Barbie (1991 video game)

  • Despite being not of much interest to common gamers prior to the game’s release, many critics, including team writers from Velikij Drakon and Allgame have been praising it as “not terrible” for a general platformer. Others , including Justine Cassell and Nathanael Ng from The Georgia Institute of Technology have argued that the genre of the game is not appropriate for the game’s content.


Plot | barbie 1991 video game

  • Barbie believes that she’s been invited to attend the Fantasy Ball, but in her fantasy, she’s got nothing fancy to wear.
  • She visits three different worlds in order to collect items to prepare for the big event and also to meet Ken.
  • As she travels, she meets an array of animals companions and searches for dream-ups Glamor Items as well as Charms to her bracelet to aid her on her journey.
  • Within Mall World, Barbie goes on a shopping spree to purchase Barbie coins, which she then uses at the fountain of wishes to purchase the most beautiful pink ball dress.
  • The story of Underwater World, Mermaid Barbie and a couple of dolphins hunt for pearls. Barbie returns to a huge oyster for a stunning pearl ring. In The 1950s style Shop Barbie, in the 1950s-style Shop Barbie is required to gather golden records that she can use to build a staircase into the sky in order to acquire the last item of her collection that she has been looking for, a beautiful pair of sparkling high-heeled sandals.

barbie 1991 video game  |

  • Barbie is back in the Barbie Dream House in order to prepare to attend the Fantasy Ball, and as she ascends the stairs in all her outfits the dapper Ken is waiting to dance with her.

Gameplay  | barbie 1991 video game  

  • In contrast to similar Barbie game titles, Barbie has been created as an action game that plays like a platformer. Barbie’s levels are “dreams” and each “dream” includes Barbie moving from left to right and trying to avoid obstacles in order to prevent her “Zs” from falling, that could cause her to wake up and restart the level, or at times, restart the entire game.
  • Barbie is also able to seek help from animals by choosing an animal charm on the necklace to indicate what kind of behavior the animal needs to take.
  • The B-button is pressed and then thrown an signal. If the command is received by an animal, it will execute the command. They are typically inanimate objects such as tennis rackets and kites, shoes popcorn, pizza, water and more.

  • That Barbie must avoid by jumping over them.At the conclusion of each segment, the boss fight takes place, and the boss is usually defeated with the help of an animal.

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