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  • AEW video games  | The much-anticipated console game All Elite Wrestling has been announced officially and is created by famous videogame creator Yuke’s.
  • In May, Yuke’s announced they were developing a brand new WWE game that would be a departure from the WWE Games series after developing the game for more than 20 years.
  • Yuke’s and AEW are collaborating in an historic partnership which not only has AEW taking on WWE and AEW, but also Yuke’s taking on WWE 2K22 as well as their previous WWE license, which is held by 2K Sports.
  • Below is everything you must learn about this AEW Console game “AEW Fight for Ever” as well as the confirmed Features along with the Roster and the Reveal Trailer and the first images.

AEW video games

AEW Fight Forever Public Release Date | AEW video games 

  • The forthcoming AWE Console Game created by Yuke’s is in development and set to release on both the current-gen consoles ( PS4 & Xbox One) as and next-gen consoles ( PS5 & Xbox Series X), and Windows PC.
  • The precise date of release of AEW console game is not confirmed however the placeholder date for release on Amazon is December 31st 2022. Kenny Omega also mentioned the game will be released in 2022.

AEW Fight Forever Features Confirmed:

Official Game Info:

  • The game was created by the well-known wrestling game developer Yuke’s AEW Fight Forever is the first video game to be issued from All Elite Wrestling.
  • The top of the finest of the best from the AEW talent roster means that players will be able to enjoy playing alongside some of the most famous wrestlers to ever enter the ring. They will also be able to compete against all-new, flying AEW talent! AEW: Fight Forever combine nostalgicarcade-style wrestling with new AEW finishes and tandem offense techniques!
  • Web-based cooperative wrestling takes it to the new heights in Fight Forever with Tag Team matches featuring teams performing team-based maneuvers using simple commands. The game features a extensive professional mode with wrestler customisation and signature arenas of AEW, multiple match types and more kinds of matches that you could imagine, not to mention old-fashioned and unannounced fun waiting to be played!

The Key Features:

  • Combining nostalgic arcade-style wrestling with the most innovative All Elite Wrestling finishers and offensive moves.
  • The talent roster includes the most famous legends who have entered the ring, as well as brand-new super-flying AEW stars!
  • Match kinds: Single, Tag-Team, 3-way, 4 way Ladder Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere Unsanctioned Lights Out Exploding Deathmatch with Barbed Wire
  • Online multiplayer that is cooperative and Tag team games that include the sequence of team-based actions executed with simple commands.
  • Career Mode An intense career-focused mode which focuses on the enjoyment and character associated with being the All Elite Wrestler’s life on the road. Players are able to create and develop their own wrestler, who then is added to on the AEW roster and participates in matches and in stories throughout an event’s schedule. Points can be earned through beating opponents and meeting specific goals that can be used to boost the wrestler’s performance.
  • Variety of possibilities for customizing including wrestler attire and appearance, moves and entrances, teams and arenas!
  • Over 40 guns
  • Minigames
  • Weekly and daily challenges

More Known Features:

This is the following listing of verified features we’ve collected from official sources as well as various interviews:

  • Design StyleThe present visual design of the sport is believed to be influenced from WWF No Mercy and Virtual Pro Wrestling and has an arcade style and feel as opposed to WWE Games. WWE Games series
  • GameplayThe gaming style is influenced to WWF No Mercy and Here Comes The Pain. It’s an updated version of these classic games. It will feature quick, fluid, hard-hitting gameplay, the variety and depth of gameplay, as well as many unique and fresh gameplay ideas and game mechanics. It will remain real-life, featuring real-life counters and moves, however, it will be faster-paced as opposed to a traditional simulation game.
  • Engine This game is built around a totally new engine. Yuke’s will be using a completely new engine that was built entirely from scratch.
  • Game ModesThe game features the campaign mode. The game will not have the GM Mode, as that’s available as part of the AEW Elite GM game. In addition it’s been said that this game ” will have the games that fans are hoping to be present“.
  • Create-AWrestler:A full Create-A Wrestler mode is a an integral part of the game with a full feature set. You can make any wrestler you’d like from comical characters to real wrestlers of other shows.
  • Create-A-MovesetA Create-A-Moveset mode has also been verified for this game.
  • online play:The game features online competitive multiplayer. You can play with friends, against your fellow players, using various choices and different types of matches. AEW is also looking at possibilities to allow Cross-Platforms play , as well as other exciting features.
  • Intergender match: As shown in the teaser trailer featuring Kenny Omega facing Hikaru Shida, Intergender matches will be possible within the game. The trailer also features the tagline “where fantasies are made into reality”.
  • Blood The wrestlers are capable of bleeding during the match, and the blood will stay on the mat.

Additional confirmations are expected to be posted shortly.

AEW Fight Forever Roster Confirmed:

  • The AEW Console Game will be stocked with a wide lineup consisting of All Elite Wrestling Superstars, both female and male.
  • Find the wrestlers confirmed thus far to be in the forthcoming AEW videogame, here on the AEW Fight Forever roster page..




AEW Fight Forever Arenas Confirmed:

Below is an overview of the Arenas already confirmed for the game coming to consoles that will be part of All Elite Wrestling, developed by Yukes.

  • AEW Dynamite

Additional confirmations are expected to be posted in the near future.