A Brief Introduction to the game

A Brief History

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (more frequently called “PUBG,”) is an online online multiplayer combat royale video game developed and published by Bluehole, the South Korean company Bluehole. Like many other popular games in the world of esports, PUBG is also based on a mod developed specifically for ARMA 2 called “DayZ: Battle Royale” by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene.

The entire concept behind a Battle Royale game mode is heavily influenced from the Japanese film “Battle Royale” where a group of students is taken to an island, and then forced to fight to the death by their own government. The game was released on Microsoft Windows via the Steam platform. It was released initially with an Early Access game on March of 2017. The game was developed fully and released on the 20th of December in 2017. Since then, it’s been released numerous releases across different platforms including PS4 or Xbox One but also for mobile devices.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds allows around 100 people onto an island by air transfer, and it is up to players to choose when they will jump onto the island. They immediately have to hunt and stealbuildings as well as smaller compounds for weapons and equipment they will need to survive and defeat their opponents. In the beginning the map is vast, but the area of play is gradually diminishing with time.

In the absence of the playable zone, players The playable area will gradually cause damage to the players until they pass out or are able to get back into the playable zone before their entire health is gone. This game is played Solo, Duo or Squad modes which can be played with as many as four players. The aim in the game being the last player standing in order to victory.

It’s an thrilling and intense game that keeps you engaged from start to the very end. It also requires players to be more prudent and strategicallythan you would in a usual shooting game. The game received praise upon its launch, and even though it came with a long list of annoying issues with servers and bugs, it managed to achieve an impressive amount of traction through large Twitch streamers who embraced the game extremely quickly.

How to Play

PUBG is played in both a third-person and a first-person perspective It’s an option players choose from the menu when matchmaking. In the esports scene, first-person is always the preferred option as it is more focused on skill and does not allow you to see into corners without risking exposing yourself. When you start a match, all the players are assembled in an area until the number of players is 90-100 at which point a one minute timer begins.

Once this time period has been completed the players will be transferred by the aircraft to choose their drop zone and then descend to the island. There are numerous smaller towns or compoundsthat can be dropped into which is highly recommended because weapons and other equipment often are located inside structures. The loots scattered throughout each map and are randomly generated, meaning that identical loots will never be found in the same location.

The map has certain locations that are extremely rich in loot and these areas are extremely well-known to drop into However, when you do so, you’re getting yourself ready for a very intense battle at the beginning of the game, as you are likely to encounter many adversaries who are all out to steal the area. If you’re confident about that you can survive a hot drop is your goal, this could be a great method because you’ll be prepared for the game.

If you pass out in the game, you’re out and have to locate another lobby to play. In contrast, if you are playing in duo or team mode, you’ll initially be “downed” prior to your death in the event that your teammates are able to make it through before you’ve died then they will be able to revive you.

Equipment and weapon-wise, there’s a huge arsenal of various types of guns and accessories to choose from, but as we’ve mentioned you’ll have to search through the various locations to locate it. For instance, there are several sniper weapons as well as assault rifles, SMGs as well as pistols, shotguns, and many more. Additionally, you can discover a variety of different kinds of attachments to your weapon like muzzles, scopes, magazines and much more. All of which give your guns that extra edge.

There are also medpacks and healing items to be found in the game, and these are extremely important to use later on during the game. You can also acquire armor to allow you to take a greater level of injury from attacks before dying. If you’re unable to collect valuable loot from the various components, be on the lookout for a plane that can fly over different places and drop loot packets. They are usually packed with great loot! But be aware, because these planes are extremely well-lit and easily seen and you’re likely to be fighting off other players on these drops. However, the risk is frequently worth the risk.

After a few minutes, the playing area of the map will begin to shrink Making sure you’re within the area that is playable is crucial as the fact that you are outside will cause damage to you as time passes until you die or you are inside the playable zone again. There are many strategies which can be carried out using a little assistance with the help of the circles.

As you can access your map and see the exact location where the playable zone will be, you can easily make camp at different bridges or compounds in case you are aware that they’re on their way to out of the zone. This is commonly known as Gatekeeping. In the course of the game, random areas of the map can be marked with red, and then bombed. Being within these areas can be very dangerous because you could be struck and killed.

In the final game of PUBG it is expected that the playable zones will grow shrinking and becoming smaller and force all players to join forces and creating many encounters. As the area shrinks in size it is a good idea to determine where you want to go first in order to take the highest ground or various compound and buildings to make sure you weigh the opponents.

You should never be in an very open area where you’re very visible and you may be surrounded by enemy players from all directions, and having cover is essential for this type of game. This stage can be an event for campers and players will be overloaded with medication to ensure that you’re aware of the surrounding area and have enough medications to get through several battles. The the last team or player to make it through the final zone will prevail and the famous line “Winner winner, dinner for the chicken” will be displayed in the game’s screen.


How to Watch

If you’re looking to observe tournaments and matches, there are several channels to choose from. Of course the official PUBG Twitch channel is a good option because they broadcast many various tournaments as well as charity events, top-of-the-line recaps, and much more. It is also a good source for charity events. Electronic Sports League Twitch channel can also be a reliable source to find VOD’s from past games and competitions.

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