AI Games 10 Leading companies to know about

Artificial Intelligence is used by these companies to enhance games.

Since IBM’s Deep Blue computer program defeated Garry Kasparov in a chess game, artificial intelligence has played an increasing and effective function in gaming industry. In a variety of ways, AI is utilized to enhance the quality of game assets behavior, environments and behaviors.


  • Activision Blizzard
  • Rockstar Games
  • Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Ubisoft
  • Firaxis Games
  • Psyonix
  • Sony
  • Deepmind
  • Utopos Games
  • Opsive

If they are working with the behavior tree to affect characters that aren’t players or developing AI programs that beat humans in their own game The next 10 AI game companies are making use of cutting-edge technology to improve the gaming experience.

AI Games Examples

AI Games 10 Leading companies to know about

Activision Blizzard

Founded: 2008

Locale: Santa Monica, California

Activision Blizzard is a game creator whose best-selling games consist of World of WarcraftStarCraft and Diablo. This company’s StarCraft series is an game of strategy, and its real-time strategic function is particularly interesting to researchers due to the fact that it provides an environment in which AI is unable to see the entire area like it does in the board game.

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Rockstar Games

Founded: 1998

Place: New York, New York

Popular for franchises such as Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft AutoRockstar Games has been enhancing some of its most famous titles by introducing artificial intelligence. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been a hit due to its AI-based features which allow characters to spot errors and correct them. The capabilities of these are expected to be the norm of Rockstar Games’ products, and the company has announced that it’s making use of the power of machine learning to improve its AI technology even more intelligent to be more effective in Grand Theft Auto 6..

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Electronic Arts (EA)

Founded: 1982

Locale: Redwood City, California

Electronic Arts is an online interactive entertainment business that creates and distributes games, online services and other content to over 580 million gamers across the globe. EA is well-known for its games like Madden NFLNeed for SpeedBattlefield and The Sims, however, the company is constantly developing new ideas. A case in point: EA’s team EA recently developed an artificial intelligence agent which was able to teach itself how to play Battlefield 1. In addition to being a self-teaching Battlefield 1 agent, EA has created a 3-D game environment designed specifically to allow deep-learning networks that can navigate.

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Founded: 1986

Location: San Francisco, California

Ubisoft can be described as an industry leader in game production that has showcased games like the Assassin’s Creed as well as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and continues to be a major force in the industry by focusing on AI. Even though it was released in 2013 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist stands as the perfect illustration of stealth AI at its finest. Ubisoft has since strengthened its dedication to artificial intelligence by launching the research and development program Ubisoft La Forge. This project examines the potential for AI in gaming and machines learning within games, meaning Ubisoft players can anticipate more real-world games in the coming years.

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Firaxis Games

Founded: 1996

Place: Sparks, Maryland

Firaxis Games is the company responsible for bringing new life to the games based on strategy like XCOMand Civilization by incorporating AI technology. In its 2012 relaunch of XCOM The company re-equipped familiar characters with AI to help players think about how they can apply offensive and defensive skills. In the Civilization series has also utilized AI but has relied mostly on the advantages of statistics to compete with human players. In spite of that, many players are looking forward to Firaxis Games’ next releases in the upcoming titles such as Civilization VII.

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Founded: 2001

Location: San Diego, California

Psyonix provides the more collaborative method to gaming through its well-known launch Rocket League, which is an original blend of cars and soccer. Participants control vehicles in an arena and have to score goals just as in any normal match. Although some leagues might have human-only teams, most players play in conjunction with artificial intelligence-controlled “Bot” team members to beat opponents. Rocket League has developed into a fully-fledged competitive esports league and automakers like Nissan have aimed to reap the benefits of the game’s growing popularity.

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Founded: 1946

Place: San Mateo, California

Through the help of its Sony Interactive Entertainment and Playstation brands, Sony has grown into a major force in gaming and artificial Intelligence. Sony’s “The Last of Us Part II received praise for its advanced AI that provides characters with greater aware of the presence of enemy. Sony has capitalized on this success with the creation of Sony AI, a division which focuses on specifically robotics and artificial intelligence. The company has made huge progress in the development of AI algorithms that have culminated into the development of an AI application that has defeated top human athletes for the game Gran Turismo Sport.

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Founded: 2010

Locale:Mountain View, California

DeepMind is an AI research company which was purchased by Google in the year 2014. While DeepMind has multiple research origins, it is responsible for the development of AlphaGo which is a computer program created for the game of Chinese games on the board called Go. AlphaGo was initially taught the game through looking at hundreds of amateur and professional games. AlphaGo Zero (the next version of the AI product) was able to learn the game through playing against itself and surpassing the human level of play.

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Utopos Games

Founded: 2019

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Incorporating machines learning and AI technology, Utopos Games has created a game for training known as Raivo. It is a unique creation. Raivois is described as a mix with PokemonChampionship Manager and Dota Auto Chess. Players gather robots called Raivos and train them with new skills prior to taking them to the arena to fight. It’s interesting that robots actually learn from the experience and then apply their lessons in fights, which creates more engaging connections between players and the AI-powered robots.

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Founded: 2010

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Opsive is an independent company that develops games and other assets using Unity. Unity engine for development. Their Behavior Designer tool is an AI solution that generates behavior trees that can be used with using the Unity engine. The tool for creating behavior trees lets game developers build agents that can shift between tasks that create non-player-character behaviors. It is currently used by several games which include the games DevourUndermine and Frostfall.

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