• Explore a brand new map, summon your inner strength using Catalyst the new defensive Legend and show your kindness with the new gifting feature!
  • When she was a teenager, Boreas, Tressa Crystal Smith and her gang of friends were enthralled through the glow of their lost moon. However, fate led her to it when she fled at the age of 15 to join a terraforming team that was working to restore the moon. She embraced the task and felt a strong connection to her ferrofluid work and the rituals from her previous. However, the unwelcome arrival at the Apex Games brought her peaceful life to an end. She now joins at the Games as Catalyst the Legend determined to change the world and protect her home. She is able to use her ferrofluid to build up doors, make sharp spikes, and block the playing field by constructing high ferrofluid walls. Technology that is sufficiently advanced can be distinguished from magic and when her adversaries are able to decide? It’s already too late.

PASSIVE: Barricade

Doors can be strengthened by reinforcement, and locking them to their enemies the areas in areas where doors have been damaged. are also able to be strengthened.

TACTICAL: Puncting Spikes

Disperse an area of Ferrofluid which transforms into spikes once enemies come close. Catalyst is invulnerable to spikes from enemies.


Make a permeable barrier of Ferrofluid. Anyone who walks through it will be stopped or partially blinded, for a short duration.

Take a look at Catalyst in action in her trailer below.


The Legends drop onto not just the moon, but a Broken Moon, but a split one. Explore the peace and beauty in The Eternal Gardens and Bionomics, or explore the moon’s dark side to explore industrial sites that are ruined such as The Perpetual Core and Breaker Wharf. Explore, climb or utilize jumping stations to get access to the latest Zip Rails and navigate the rough terrain. They were designed for locals to swiftly traverse the hills and chasms of Cleo and beyond, they’re the perfect ideal to get Legends who want to get moving.


Take a look at our complete description of the newly released Broken Moon Map in our blog for developers here.


These maps are made available to public matchmaking within the Battle Royale mode:

  • Broken Moon
  • Olympus
  • World’s Edge


When you’re welcoming someone new into Apex Legends or returning an old friend and you wish to keep them updated with the latest news. Bring the freshest Apex style with your friends through the brand new Gifting system that lets you purchase cosmetic and bundle items from the Store tab to give to your online players.

Learn more about the process of gifting on the blog as well as in our FAQ.


Stickers are a brand-new cosmetic that we’re introducing this season. Players can equip stickers to heal items! When you’re restoring your shields, or healing with the syringe, you can now make it look elegant! Every player will receive The Shattered as well as the Deathbox stickers free of charge as Eclipse is released. The players can also get 20 fresh Epic Stickers for a limited duration from the series of Sticker packs 001 , which is available on the special Stores Tab from 11/1/22 to 11/22/22 only , and are not accessible in the general loot pools. The items you can apply stickers toinclude:

  • Shield cells
  • Shield batteries
  • Syringes
  • Med kits
  • Phoenix kits

Find out more about how stickers are used on our FAQ on this page..


Have trouble deciding the Legend to unlock the next time? Do you want to play around with different tactics and ultimates prior to making the decision? You can now! Within the Firing Range, all Legends are free which gives players the chance to try out Legends which they don’t have yet.



  • Entry Requirements Minimum Qualification: Level 10-20


Crate Rotation

  • Mastiff is back on the floor
  • RE-45 is introduced into the crate along with Disruptor Rounds

Gold Weapon

  • R-301 Devotion LMG 30-30 Repeater EVA-8 Prowler Burst PDW

Anvil Receiver [R-301, Flatline]

  • In addition to floor loot and crafting bundles

Double Tap Trigger [EVA-8, G7 Scout]

  • The rarity level was increased to legendary
  • Improved Recoil for Scouts with burst fire

Turbocharger [Devotion, HAVOC]

  • Damage is reduced by 1 for each item that is equipped

Hammerpoint Rounds [Mozambique, P2020, RE-45]

  • Taken off the floor, crafting and loot bundles

Increased Loader Hemlok Wingman]

  • Removing from the floor craft and loot bags

Kinetic Feeder [Peacekeeper TripleTakeKinetic Feeder [Peacekeeper, TripleTake

  • Taken off the floor, craft and loot bundles

Crafting Rotation

  • M600 Spitfire gets into the hands of the craftsman
  • Peacekeeper is a member of the crafter
  • Havoc comes back to the floor
  • P2020 is back to the floor

Rampage LMG

  • The first time pickup is charged from the drop-off point
  • Removed heat decay over time

Rampage & Sentinel

  • It is possible to recharge for the Rampage and Sentinel before previous charge expires


  • Ammo capacity was increased by 4 to 5.
  • Widened blast pattern
  • Damage per pellet decreased from 14 to 11.
  • Projectile growth reduced
  • Reload can be cancelled by using ADS


  • The damage has increased from 12-14
  • Disruptor rounds increase the damage to shields by 30 percent


  • Reduction in recoil at the start of the pattern
  • Animations from Stow are modified to better match timings

Volt SMG

  • Speed of projectiles reduced
  • An increase in projectile gravity

Triple Take

  • The rate for fires increased by 1.2 to 1.35
  • Time for charge reduction by 1.1 to 0.75


  • The size of the blue magazine has been increased by 25 to 24
  • The size of the magazine was increased between 27 and 28


  • Projectile growth reduced


  • Ring 1 Preshrink Time increased from 60 minutes up to 90 seconds.


  • Redesigned the UI Tabbed Navigation System, as well as the presentation.
  • Updates menus for various menus, allowing the latest tabbed navigation system.
  • Ziplines can be now at a distance to be pinged.
  • Reduced the time needed to collect two banners of teammates from their deadboxes by removing the initial animation for banner pickup when you pick up another banner.

BUG Fixes

  • [Storm Point [Storm Point Corrected an issue in which there was no zipline in the building located on North Pad.
  • [Kings Canyon [Kings Canyon Fixed bug in which players were unable to connect to Wraith’s Portal during her Town Takeover
  • Correction of a problem that was causing decimal numbers to appear in the Stats screen even though they shouldn’t.
  • (Vantage) Fixed a bug that caused the Sniper’s Mark damage multiplier could continue regardless of whether a character has been killed.
  • (Vantage) Fixed a bug in Vantage’s ability to display “Team with 3 players” when there are less than three players active in the group.
  • Revenant Fixed a bug in”Revelations,” and “Revelations” skins in which players could experience cameras clipping onto the shoulder of Revenant when leaving Shadow Form.
  • [Valkyrie [Valkyrie Fixed glitch in situations in which Valkyrie could not be kept within her Skydive animation after interfacing with an Replicator.
  • (Crypto) Fixes a bug where the Crypto’s “Biwon Blade” heirloom wouldn’t show up when using an Survey Beacon.
  • A bug was fixed in the tutorial that caused the first loot container was not accessible should a player attempt to open it by in behind the bin or Bloodhound.
  • Correction of a bug that caused some players using custom controls could not jump.
  • The bug was fixed and the timer displayed an incorrect time the time that it was expected that the following Ranked Season will begin.
  • Solution for situations where the lid of a loot container could kill a player in the event of them being trapped by the container and the wall.
  • Correction for situations in which players might get stuck in the Replicator when they are hit during use of it.
  • 3030 repeater, and Mastiff [3030 Repeater and Masstiff Fix for situations where players weren’t able to focus their sights until reloading has been completed when it happens at certain time intervals.
  • Fixed bug in which the User Location in the minimap did not update correctly to indicate the direction that the user was facing during the skydive sequence.
  • Correction of bug where there was an issue where the Legend Ability Ui would flash when you went into Legend select prior to the time that the match began.
  • Solution for firing dummies that be able to take the damage in a way that is in accordance with the location of the hit.


This year we’re unveiling an opt-in beta function that will support DirectX 12 on PC! To find out more about the implications in the future and the ways you could take part, check out our blog post on development here that explains more.

Keep track of updates regarding certain problems we are tracking through the Apex Development Tracker.

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