Bayonetta 3 Dev Responds To Voice Actor Dispute In Official Statement online games

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Dev Responds To Voice Actor Dispute

  • Bayonetta 3 | There was a lot of drama this past weekend as the voice of Bayonetta’s original character Hellena Taylor uploaded a string of videos on social media and accused the the developer PlatinumGames as well as Hideki Kamiya of a sexist pay-off.
  • The report was subsequently republished by Bloomberg and several sources saying Taylor was initially offered in addition to what was originally discussed.

  • The voice actor who was the brand new character on Bayonetta 3 Jennifer Hale even spoke out – explaining that she was unable to share her incident due to an NDA however she urged peace from all sides.
  • Today, we’ve received an official statement from PlatinumGames via Twitter. In the brief message the Japanese company thanks “everybody
  • who participated” to the series over the past year and offers its “full support” to the newly-launched Bayonetta VA. 
  • It also requests fans as well as the wider video games community to refrain to refrain from any criticism that could be considered to be disrespectful of Hale or other contributors to the project.
  • PlatinumGames PlatinumGames would like to express our deepest gratitude to all who have helped to create the Bayonetta sequence throughout time,
  • And also to the group that provided the foundation for it.
  • We are here to offer our support for Jennifer Hale as the brand new Bayonetta and agree with all the aspects of her declaration.
  • We are asking people to refrain from any further feedback that could be disrespectful to Jennifer or any other participant in the series.

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