Tower, which is located just a couple of screens to the to the west to Turtle Rock. The maidens will employ their powers to break the tower’s seal. The dungeon is very long where you’ll need the key to the large on the basement before climbing the tower. Don’t forget to check the red mail that is located in the basement because it gives an even better security than blue mail!

The dungeon’s boss is the wicked wizard Agahnim. After defeating the wizard and his dark bat, a dark creature will appear and take off towards an area called the Pyramid of Power. Who might the dark bat be? I’m wondering…

Agahnim thought he could defeat me…

Showdown with Ganon

You are able to fight Ganon in a matter of minutes, but you’re not able to beat him, even using The Master Sword so go to the bomb shop in the same place as Link’s house , but in the dark side of the world. Purchase the massive bomb for 100 rupees , and go towards The Pyramid of Power. There’s a crack in the wall there that cannot be destroyed with a normal bomb. You’ll need to put down the bigger bomb instead.

Throw your bow into the water fountain . The fairy will enhance your bow, and provide you with the silver bows. It’s also possible to use the same technique with the red sword, gaining gold sword. Once you’re done, descend to the Pyramid of Power and take on Ganon by using your silver arrows to eliminate Ganon in his final form. Make the final steps north to gain the Triforce. Ganon is sealed yet again, and the darkness will be erased. Thank you for completing the game! Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past!