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  • Bayonetta 3 : Bayonetta 1, and 2 ranks up alongside Devil May Cry 3, and Ninja Gaiden Black as one of the few action heroes. There’s a good argument to suggest that before the time Devil May Cry 5 was released, Platinum was practically peerless in the modern action world. We now can enjoy Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 (Switch [reviewed])

Developer: Platinum Games

Publisher: Nintendo

The version was released on October 28th, 2022.

MSRP: $59.99

  • Bayonetta 3 begins with Bayonetta getting kicked in the face without any context. It’s an awesome method to begin an action-packed game. We’re then introduced to newcomer Viola who is a girl with an appropriate punk look who is looking to establish a name for herself and earn Bayonetta’s respect while making a difference in the world.

Bayonetta 3

  • The term “multiverse” is a term that’s utilized early in the game and it’s at the center of the rabbit hole Bayonetta 3 will take us on. There will be multiple different versions of characters we already know which is a clever method of combining the classic and the modern into a single, non-repetitive package. “Bayonetta nostalgic” is the prevailing theme in the present, considering there have already been thirteen years, and several generations since the first appearance, and the majority of it is done in a classy manner. The idea of going big in terms of size, but making things personal is a good method to approach a game such as this. The latest version is, thankfully, made with the same amount of effort applied to it, making it not seem like an old-fashioned repetition.


  • Viola is thankfully not caught in that trap and becomes an offensive “attitude-era” model. She’s relatable, she loves anime, and much of her physical comedy can be found in the music to the tune of Trigun’s Vash the Stampede. There are distinct mechanics in her game that include parrying at the ideal moment instead of avoiding (like Bayonetta), on the top of her adorable feline the demon Cheshire (who is summoned by combat) which instantly provides her with an entirely new style of play. It’s not the first game that has two distinct “young and old” heroes who play with various mechanics however it’s among the more well-crafted games of many years. Although their voice of Viola tends to be repetitive and repetitive, she plays the role of an actress (Anna Brisbin) and puts in her best with a range of emotions to be played until the curtain comes down.

Bayonetta 3

  • In terms of Bayonetta’s voice is concerned I’d be remiss to not mention the controversies surrounding the actor who played her and the difficult review. I’ll let you make your own choices about the best way to deal with this however suffice to declare it is clear that Jennifer Hale is once again an absolute professional in the booth and is a master at portraying Bayonetta. Not only is she required to manage the Bayonetta that we’re hearing and playing constantly, but, Hale is also voicing a variety of other characters, such as the different multiverse versions of the witch who is the main character. She’s got a lot of dialogue but is able to give each of them their own distinct spin (even in regard to their individual nuances or attitudes).


  • The glamour and impeccable sense of fashion are still evident in the trilogy, with an upbeat, jazzy soundtrack that I’d like to listen to during my spare time; as well as some insane cutscenes that contain a handful of the most absurd scenes I’ve ever seen in virtually every medium. There’s a lot of suspense to the plot (as eucatastrophic saves at the last minute which will make you smile) Bayonetta is granted access to a variety of capabilities that allow many different styles of play. The majority of these are integrated straight into cutscenes within the game however, they are not to the extent that you would expect.


  • “Kick punch, kick shoot, avoid (with the time-slowing witch timing mechanic)” remains the primary gameplay mechanic, however, the combo system has been made much more precise this time around thanks to the addition of summoning demons. It has a quick swap feature (toggled by pressing L) to swap two weapons that are linked to traversal to give an even more unique look. Instead of whipping people using a yo-yo and the look of a spider, You can sprint to turn into an insect, swoop through walls, and then flip around with webs. The idea of summoning a frog to dance and unleash an acid rain as well as directing the flow of a train by using tank turrets at the sides of it is equally enjoyable to manage.


  • The d-pad is also linked to a series of summons that is ruled by a magical MP meter. Demon summons usually makes Bayonetta a target when they’re not in play and come with distinct nuances, capabilities, and combinations. They can also be incorporated into combinations as well as a handful of the demons I won’t reveal here make for amazing possibilities. Initially, I was looking for more of the summoning system for demons, however, once you begin getting additional and developing their individual skill trees (you can enhance each weapon and summon it separately) It all worked out and the power of imagination was evident.

· It’s so smooth. You can avoid and enter the witching hour and summon demons to punishment, switch mid-summon to an attack that is area-of-effect, then swiftly cancel everything and revert to an escape. It’s just as enjoyable to hit someone in the face and slowly blast the target with bullets as you did in the first Devil May Cry. There are some incredibly violent and intense boss fights that you can take on as well as a couple of my favorite fight scenes from recent times.

· Incredibly, more than any other character-action games before, it was trying out every aspect. Most of the time, there’s a weapon I’m not able to use but I put in an effort to discover the potential of every one of these options Bayonetta 3 gave me and gained the benefits. I began to discover my own mechanization and gained higher rankings at the end of each level as time progressed.

· One of my major complaints concerning Bayonetta 3 concerns that I’d like to see some of the areas were more spacious. Platinum has a knack for creating exciting environments that are enjoyable to battle in, but certain areas are surrounded by a cloak of mist that is too to my taste. We’re granted unimaginable abilities to traverse in this game and I’d like to see were more opportunities to make use of these abilities. The good news is that it’s not all bad.

· If you’re looking for additional content is concerned there’s plenty of it! Every stage comes with a variety of optional arenas and hidden secrets (which typically include some form of challenge, such as a twist or combat that requires you to collect cubes across the map in a fast way) in addition to numerous achievements that require a specific level. There’s also a postgame sort that I’m not going to talk about here (but will when the game is released). It took me around 10 hours to finish the race, with an exploratory pace. A straight shot will without a doubt be a quicker course.

· For those who don’t there’s a level of difficulty that’s easy (plus using the right stick can inform you of the direction to take) and a “naive angel mode” which alters the character models in the game. It is also possible to continue playing from complete chapters (with checkpoints) explore the music and art galleries and get access to items for Viola’s bedroom to improve your skills, purchase new items and equipment and even get aesthetic unlocks (which allow you to alter the appearance for your “main” Bayonetta of the game, and also adopt the look of the other versions). It’s refreshing, even in 2022, to launch an online game and then click “play,” with nothing else to be juggling.

· In the beginning, as a tone-setter to this game ski like a massive demon dragon. It becomes more bizarre as the game progresses. While I was playing Bayonetta 3, to my surprise I was unsure of what was coming following at all times. I was completely absorbed and in between the thrilling story, the worlds, and the game’s action system that has been refined by two previous games (and many years of playing experience) I had the smallest amount of downtime. It’s everything an action enthusiast would want.

Bayonetta 3: How to Play as Jeanne 

Bayonetta 3 jeanne

· Like in the previous two Bayonetta games Bayonetta 3 players can gain access to Jeanne to unlock Jeanne in Bayonetta 3, though doing this will require a little effort.

· Although she could be the center of attention in the series, Bayonetta is just one of the many characters that make an appearance in PlatinumGames the hugely popular Bayonetta show. The characters like Rodin and the new character Viola definitely have plenty to offer, but it’s Jeanne that comes closest to matching the character of the title Umbra Witch when it comes to the level of likability.

What is HTML0? Play as Jeanne in Bayonetta 3

· When they have completed chapter 14 after completing Chapter 14 of Bayonetta 3, players will receive an email letting the players that Jeanne is now on The Character Selection screen. While the chapters will stay similar in the case of Jeanne She controls differently from the other characters that can be played and can provide Jeanne plays with a unique feeling. There are also some Bewitchments that require chapters to be completed by Jeanne and so players who want to complete them are required to spend a lot of time playing as Jeanne.

What is HTML0? Change Jeanne’s Outfits on Bayonetta 3

· In contrast to Bayonetta or Violaplayers aren’t able to alter Jeanne’s outfit, or at least not as of the time of writing in any case. This is sure to be a major disappointment to some players, specifically due to the Umbra Witch having sported several various looks throughout the series. Of course, this isn’t to suggest that new costumes for Jeanne aren’t coming to the game in the future, however for the moment, at the very least, players will be forced to stick with the red and pink number that she’s in throughout this main plot.

Bayonetta 3 was released on October 28, 2022, and is only available via Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch.

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