Blitz Bowl Ultimate Edition Board Game Review

In 1986, the designer Jervis Johnson came up with the brilliant idea of creating a fictional sporting board game that was based on American Football, but with no-holds-barred violence. The game evolved into Blood Bowl, and its combination of comedy, strategy and brutality has lasted through numerous editions to the present. However, despite its fast-paced premise it’s actually an arduous game that takes time to master and to play. It’s time to introduce Blitz Bowl which is a smaller, more efficient game that is based on the same concept however, it’s mechanically quite different from its larger cousin. Blitz Bowl: Ultimate Edition is the third edition, but will it be able to live up to its claim?

What’s inside the Box

Blitz Bowl

In addition to these figures are plastic footballs, a coin and score marker to each player. The game is played on a game board that has two sides that gives you a variety of fields with different obstacles to explore. One side has only a one-space starting area for the ball, whereas the other is divided into two. A dice roll determines which the ball will pop out of.The images are stunning full of the detail and energy. “

It’s an Games Workshop game, one of the most popular draws are the plastic minifigures included. They are comprised of two teams with six players each two heroes: human beings and the nefarious Skaven, which is a rat-like animal. As we’ve been used to from the manufacturer, the figures are of the highest quality, full of details and dynamism. The Skaven are, however, very fragile, and even the most experienced modelers could damage a tail or two in the course of assembly. Attention and a precise craft knife are required.

To complete the set, there’s an assortment of cards, a set of custom dice as well as a range ruler, and the stats card for every team that you could play during the game. It goes far beyond the two cards that are available across the entire Games Workshop universe, running from Orcs to Ogres. You can purchase additional teams of six players for certain factions, but for other ones you’ll need to purchase the complete twelve cards of an Blood Bowl team and select the six teams you’d like to play.

 The cards are of good quality and are decorated with photographs or art of miniatures that have been painted.Rules and how it PlaysWhen you turn the table you’re able to perform three actions and divide them among your participants as you like, so that no model is taking the same action twice. The actions you can take are contingent upon whether the figure is “marked” or, in other words that it is surrounded by an opponent within a square adjacent to it – or not. 

The unmarked models can throw the ball, run or make a two-square move for marking an enemy. Marked figures are only allowed to engage an opponent and require the roll of a dice, or move one square away.If you take the time to read it you’ll see that runners can’t be in squares adjacent to team members. Also, it’s common for you to have to perform three actions at the same time to take on the opponent: a move to protect the group and a mark to move to the next square, and then a block action to begin the attack. These two elements are crucial to the strategy and efficiency that the sport. It is important to disperse your players across the field in order to attempt to prevent runs from entering your goal zone that can result in points. Also, you must be aware of your tackles as if you do not succeed you’re vulnerable to a one-off tackle back.

The players who score goals by taking the ball to the end zone of the other team earn the team four points. They are removed from the pitch to celebrate. There is a reserve move to bring back on the field the field, similar to players injured in a collision. However, there isn’t a pitch reset when a new ball comes into the middle of the field and the game goes on regardless of whether you’re playing or down. It’s not easy to cause many end-to-end screams particularly when a lot of players are in pain or celebrating. After a while, you’ll know to be patient, put into a defense line and play more strategically.Goals aren’t the only point-making mechanism in theBlitz Bowl however. You will always find three playing cards adjacent to the board that can give you a range of zero to three bonus points taking specific actions. For example, if you hurt someone else or making an unwise pass. 

What’s the benefit of a card with no value is one might be asking? Because , in addition to points, these cards can be played in reverse. This could be a dice roll or even an additional action. If you win, it’s an added bonus that increases both your chances of winning and also your scores. These cards also serve as the game’s timer. When they are empty and the game has ended, it’s over.In between, positional play along with card management and rolling have a place in between the strategy strategies, tactics, and the fun of randomly rolling dice. This is an activity that rewards skillful strategy, whether it’s trying the scrimmage line symbiotic or devising ways to get cards shuffled while playing the ball in a forward direction. But it’s also an activity that rewards those who make actions that result in thrilling moments, such as placing the ball in to the defender, or securing cards in a last-ditch sprint towards that goal. And it takes just around an hour or so to play.It takes only about an hour to play. 

“In this regard, Blitz Bowl is actually more adept at capturing the feeling of a game played by sports than its bigger brother Blood Bowl. With a complete roster of 12 players, and more complicated “turnover” mechanics Blitz Bowl takes more time to play each turn, and takes longer to play in general. It’s more like a chess game using dice than any other kind of ball game. Blitz Bowl, on the other hand is fast and fun and packed with last-minute wagers and matches that stretch to the final field goal, exactly how you would like the best game of football to be.What’s New in the Ultimate Edition?The owners of either or both earlier versions of the game might be wondering what’s different in this. 

It’s especially so since it’s the exact same team of humans that we’ve seen in each of the boxes, which makes the game feel somewhat similar. The good thing is that the new changes are mostly positive because of the novel method of including the fans in the design process via the Crush podcast. The rules are largely identical, with some bumps that need to be smoothed. New stats have been added for all teams that can help balance problems. The deck of cards has been redesigned total overhaul to promote more active and more aggressive playing.Where to PurchaseFind it at Barnes & Noble – $44.95


The idea of claiming something as an “ultimate version” is a risk particularly when it is a product that may be updated in the future. However, it’s true that this Blitz Bowl box is worthy of praise in both meanings of the term. It’s an outstanding game on its own that is thrilling, tactical and tactically exciting capable of re-creating all the excitement of an actual sports game. However, at the same it’s also the top version of the game thus far, much more compact and more balanced than the previous games and featuring top components that will seal the deal. It might be too light for those who are serious about their gaming However, everyone else should take a sip of beer and chicken wings, turn off the TV and give a new meaning to “fantasy soccer” on their laptops by playing this.

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