Best Zombie Games.

The inclusion of zombies used in video games is as old as gaming itself. Here we review the top games featuring the living dead.

You can call them whatever you like, Infected, Walkers, The Undead The zombie is an iconic creature who has moved into our hearts by how they’ve bled their way back into movies, video games and pop culture generally throughout the many years.

There’s a myriad of excellent games by studios which are triple-A, indie and all the rest Each one of them has its unique take on the decaying dying tide. Some are better than others, with some even changing the definition of this “zombie survival” genre completely. And even though there’s a hint of over saturation in the way the majority of these games have been put out over time There are several worth checking out. Here are the top zombie games to have been released to date.

Best Zombie Games.

Updated on August 15th, 2022. By Matthew McKown: Much like the zombies that comprise them, there’s also an enormous collection of undead-slaying games available to play. Each game offers a unique perspective of how to take apart walking corpses and combat them within massive cities or even use them to fulfill your own evil requirements.

There are so many games, it’s often difficult to determine which ones are worth playing and which are an unnecessary waste of time. To help you sort through the sea of garbage more manageable there are some standout titles that are both new and old, and not in any specific order, but are able to claim the title of top zombie games.

Biters and Bullets

The Zombie Wave defense genre is number of them however, there are times when you’ll discover an unassuming gem in the pile. Biters and Bullets by Night Owls can be one those games as this sleek little roguelike an extremely casual zombie shooter, which has packed with fun depth.

There are a few Vampire-Survivor-Esque techniques that use dead energy to boost your level and weapons. A plethora of zombies in all shapes and sizes are swarming at you in huge waves. There are many bizarre and unique powerups that can bring those corpses back to their proper place. Add some original boss battles and you’ll have an enjoyable tiny indie zombie game getting off to a great beginning. The first chapter is now accessible and is free to play. If you’re in search of an arcade game that is simple packed with undead invading the game as well as a variety of bizarre and powerful power-ups Biters & Bullets is a enjoyable time sink.

Necro Smith

The game was named the game a Necromancer Simulator from the group at Alawar Premium who also developed the exciting Beholder as well as the exciting game of space Bounty Hunter game They Always Run. Necro Smith can be described as a straightforward and adorable slow-burn strategy game with a lot of monsters to take down.

The goal is to cleanse the country by removing”the “Chosen Ones” powerful creatures who rule a nation full of monsters. Your arsenal includes necromantic powers that allow you to build undead minions as well as shambling, massive zombified monsters with distinct strengths power, weaknesses, and strengths. They can then be sent out through your towers to assist grow your influence, acquire larger body parts and let you to build your base until you become the necromantic ruler of the world.


A basic open-world survival game for zombies that is full of charm. SurrounDead is set 5 years following the globe was devastated by an undead-causing virus that destroyed the entire population of the world. The remnants of humanity barely hanging on to their lives in the squalid survivor camps your aim is to survive within this ravaged environment for the duration of time you’re able to.

Even though it’s being released in Early Access, SurrounDead is already off to a strong beginning. The gameplay is similar to Day Z, the map is pretty vast with abandoned cities as well as the dreadful fields of zombies that roam the deserted wasteland are a great place to start collecting. It’s regularly updated, and, even though it’s a single-player game the wilderness is alive enough to not be lonely for very long.


Barricadez from Fly Penguin inc can best be described as Terraria meets Tower Defense. This hugely open-world 2D game puts you in the role of tiny robots defending their base from the countless hordes of undead, who invade it as the sun sets.

However, all is not to be lost, because underneath our robot friend lies the entire world’s worth of resources which can be mined and constructed through intricate supply chains to create sturdy defences and buffers. Turrets, traps and all kinds of barricades can be constructed in the game, and with the terrain generated randomly every adventure in the deep abyss below will be the similar. It’s an extremely challenging and intense indie that’s well worth your time if are a fan of mechanically massive survival games for zombies.

Zombieland VR Headshot Fever

Rarely do you come across a game made based on a film that’s not a mindless cash-in, however it’s possible to break this rule which is why Zombieland VR Headshot Fever is one of the exceptions. This fast-paced VR game adds an arcade-inspired spin to the cartoonish setting, and is a violent excitement that keeps players coming back to play more.

The objective for the contest is destroy the undead as quickly as you can in order to achieve the best score. Compete with your friends to put your mark on the scoreboard with a huge arsenal of weaponry that can kick you in the face and build combos using slow-motion abilities that are activated by precise headshots. The undead are aplenty in a myriad of ways and there are plenty of maps available to challenge your zombie-killing skills.

House Of The Dead: Remake

Everyone has their own first lightgun game. For many they were House of The Dead, an iconic cabinet that occupied a prominent spot in arcades and then sounded the rage of anyone who walked through the doorway with its iconic music and constant shouts that sounded like “RELOAD!”. Now , you can relive those memories with House Of The Dead: Remake.

The game was released at the end the month of April MegaPixel Studio, it’s an upgraded version of the original game which has received a new coating of. This means you can take on old foes in gritty gooey, new-style. Local multiplayer is available on consoleslike the Nintendo Switch and the PC version, although there are some known problems with stability. There are various new weapons available like a crossbow, assault rifle, and rocket launcher. Additionally, there’s the plans for a remake of House Of The Dead 2 being developed from the team behind House Of The Dead.

Chromosome Evil

Part isometric strategy game part team manager, and an overlaid layer of Lovecraft-inspired monstrosities. Chromosome Evil from 16 Bit Nights is an interesting small indie game. You are in charge of a group of soldiers that can be customized to suit your needs using their weapons, gear and attachments. Every member of your team has each role, and losing one of them has the potential to bring the entire team down, so ensure they’re secure.

For example, soldiers are excellent at taking down dead people, Engineers can build turrets and barricades while Medics ensure that everyone is kept in sync. With a variety of locations which are usually cloaked in darkness and filled with terror, each adventure may be the last one for your team. Additionally, as the tale unfolds, your group must hunt to find supplies while you unravel the truth about the origins of these creatures from and the fate of the missing brother.

Survive The Hill

A fascinating Early Access title from Redivided Studios, Survive The Hill is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that promises matches that pit one against one or two players against. Imagine Dead by Daylight and Friday The 13th, in which the human players are controlled by one team who are trying to escape, and the other is a creature of the week. The spook in the house is backed by an army of undead who constantly harass people trying to escape alive.

It’s a distinctive and visually appealing take on an industry that’s bit over-saturated by this kind of game. It’s refreshing to have something different that’s not simply another Dead By Daylight Clone being added to the mix. The thing to keep in mind is the fact that for some strange reason it’s not possible to play in a single-player mode against the AI, you’ll need another player. Fans have pointed out this as a problem and with new updates to the game expected in Seasons we hope that this will be something that is changed in the near future, as The Hill: Survive The Hill has some potential.

Heaven Dust 2

The creators of Gruel Studio asked the question What if we made Resident Evil into a cutesy cartoon? In a tribute to the the classic Survival Horror, Heaven Dust 2 puts players in the position of Steve who is a single-man army that awakes from the Cryogenic Pod to find he’s trapped in a shady research facility.

The area is now swarming by undead, and all kinds creatures, however, you’ve got an various weapons available to aid you in your fight to get out. From submachineguns to grenades there are a myriad of amusing toys to help send the disorganized forms back to the grave in the place they belonged. A standalone sequel to the original, Heaven Dust 2 keeps you on your toes , and constantly advancing from the hoards of Ghouls they throw at you.

Arizona Sunshine

Despite its spiritual successor After The Fall catching a fair amount of criticism, Arizona Sunshine is still an impressive and solid VR Zombie game. Although it has some rough edges in the midst however, it is an intense and difficult adventure. This is particularly true of the harder difficulty levels when you attempt to escape the desert planes that are infested and the forgotten towns in Arizona.

Co-op mode that can accommodate 3 players or more, an impressive game mode to defend against horde waves and collectible masks to portray your characters, Arizona Sunshine has a lot to offer. There are also a lot of weapons and equipment to pick up to take on the undead, or simply play like a sexy gangster as you explore the ruin of the past with your buddies.

Dying Light 2

After six years of production, Techland came roaring back to the screens with a new installment in their hugely successful Dying Light. Like its predecessor, there’s Parkour all over the city that is ravaged by zombies Harran. Today, 20 years later you’re charged with bringing Harran back to its feet and resolving the power struggle that exists between the two factions who are left in the destroyed wilderness.

With a map that’s considerably larger than the first, Dying Light 2 has some extremely large zones to investigate. There are towering buildings to climb, Parkour puzzles to solve and Zombies to slice and new heights that are dizzying that you can reach with the introduction of new technology for traversal, such as the Glider. Combat is still slow and there are slow-moving problems in the story, however, this game’s Parkour and Zombie variety, particularly at night, is a massive improvement over the previous. If you loved Dying Light and wanted more space to run around the undead , then the sequel is definitely worth a look.

The Last Stand Aftermath

Created in collaboration with Con Artist Games, The Last Stand: Aftermath is an important improvement over those who have played their earlier game Last Stand: Union City. While the first game was a Zombie wave defense but this time instead of fighting off undead in a bunker, you’re off exploring the destroyed post-apocalyptic landscape.

This extremely in-depth single-player Roguelike game requires you to find sources of help and assisting others in a vast and continuously changing, constantly evolving corpse-filled play area. The game is challenging but fair. You could even out the odds by gaining special abilities and crafting powerful equipment and ensuring you have the top equipment when you begin your quest. It’s an exquisitely constructed isometric Zombie game that is tense and challenging enough.

Look Alive

Although it’s not yet released technically, Look Alive is set to launch this year, and it’s definitely worth keeping track of when it comes out. Like The Last Stand: Aftermath but with a more adorable cartoon-like style, Look Alive comes from creators Wabby’s Land and this open-world survival game appears to be packed with all kinds of undead-related destruction.

With huge maps stuffed with vehicles and loot that take down zombies, Look Alive tasks you with staying alive during your way through the Zombie Apocalypse in any way you are able to. The way to do this is by digging up resources and materials from burned-out houses, abandoned homes, structures, and everything else left. While battling Zombies in a recurring globe map with the night-day cycle, additional survivors’ camps to help and fight bosses.

Swarm : The City: Zombie Evolved

A lot of games allow you to fight innumerable undead monsters However, very few allow you to play as the zombies. This is the reason Swarm The City: Zombie Evolved is a shambles as this game of strategy in real-time lets you take on the world as the strong King Zombie, controlling vast massive swarms of monsters that groan while they rip apart the most powerful human defenses. Think of it as They Are Billions, but reversed.

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When you move around the globe through cities through a global mission system that allows you to gain upgrades and new abilities for your comrades and yourself that allow you to utilize many powerful powers to take on anything that comes your path. Although the game is being released in Early Access, it’s got lots of great ideas. With some time and a bit of polish, it could be a very good Zombie RTS.


Undying deserves to be mentioned since, even though it’s still in Early Access, it’s got many more things going on than simply being another game that has Zombies within the game. Undying’s main focus is the relationship between a Mother and son in the most awful situation one is likely to encounter. It was created by Vanimals Undying places players in the position of Angling one mother struggling in vain to ensure that her child Cody alive during the Zombie Apocalypse. There’s a problem, she’s been bitten by undead, and it’s just an issue of time before she’s transformed.

This roguelike that is awe-inspiring open-world survival that meets escort mission since the survival of your child is dependent on how well-adjusted as a parent you are. Cody will take lessons from your actions and you’re encouraged to create, cook, and fight with Cody to show him how to endure. The next chapter is a difficult as well as emotional Survival game. The more you bond with your child and the more difficult it is for you to let go of the inevitable. It’s a heartbreaking and difficult game that will create a splash once it’s launched. If you enjoy Zombie games that have a compelling story, then Undying is recommended.

Propagation VR

There’s no end to the possibilities in the search for VR zombie games since there’s an innumerable number of them, and they vary from incredibly terrible to absolutely amazing. One indie game which has received lots of attention lately is called Propagation VR. This static wave shooter packed with nightmare fuel and endless waves of mutants, zombies, and huge spiders roaming around an abandoned subway station that you’ve been told to protect.

It’s a meditative meat grinder to spend time with. the hand-fed reloading of guns keeps the tension in a constant state. There’s also a scoreboard that lets you show off your skills as the ultimate survivor , if you’re planning to play with your pals. It’s free to play as a single player, but for co-op you’re going have to pay a modest cost. This may seem odd given that it’s f2p, but you have to pay for the game in some way.


Another stunning VR zombie shooter game for survival Surv1v3 is a 4-player horror game from Candymakers which is perfect to test your team’s working techniques or just playing with your buddies.

There are three primary game modes you can choose from. There’s the story mode, Trials that is an old-fashioned horde game divided into different locations as well as a survival game that allows exploration crafting, leveling and crafting. With a huge playground to explore, and a fascinating story that will keep you interested until the very end, Surv1v3 has plenty to offer immediately upon launch.

Left 4 Dead 2

Its predecessor demonstrated how enjoyable co-op survival in ever-growing hordes could be and was further improved with the second installment. It was developed in collaboration with Valve, Left 4 Dead 2 is widely regarded as one of the top games, if not a cult classic games that test you against the drooling waves of moaning zombies.

If you’ve not seen this game, Left 4 Dead 2 is a game that involves three players (or bots) taking on a number of missions in infected locations within the US. With an arsenal of weapons, with melee weapons available as well as a terrifying collection of “Special Infected” to battle to, Left4Dead 2 is a game that everyone should play at least at least once.

Back 4 Blood

While Left 4 Dead 3 comes out and is released, fans of the cult zombie shooter series can enjoy their dose of zombie killing through the fantastic four-player co-op, Back 4 Blood, developed by Turtle Rock Studios. The team is known for its work with their own Left 4 Dead series and their inspirations from it definitely will be evident.

Fans of Valve’s most popular franchise will feel at home in this shooter for horde features huge waves of screaming infected dangerous mutants that fight as well as a fun and chaotic story, and cast, in addition to the game-changing card system. It’s a solid experience for multiplayer that will keep you engaged for many hours. Back 4 Blood taps into the L4D nostalgia with a ferocious force and its interplay with PC and console gamers ensures an active player base, with numerous matches to be played, tearing apart the zombie hordes that are robbing.

Dying Light

If there ever was a game that has taken the zombie survival concept and changed it upside down the game would be Dying Light. It not only brought an entirely new level of verticality in gameplay with its Mirrors Edge Esque freerunning mechanics as well as preventing the feeling of being overwhelmed by your speed by offering the zombies some of their own athletic guys in addition to the ability to pursue you.

The game was developed by Techland, this first-person-rpg takes you to the plagued city of Harran which is a city locked down for the duration of time that conceals an unsettling hidden truth concerning the mysterious plague. Two massive maps, numerous quests as well as intense night-mode pursuits of massive monsters and a multiplayer cooperative game mode Dying Light will be an exciting open-world adventure that has tons of amazing dead content to savor.

State Of Decay 2

Despite its ability to be a little under the radar of everyone’s, State of Decay 2 could be a surprise hit. Despite its slow beginning and initially unsatisfactory reviews, Undead Labs have put many hours of effort in the game’s launch. With an recent upgrade to its graphics as well as some mechanics that are now in place, this State of Decay game that’s released is the most impressive it’s ever been.

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This open-world zombie video game isn’t so much about you pursuing your unique story of the apocalypse instead, it’s about how you are able to keep a small group of giggling scum. The game has a thrilling yet rewarding gameplay that involves building and improving a base, managing your community’s equipment and needs, rescuing others and removing some Zombies and special infected over an enormous map, there’s plenty to keep you entertained playing State of Decay 2. That is, at least until the game’s third installment is released.

Days Gone

The game was created through Bend Studio, Days Gone was a game that combines two concepts that had never been considered previously: bikes and zombies. The story is set in the thick pines that are Oregon 2 years later than the outbreak of a pandemic which turned large portions of the population to vicious cannibalistic zombies, known as Freakers. You played Deacon St. John an outlaw with gold-colored eyes who’s searching for his wife.

What sets it apart from others is the high reliance on keeping your bike in top shape since it’s inventory as well as a means of transport. In addition, there are truly huge hordes that you could fight against. Instead of slowly advancing toward you, Freakers sprint over everything and everyone the way to get the opportunity to take you down. The result is an endless flow of water that seems to rush at you with an unintended goal, and it’s scary to witness and difficult to defeat with the only way to defeat them is to flee. If you’re looking for an exciting zombie game, Days Gone is worth a take a look.

They Are Billions

Three words that you wouldn’t think could go together steampunk, zombie and RTS. Yet somehow They Are Billions by Numantian Games has created its own massively popular and successful niche in the genre by doing exactly three words.

The game is set in the post-apocalyptic world that humans live in fortified settlements from zombies that roam the streets, We Are Billions has been able to get its spot on this list because of the possibility to battle against literally billions of zombies that appear on the screen at once. In fact, there are so many that there are a lot of videos on the community of gamers trying to test their computers by seeing the amount of zombies they can see in the game simultaneously before the game goes down. With the steep difficulty curve as well as an intense Isometric Hero tasks, They Are Billions is sure to give you the Zombie RTS itch.

Day Z

Day Z is very much the Marmite of the zombie genre. Some like it, while others dislike it. Yet, despite all it, Day Z for many was their first encounter with an survival game set in an undead-filled post-apocalyptic desert.

The game was originally based on a mod that was created using an Arma 2 engine, Day Z had to go through a lot of development and then stalled in Alpha for a long time before finally being released as a separate game for consoles and PCs in 2013. Despite its flaws, Day Z’s servers for community members are filled to capacity to this day, with all kinds of gamers looking to get involved or survive the harsh terrain that’s spread across its vast map. Plenty of space to expand, Day Z is a difficult but fun Zombie game that will keep players in for long hours.

Dead Frontier 2

The eagerly anticipatory sequel to the popular Free-to-play MMO game, the zombie survival, Dead Frontier 2 took the violent, unforgiving gameplay of the first game and turned it to eleven. Set in a 3rd-person perspective It keeps the fright enjoyable and claustrophobic as players attempt to live the longest time possible in the midst of a terrifying nightmare.

Trade, fight, loot to survive, the game tells you, and rightly so because your ability to stay alive depends on how you collaborate with other players as you traverse the ruin that mankind has left. It’s totally free to play and is packed with an incredibly large number of options for customization and even an economy that is driven by players behind the scene.

World War Z

Like the film adaption, World War Z is linked to the book in the title only. It features collection of stories that follow various characters from around the world and their struggles to survive the zombie theapsis.

Another surprise sleeper hit, World War Z took the massive and fast-moving flow of people infected as seen in the film’s big screen counterpart, but rolled it into an Left 4 Dead co-op style game that is incredibly enjoyable and quite a challenge. With lots of options for customization on characters or weapons, as well as the ability to modify stats to keep your favorite survivor alive throughout five places, World War Z is constantly upgraded and is worth more than a cursory glance.

Project Zomboid

While it’s currently being developed in Alpha, Project Zomboid has many possibilities. It was developed through The Indie Stone, this extremely difficult isometric Zombie survival game isn’t so much about navigating through the hordes of cannibals who are swarming around instead, it’s more about the ability to collaborate together, secure supplies, and ultimately roleplay to escape from any situation.

Although it may look like a game, the system offers plenty of creative and memorable moments to be created organically by the players as they assist or challenge each other. There is no objective other than to see the length of time you can last Project Zomboid is great to play with your players who enjoy playing in RP or for those who want to test their teamwork abilities.

Dead Rising

A nod in honor of Dawn of The Dead, this survival horror RPG by Capcom was the most talked about game in 2006 when it introduced cathartic zombie-slaying gameplay to a whole generation of console gamers that are now putting it on the platform it justly deserves (its sequels, not so much).

The film starred the iconic Frank “He’s Covered Wars You Know” West, Dead Rising featured this multi-faceted Investigative Journalist as he investigates an unusual outbreak of the zombie plague in a small town in the midwestern region. It’s set in a massive shopping center that is an oddball in community administration, cartoon-style Saturday morning villains, and an incredibly huge amount of customization and weapons to play with. The sequels that followed have increased the scope of these concepts yet the first game remains an iconic game.

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