Achilles: Legends Untold Early Access Review

Achilles: Legends Untold Early Access

Achilles, Legends Untold puts “early” in Early Access This action RPG feels like it is still a long way from being complete. Combat is competent, but not very exciting. The first stage of the world is filled with monsters to kill, but the story is trivial, and its characters are repetitive. While early access games can be buggy, Achilles at launch has more than it deserves, even by this standard. There’s not much to be proud of in its current state.

A creative addition to the myth is that Achilles, the titular demigod, returns to Tartarus to meet Hades. They agree that it would be in their mutual interests to allow Achilles to return to the surface to take his revenge. In return, Hades receives a superhuman tool to help him do his bidding. The newly undead Achilles is met by familiar characters like King Agamemnon and they aren’t always happy seeing him. Although it’s a solid start, the story elements and characters introduced so far are mostly forgettable and the dialogue is often utterly lacking.Achilles – Legends Untold8.58Autoplay setting Achilles – Legends Untold

Achilles, once he is reborn, is taken to a vibrant, green Greece. The first part of his new lease of life is spent searching for Hades’ missing nephew Hephestus (the god of fire). They reunite and devise a plan to restore the link between Greece, the underworld, so the shambling undead may return home. It sounds great, how could it go wrong?
It is easy to get lost along the way. “

Achilles: Legends Untold Early Access

Then, I ran a lot, running from dungeon-to-dungeon, collecting doodads for others, in pursuit of Hades’ big plan, which takes approximately five hours to complete. It was much more difficult than I expected, as it is very easy to get lost along the way, due to the distance between the locations. Although you can travel between shrines quickly, it is impossible to determine where they are relative to each other because there isn’t a world map. 

This is an example of the problem: When you start your adventure, you unlock a Forge. It’s supposed be your first stop for buying and upgrading equipment. However, it’s not possible to teleport there. I spent more time looking for it among the many similar-looking rocks and ruins than engaging in any crafting until I knew where it was.

Dungeons can be just as confusing. The Temple of Cronus was the second. It changed its layout each time I died. However, some sections were exactly as I left them and others were new sections I hadn’t seen before. This was a cruel and frustrating penalty that made what should have been an easy restart so difficult. It could easily be made more palatable with a map or other wayfinding system. Modern randomized dungeons almost always have a straight path to one room or provide tools for finding your route through them. I was shocked at how much I had missed these until now.My sidetracking never bore any fruit. “

The countryside between dungeons has a surprising amount of beautiful scenery, diverse locations, like rolling hills, dark temples, rugged mountains, and rolling hills. But it is also lacking in anything worth exploring off the beaten path. It’s possible that I expected too much from a small game like Achilles. However, many years after Breath of Wild and The Witcher 3 sparked our desire to explore, filling their vast open worlds full of points of interest with intricate side quests or puzzle-dungeons, what I found was disappointing. 

Sidetracking rarely yielded any results, and the only reason it did was to add another unremarkable weapon in my arsenal of shields, larger swords and spears. It might be true if you have an interesting loot system. But, right now Achilles doesn’t. Many of the items you find are different types of status cures or health potions. I have never engaged with them because they are not a threat to my health.Top 10 Souls Likes

There are plenty of enemies in the world, but they’re not all bad. The world you have returned to is populated with hungry bandits, unscrupulous undead, and monstrosities that want to take you back to Styx. While most enemies can be defeated by themselves, they are not difficult to defeat in groups. Some enemies use their numbers to their explicit advantage and unleash tag-team moves to try to knock you off your feet. 

The enemy AI’s notable evasiveness often means they will withdraw from you for long enough to recruit allies at nearby camps, even if they don’t have the numbers advantage. Sometimes they don’t have to engage with certain groups of enemies because aggro from other camps seems to trigger it. What appears to be a simple encounter can quickly become a chaotic mess.

There are others, such as archers, that just stand in groups and fire normal shots from a far distance. They can be frustrating and even dangerous. Bosses also fit that description. There are a few more obstacles than you have to the end of early access content. The Skeleton King is the only one that really stands out. It’s not a larger version of a normal monster, but it does more damage and has more health.Achilles simply waves a blade in the air, and enemies will fall around him. “

Achilles’ combat tools are not much to write home about. You can chain light and heavy attacks together to create combos. The length of these combos is dependent on your stamina. These attacks lack impact. Sometimes it feels like Achilles is just waving a blade in the air, and enemies fall around him. A solid blow on a foe would feel more meaty, more often. 

Legends Untold has a template that allows you to do this: by adding a run or dash, basic attacks can be transformed into more powerful and stylish moves. This includes the fancy jumping sword Brad Pitt famously used in Troy (2004). It can be difficult to get some of these unusual attacks to hit reliably. However, it seems that enemy hitboxes are more of an idea than a rule.

As you would expect from a Diablo game, special abilities can be unlocked by leveling up. You can throw your shield by using an item, but you can also spend fate (ie souls) to unlock special abilities such as parries or a “stealth drain attack” that allows you steal life force from enemies far away, Legacy of Kain style. These have the potential for mixing combat, but it could be improved. To unlock the cool stuff, you need to invest a lot of money.

There are many upgrades of passive skills that can be useful, and a lot of time spent on upgrading them. You can expect to spend quite a bit of time with the skills you already have before you get the chance to try something else.

There are some items you can grab that will be useful in the interim to spice up your offensive plan. The explosive Greek Flame, which is essentially a grenade that causes large damage to enemies and also lights them on fire, was one of my favorite. Groggus Darts are also very useful. They slow down enemies and allow you to attack more effectively. Paris might have struggled to get that lucky shot if Achilles had brought these to the bowfight.

You’ll need a lot of luck to navigate Legends Untold’s bugs. They are more difficult than most early access games. Nearly everything in this game is currently glitchy. The enemy AI can fail; you may not be able to return to the areas you just entered; the lock-on system often ignores enemies within a short distance to make way for those that are further away; cutscenes sound less than usual; and many other issues. It’s still early access so it may not be the best value for money. However, Achilles can sometimes be a Sisyphean test to your patience. In its current state, it’s a price I don’t recommend paying.


There is no reason why Achilles: Legends Untold could not become an action-adventure video game of mythological proportions in a short time. All the basics are in place, even a decent idea of a story. You get nothing when you purchase the early access version. It is a boring combat experience, an empty world and a plot by-the numbers. All of these are Trojan Horses for loads of bugs and glitches that Atlas can’t lift.

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