Cyberpunk 2077: The Kold Mirage Side Job Guide

In “Kold Mirage,”” V and Johnny make the shocking discovery. V also spots Nix as he fights, and saves Nix, then walks away with a handful of quickhacks.

The characters from Cyberpunk 2077 are difficult to forget. They are the ones who do most of the heavy lifting in the tale of Cyberpunk 2077. For the “Spellbound” as well as the “Kold Mirage” second jobs, Nix does his fair amount of. These jobs are based on the relics from the once-elite hacker Rache Bartmoss. Nix is normally an extremely serious person who takes his time with things that are serious, but in “Kold Mirage” V gets to see an entirely different aspect of Nix. He’s intrigued, thrilled and then in a state of fear during the mission. V also receives an appearance to V’s Cyberpunk goddess, Johnny Silverhand. Then, V is given the gun that shot him in his head. Overall it’s a wonderful day for the neighborhood.

Kold Mirage (Side Job)

ActAct 2
PrerequisitesComplete “Spellbound”
Find the refrigerator located in the Badlands OR locate it. Notification of Expiration fragment
Valuable LootPlan B (Legendary Power Pistol)
Rewards+512 XP | +151 Street Cred
Five Quickhacks (3 Rare 5 Quickhacks (3 Rare, 2 Epic)
Cyberpunk 2077: The Kold Mirage Side Job Guide

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How do you get an offer for the Kold Mirage Side Job

To get this side-job it is necessary to complete the “Spellbound” task first. If they’ve read the Notice of Expiration shard discovered in the “Many ways to Skin a Cat” mission, “Kold Mirage” will begin automatically. If not, they can take a direct route to the spot in the Badlands where their infamous encounter with Dexter Deshawn as well as Takemura occurred.

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Kold Mirage Mirage Side Job Walkthrough

Take these steps in order to finish your “Kold Mirage” part-time job:

  1. Go to the address listed above to start the mission. It’s located in the Badlands to the southeast of the city.
  2. Make sure to look over Dexter Deshawn’s body to see if it has the Power Pistol that is the Plan B. V can take comfort in knowing that the murder was not Plan A. Plan B is among The iconic weapons used in the game. The game also provides an entertaining effect where you spend the eddies instead of ammunition.
  3. Take a trip to the nearby freezer and pull it open to make an icy find…
  4. Whatever the smell regardless of the smell, open the freezer. Scan Bartmoss’s body to locate his Elysla. Johnny will say that Nix would be the ideal person to present this information to.
  5. Grab the cyberdeck and shut the freezer.
  6. Go into the Afterlife to meet Nix.
  7. It’s a show Nix Bartmoss’ Elysla. He’s initially skeptical but once he’s inspected the deck on his own the deck, he’s filled with reverence excitement.
  8. Nix then offers V the choice of whether they attempt to hack the Bartmoss’ Elysla or leave it in peace?
    • Select to hack into Bartmoss’ legendary cyberdeck, and Nix will beg V to put it on the desk beside Nix.
    • You can decide to let it go then the mission will be put on hold. V is able to return and request Nix to take it down later.
  9. With V’s approval, Nix attempts to hack the deck but is snuffed out by the protection layer that outwits Nix.
  10. In order to save Nix, V needs to complete any of these things:
    • Hack the terminal that is next the chair of Nix. This will help save Nix and save the data that is on the deck.
    • Charge the power box next to the door. Cyberdecks will get destroyed however Nix is saved.
  11. Nix will get up to be grateful to his lucky stars and then he presents V with one of his daemons before he declares the day over.

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What next?

Kold Mirage isn’t a precondition to anything at this point but this might alter as the game progresses. It’s pleasant to be on to Nix but it’s not a requirement. Nix is expected to return later in a major game mission titled “For whom the Bell Tolls.” While you wait, find the best quickhacks available in your game or tackle some of many other fantastic side quests.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X/S.

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