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Bastion is back to his proper place in the Overwatch 2 lineup next week – Destructoid online games

We’re back with you, our boy! | Bastion

  • Bastion is a fairly popular hero with Overwatch players when it comes to game play, but I’m sure no one will argue that he’s among the most adored small robots that we’ve ever met.
  • It was exciting to see his work reworked in Overwatch 2, However, players were disappointed to discover that Bastion as well as Torbjorn, the hero of engineering Torbjorn were removed from the roster of characters playable in the near future.
  • Don’t worry However, they were disabled in a short time, while Blizzard has some adjustments to the heroes.
  • It makes sense considering that the fact that Bastion as well as Torb are just two characters that have been revamped in the majority since the initial game’s launch in right in the year 2016. They are also joined by other characters like Mercy, Hanzo, and
  • After a few weeks of wondering when we’ll see the anticipated return of these characters, Blizzard has lastly revealed their plans to announce that Bastion and Torbjorn are likely to be returned to their proper place on the roster next week, on the 25th of October.


  • The Junkertown map is also a possibility to be added to the rotation. It was removed after a player found a glitch that caused the enemy crew slow down due to an issue that results in “graphical efficiency points.
  • ” I’m not sure how people even think of doing this in the first place. it is likely that the issue will be fixed quickly and no other maps have been affected.
  • The entire show is anticipated to undergo massive balancing changes for Season Two that won’t be available until the end of December.
  • As the restoration of the heroes who are missing and map is still few days away, we’ll at the very least bore ourselves by consuming all the the rumors about Bastion’s disappearance,
  • that range from missing posters to music written by someone begging for him to return home.
  • If we’re trying to balance points during the first couple of months after Overwatch 2.‘s launch it will have its subreddit, as well as some amusingly creative avid players to keep us entertained.
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