Century: Age of Ashes Evaluate On-line multiplayer dragon fight

  • Age of Ashes – If you are a fan of combat that is flight-based, and you are a fan of flight-based combat, then Century: Age of Ashes online multiplayer battles might be a good fit in your library of games.
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Age of Ashes

The time is right to watch the strategies of a different player

The age of dragons – Age of Ashes

  • In simple terms, Century: Age of Ashes lets the players battling against dragons that are competing in huge arenas.
  • The control of flight is intuitively handled while you control the game anywhere and accelerate or brake to make rapid turns. Anyone can learn to fly while climbing and the attack is relatively simple, too.
  •  Particularly, you press your face button to unleash a few long-range attacks , as well as use fire breath to launch the power of a skill.
  • These types of attacks require you to be able to identify your opponent, and then launching skills at the appropriate time only to see it hit the ground and cause significant damage can be a rewarding event. – Age of Ashes

The spectacle is quite amazing.

  • One feature of Century: Age of Ashes that really impressed me is its graphics. There are lot of dragons available to customize and collect, and all of them look stunning.
  • However that there are just two riders, and they’re pretty generic, with masked Marauders, Phantoms and a gorgeous woman Windguard and a rugged-looking Viking Stormraiser.
  • The dragons are the best. The arenas are stunningly detailed no matter if you’re fighting over the castle, in the desert, or in between cliffs, it’s always gorgeous.
  • It’s true that there’s motion blur that can make things look blurred when you’re moving, but other than that, this is a stunningly beautiful game.
  • The sense of speed is fantastic – Age of Ashes

There are a few strategies to combat

  • The principal strategy of Century: Age of Ashes (Carnage) is played between two teams of six players in a race to get the maximum number of kills in three rounds.
  •  The games are fast-paced and the constant battles can be quite intense, particularly when the teams are equally match. While playing, Gates of Fire will take you to get a flag, then go through checkpoints in order to score points, and Spoils of War will require you to take cash and deposit it at your base of operations.
  • The modes are extremely balanced and tuned to be incredibly enjoyable. The most notable thing is that random events, such as enemies spawning and the vault being locked Spoils of War provide an abundance of variety to the game. – Age of Ashes

Age of Ashes


  • If you consider that century: Age of Ashes is free to play, it naturally comes with microtransactions and various versions passes, passes, bits of DLC and all the other junk.
  •  While many games appear as pay-to-win games, Century: Age of Ashes appears to focus more on the collection of things that look nice and unlocked, so I’ve never felt pressured to buy anything with real money , though I can imagine that some people might.
  • One thing which irritated me was how complex everything is. From three currencies to character levels as well as quests to boosters and passes; I cannot comprehend all of it. I’m certain that’s purposeful. It was a good thing that hatching the dragon eggs brought me a smile.
  • Pro tip: If you’ve used real money for any item during Century: Age of Ashes Be sure to note down the amount you spent since these games can become out of control since it’s quite easy to forget the total amount of real-world cash you’ve spent. Consider whether it is worth it?

Technical problems

  • While the graphics and combat are fantastic and the ability to customize your dragon’s look can be rewarding with the huge amount of unlockables available, Century: Age of Ashes has issues that often make it difficult to enjoy.
  • It is possible that these issues will be fixed with an update, however as of the moment the game was completely dead for me several times in particular during countdowns for respawns and prior to the start of matches.
  •  I was often tempted switch off the game, but decided to hold off and it eventually started to function again. In the meantime, I’d be watching from the sidelines of a game for hours at a stretch as I watched the opposition destroy us. It’s not a good time.
  • Some abilities are simply too difficult to master. For instance, you could fly behind a structure in order to stay clear of projectiles coming towards you but the fire breath eats away your health at a rapid rate and is extremely difficult to avoid since all you have to do is slow down and try to go in another direction.

Age of Ashes

Aw; who’s this little cutie?

Century Age of Ashes offers excellent combat, extremely enjoyable and well-thought-out modes as well as striking graphics. If you’re looking to play as a dragon that you can customize in epic air-based combat, try it out however, make sure you use it with caution.