Awesome thing anout Angry Birds

Angry Birds game overview

  • Angry Birds is an Finnish game that is a action multimedia franchise that was created by Rovio Entertainment. The game’s focus is the eponymous group of angry birds trying to defend their eggs from pigs with green coloring.
  • Based on the game of Crush the Castle,the game has been praised for its success due to its combination of enjoyable game play, humorous style and low cost. The popularity of the game led to a variety of spin-offs; variations that are based on Angry Birds created for PCs and video game consoles, as well as a market for products featuring its cartoon characters Angry Birds Toons, an animated telecast, as well as two films: The Angry Birds Movie and its sequel The Angry Birds Movie 2.
  • In January 2014, there were more than 2 billion downloads across all platforms, which includes regular and special editions.
  • In July of 2015 the games in the series were downloaded more than 3 billion times this makes this the biggest played game series that is free to download game series ever..
  • The first Angry Birds was dubbed “One among the top well-known games on the market currently now”,”One of the biggest hit games of 2010″,and “The biggest mobile app hit the world has ever seen”. The first major-series video game sequel, Angry Birds 2 was released on the 30th of July 2015.
  • The initial game in the series debuted on December 11, 2009, to iOS. The 2009 swine-flu epidemic was on the news which is why the team chose to make pigs the adversaries of Angry Birds. The company also released versions for the game for other touchscreen smartphones platforms, such as Android.
  • In the early months of 2019, all of the remaining Angry Birds games launched prior to October 14, 2014 (with the exclusion of Friends) were deleted from app stores. However, Bad Piggies was returned in early 2020.
  • Rovio has not provided a reason for their reasons behind the decision, aside from a short tweet and a support message which both offer different responses.
  • In June 2021 in response to the popular fan demand, Rovio announced that the classic games would be available on their stores in the future.A remake of the first Angry Birds game is referred to as Rovio Classics Angry Birds came to mobile platforms on March 31, 2022.

Angry Birds 


  • Within Angry Birds, players control a flock of multi-colored birds who attempt to recover their eggs that were stolen by a gang of hungry green pigs.In every stage of the game, the enemy pigs are protected by structures made of different materials, such as glass, wood and even stone that resemble toys for children’s building blocks. The goal in the game is destroy all the pigs in the stage. 
  • Utilizing a slingshot can shoot a set of birds, with the aim of striking the opposing the pigs directly or causing damage to their structures which causes the blocks to break and fall over the Pigs. The player has to set the direction and the amount of force the birds movement by pulling back the slingshot (using an intuitive control panel in Mobile versions). The process of launching is fast and easy, without tracer data visible the player just chooses a spot in the XY field in front of the launch platform from which the virtual slingshot is released. 
  • At various points in the game, extra objects like rocks and crates of TNT are included in the structures. Additionally, power-ups can be utilized to boost the birds’ ability to take on difficult-to-see animals. In addition, hidden in the levels are the players’ ability to unlock bonus levels through finding golden eggs.
  • There are a variety of birds in the game. They are distinguished by their color and form. At the beginning of the game, there is only the red cardinal, whose name is Red is available.As players progress through the game, other kinds of birds are available. Certain birds are efficient against specific materials, and some also have unique abilities that are activated by players when they are airborne.

  • For instance, Chuck, a canary increases its speed; Bomb, a loon explodes, hence its name; a bluebird called Jay has fragments of his brothers, Jake and Jim; an Leghorn chicken named Matilda is able to drop an explosive , egg-shaped projectile. Galah, a galah with the name Stella can trap objects within bubbles.
  • Hal is an Emerald Toucanet that that boomerangs back, a huge cardinal called Terence has a look and function like Red however, it does more damage than the smaller version as well as a Jamaican oriole called Bubbles expands and expands. Pigs are also different in their hardness, based on their dimensions. 
  • Smaller pigs are less durable and can easily be slain through direct strikes or debris from damaged structures and larger pigs can endure more harm before falling victim to defeat. Additionally certain pigs wear armor or hats which makes them more resistant to being damaged.
  • Each level begins with the amount, type and firing sequence of birds that have been set. If all birds are defeated after the bird’s last shot is released, the level will be completed and the next level can be not locked. If all birds are eliminated and the pigs do not get eliminated, then the game was not completed and needs to be repeated. Points are awarded for each bird that is defeated, and also for any damage to, or destruction of structures.
  • In addition, hefty bonus points are awarded to the birds that remain unoccupied. After completing every level, players will earn three stars based on the score earned. The players are encouraged to replay any previously won levels for which three stars were not awarded in order to master the levels and receive the full three-star score.