Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion Review

The first-rate way to play one of the PSP’s maximum cherished games.

Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion is an excellent example of how a game can blur the road between a remaster and a remake, the use of the skeleton of its already fantastic 2007 PSP original at the same time as completely rebuilding the muscle around it. Every exchange brings it a lot towards 2020’s tremendous Final Fantasy 7 Remake, from its gorgeously up to date snap shots to its significantly quicker combat. However, Crisis Core stops brief of the entire upheaval FF7R leaned into, and plenty of layout choices made with the unique PSP sport in thoughts save you this remaster from being a completely unblemished reunion.

Just as before, Crisis Core is an action-centered prequel that follows Zack Fair, a plucky and likable foil to his far extra moody associate, the long-lasting Cloud Strife. Starting more or less seven years earlier than the occasions of Final Fantasy 7, Zack hopes to climb the ranks of Shinra Electric Company’s SOLDIER program with goals of becoming a Soldier 1st Class – the satisfactory of the great, much like Sephiroth. Even today it’s nevertheless a awesome story that smartly ties Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth’s threads together, with real-time combat that melds a few quirky systems in thrilling ways – just like the peculiar DMW (Digital Mind Wave) slot device that brings a piece of the Gold Saucer to each combat.

What we said approximately the unique Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Graphics Comparison – 2007 vs. 2022

“Issues aside, Crisis Core is a extremely good PSP sport — absolute confidence. It honors Final Fantasy VII’s legacy. Even the game’s tune, even as now not composed by way of Nobuo Uematsu, is captivating and fits the overall fashion of the world (although a number of Uematsu’s pieces do make a go back and to certainly beautiful effect). I become virtually moved by means of sure portions of the title and I suspect many others will feel the equal. I would not dream of spoiling whatever for keen gamers, however I will say that Crisis Core’s ending moments are a have to see. I’d pass to this point as to call them remarkable. The power and emotion of the sport is heightened through the uncooked inevitability of Zack’s destiny, which is completely explored within the original. I sincerely enjoyed my time with this name, notwithstanding the gameplay problems, and I think that is yet every other brilliant motive to own a PSP. Enjoy it.” – Ryan Clements, March 18, 2008

Score: 8.5

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Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion Review

The most instantaneous and great exchange to Reunion is its graphical overhaul, the usage of Unreal Engine four to get its in-sport visuals relatively near parity with FF7R. Character models look excellent, environments are relatively distinctive, or even its menus and UI mirror the remake’s smooth appearance that blends shape and characteristic so properly. Though Crisis Core changed into already one of the higher looking PSP video games, those visible improvements make it experience a ways extra modern and particularly high-finances for what Square Enix is classifying as a remaster.

Reunion may want to easily be flawed for a emblem-new game in most regards, even though there are some remnants of the authentic retaining it back from searching as proper because it possibly can. For example, the original CG cutscenes are reused here – they advantage from being offered on bigger and better definition monitors, but they may be disappointing whilst as compared to the in-sport movement. Think of them as being someplace among the visual first-rate of Advent Children and the cutscenes from the authentic PlayStation Final Fantasy games. They’re nonetheless amusing and nicely-animated in spite of everything these years, however which could’t absolutely hide how highly they’ve elderly.

Summons have the most visually dazzling upgrades.“

Thankfully, that thick layer of dirt is easier to neglect about in the warmth of war, specifically throughout its fantastic summon sequences, which can be the single most visually dazzling additions to Reunion. Ifrit’s fiery, lava-stuffed Hellfire in no way failed to wow me, nor did Bahamut’s particle results-heavy Mega Flare. While it’s understandable why Square Enix won’t want to absolutely redo each pre-rendered cutscene, those summons are a tantalizing study what might have been had they decided to remake all of that footage with modern technology.

Animations are greatly progressed from the authentic, however can every so often sense stiff, especially in relation to the manner sure in-game scenes are staged. The fashions themselves appearance so fresh that it could be jarring when a character all of sudden moves in a stilted manner, reminding you that, yes, this turned into at the beginning a PSP recreation made with the limitations of the time. Still, most talk delivery and person motion looks notable for the duration of in-game cutscenes, or even higher in combat.

Not Your Grandpa’s Combat

Reunion’s graphical facelift may be what catches your eye first of all, however its most great upgrades are in its gameplay tweaks. Crisis Core turned into continually an motion RPG, however the PSP’s single thumbstick and two bumper format compelled Square Enix to get innovative with its layout, making you shuffle thru spells, assaults, objects, and extra the usage of the left and right bumpers. With a current controller at your disposal, Zack’s primary assault, stay clear of, and protect commands are actually all mapped to face buttons and triggers, and you may use capabilities and forged spells tons extra quickly by way of pressing those identical buttons at the same time as conserving L1. If you don’t like how the controls are layed out, you may even remap clearly the whole lot in the pause menu.

The DMW system additionally returns in large part unaltered, for higher and for worse. Throughout fight, a 3-tile slot gadget is automatically running within the top lefthand corner, and while a specific man or woman strains up or sure range mixtures are done, Zack can get a few pretty vast boosts. Those consist of briefly having limitless MP or getting the capability to execute a powerful Limit Break or Summon. It’s a amusing manner for combat to feel continuously clean, but the charge at which these boosts are performed is fantastically uneven and random, occasionally making a boss a pushover and taking the fun out of identifying more precise ways to great them.

Combat is likewise quicker. A lot quicker. Zack can swiftly steer clear of assaults, roll behind enemies for essential hits, sneak in a few sword slashes, and roll again out of the way to deliver a Firaga blast in a way that makes the original appear downright sluggish. I replayed a chunk of it whilst making my manner through Reunion as a refresher, and the difference in tempo is honestly night time and day. Combat nonetheless doesn’t experience love it has pretty as lots depth because the admittedly high bar set by FF7R’s action, and doesn’t benefit from that sport’s ability to interchange between birthday party individuals on the fly, but the modifications here are still through some distance the most important development made over the PSP model.

Unfortunately, now not each element of Crisis Core’s gameplay has been up to date with the equal level of fulfillment, and the growing older sport under it all can rear its unpleasant head once more out of doors of fight. There are a few surprisingly open regions Zack can run round throughout Midgar and Gaia, but several indoors and outdoors corridors are regularly strung collectively with (fortuitously short) loading screens. And while the ten tale chapters are often compelling and generally ultimate approximately an hour every, Crisis Core’s mission device still gives additional, chew-sized quests at the beginning designed to be performed on the go. Most of them aren’t very sizable and almost all boil right down to strolling thru the same small quantity of hallways, randomly encountering enemies, and amassing gadgets from a few chests. Playing those can greatly amplify the runtime of the marketing campaign, however I handiest felt pressured to do a handful of them – a few to get extra accessory slots, some for excessive-powered Materia, and a few to look cute tale beats from a young, spunky Yuffie.

Extra missions are still clearly designed to be performed at the go.“

The original recreation’s remarkable Materia Fusion gadget returns for Reunion, and lets you combine commonly weaker magic, command, special, and guide Materia to create more potent and extra interesting outcomes. Using the Materia Fusion system, I was able to create the powerful Quake spell notably early on, and at the same time as it allowed me to obliterate large groups of susceptible enemies nearly without delay, I nonetheless felt like I had earned that electricity thanks to a few clever fusing.

Reunion is likewise full of easy, distracting minigames that return for the duration of the tale. These distractions almost unfailingly aggravated me until I may want to get back to the some distance more potent fights, with sports starting from slashing down missiles midair to gathering objects at the same time as on a timer. No rely the venture, none are a great deal a laugh. Thankfully, those don’t slow matters down sufficient to wreck the fight around them, which shines from begin to complete even via the ones distractions.

Reunited, and It Feels So Good

Given how closely FF7R played with the expectancies of fans, I changed into curious to see if Square Enix was going to modify Crisis Core’s storyline at all to account for a number of the extra sudden adjustments that had happened, specially with regard to Zack. However, the principle story is equal to what become told inside the unique game. (Maybe there’s still some form of unlockable cutscene hiding behind aspect missions, however I haven’t located it yet in that case.) A large alternate doesn’t precisely sense essential, both – much like the authentic Final Fantasy 7’s plot feeds into the modifications that arise in Remake, so too does Crisis Core’s, and its tale still feels just like the maximum fundamental access within the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 outside of the first recreation.

The occasions that transpire in Crisis Core add fascinating intensity to Cloud, the Turks, and plenty of other characters from Square’s loved traditional and its remake – Sephiroth, specifically, turns into lots greater humanized at some stage in its runtime. It’s easy to play the unique Final Fantasy 7 and now not genuinely recognise a factor approximately Zack, however his story is so pivotal to Cloud’s that his presence towers over it in surprising ways even with out much display time, and his arc in Crisis Core continues to be as emotional because it was 15 years in the past.

No, however I’m going to play thisNo, and I’m no longer interested by ReunionYes, and I will play this tooYes, however I’m skipping Reunion

Voices for characters like Zack, Sephiroth, Aerith, and more have also been replaced by their respective voice actors from FF7R, giving a stronger feel of cohesion among Reunion and the as-of-but unfinished trilogy of Final Fantasy 7 remakes. However, even as the overall tale of Crisis Core remains compelling and captivating as a prequel, there are elements of the story that veer closer to the endearingly nonsensical taste of storytelling present in some different Square Enix video games. These moments don’t derail the story absolutely or something, however awkward jokes, ordinary obsessions with what it manner to be a monster, and sometimes cringe-worthy dialogue do on occasion distract from the otherwise exciting story.


Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion pushes the definition of a remaster to the threshold, absolutely renovating the 15-12 months-old PSP sport’s portraits, fight, and more. That said, some of the design alternatives made for the hand-held unique – like chew-sized side missions and an abundance of loading screens – are left intact, maintaining this enjoy from feeling completely present day. But even with a few ageing quirks, Crisis Core stays a fun, compelling, and crucial bankruptcy in the ongoing Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, and Reunion is the absolute pleasant manner to revel in it.

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