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Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki Guide Transmission

Transmission is the final mission of the Automatic Love questline. This Cyberpunk walkthrough will provide you with guides for the Main Job for both I Walk The Line.

You’ll find a link to take you to the walkthrough section you choose after the walkthrough diverges.

Transmission – Main Job Details
Recommended Level11+
Level Attribute levels you’ll findTap to Reveal

Talk to Placide to start the mission. This will happen regardless of I Walk The Line. However, your interaction with him will vary depending on what you decide.

You can handle the situation with Placide however you like. Brigitte arrives and talks to V. V and the chip (mainly the chip) are in danger. She offers her help. V has no choice but to accept the aid, however it is not clear how helpful it is.

You have two options: you can either follow Brigitte through the conversation or explore other options. This gives you an opportunity to take a break from your quest. Brigitte will take you to the chapel if you are ready to go.

Return to the Chapel

V found themselves once more in Pacifica Serenity Biblical Church. Watch Brigitte’s talk as V talks. As V continues into the tunnels, the Voodoo Boy leader talks a bit about her family and the chip.

Brigitte takes V to an old train set with a few cars. One car is full of servers and other tech that the Voodoo Boys have for net running. If you are interested in this area, there are many shards and other items to be snatched. Talk to Brigitte about moving on with your mission.

Brigitte shares their ultimate goal to contact Alt Cunningham in order to break through cyberspace’s Blackwall. Johnny knew Alt once and data from his engram should allow them to pinpoint her location. Talking with Brigitte will help you understand why they are so determined to achieve their goal and also reveal a little bit about your relationship with Johnny. Johnny also has things to share.

Next for V is what we can only guess is an unpleasant ice bath as the Voodoo Boys settle in their chairs. Before entering cyberspace, ask any last questions.

You’ll find Brigitte again in cyberspace, but not anyone else. Talk to her about the situation and she will tell you that they must search Johnny’s memory for Alt.

Once you have left the memory, you can return to this place. Transmission’s end depends on how you choose to walk the line. Continue scrolling if you have remained true to your mission as Voodoo Boys.

Sitting with the Voodoo Boys

V emerges from cyberspace, with a plan. Get to Mikoshi and get Alt into. They can then get Alt to create an engram for V and reupload it to their bodies so Johnny doesn’t kill them all. It’s possible.

Brigitte greets V as he emerges from the ice-bath. It was a bittersweet reunion, but V survived.

Talk to Brigitte. You have the option to receive payback from the Voodoo Boy, who were playing at every turn. You can choose to fight anyone in the room, and more, if you do. We’ll be playing nice for this walkthrough, but scroll down to Net Watch to see what happens if we turn against the Voodoo Boys.

After you have finished talking to Brigitte, you can go. After you’re done looting the area, you can head out.

V taunts Placide for a little while on their way out. It was well deserved

V is rushed through the chapel doors and suffers from another relic malfunction. Johnny checks in the most bizarre way possible and you are given several options. These moments can have a significant impact on your relationship with Johnny and ultimately the end of your friendship.

You can choose what is most comfortable for you and your playstyle.

Once you have completed the mission you can go to Ghost Town, or Down On the Street.

Sitting with NetWatch

If you sided in favor of NetWatch in I Walk the Line they will attack the Voodoo Boy Netrunners and kill you when you are pulled from the beyond by Alt. V and Johnny will be saved by her, but the Voodoo boys are dead.

The conversation with Alt ends in one thing, so you can get as much information from her (and Johnny), in this conversation scene. The conversation ends with a plan. Alt will help V and Johnny separate, but they must get to Mikoshi. This is the endgame.

V is alone in the basement of the chapel. They are all dead, Netrunners everywhere. Get ready to fight!

Shortly after you have approached the train that blocks the middle path, three to six Voodoo boys emerge from the tunnel. They will spot you if you walk by the train. It’s possible to be stealthy, but you have six people and a Netrunner, who can hack you if you spot them.

Stealth players should keep to the shadows and take advantage of the traps. You can also destroy the lifts and walk behind the trains. There are many distractions available. As with all stealth operations you should take your time and move slowly.

Two more men are waiting in the hallway beyond this room. Another person is standing around the corner, up the tunnel, and blocking the way.

After eliminating them, you will find three more Voodoo Boy in the basement protecting the staircase. They are tight in this space so a grenade can help you get rid of them quickly. But be careful. You might be overheated by another Netrunner. As you walk up the stairs, a man will jump out of the ground and try to surprise your with his bullets. Get out of the way, crouch down, and prepare to fight Placide. The gate is closed behind you.

Boss Fight: Placide Punisher

Place won’t notice you the first time you approach. You can use this to your advantage. Hack items in the room to get his attention, while you prepare for the fight. You won’t be able to harm him if you sneak behind him. Instead, you can use his confused attention to score a big opening punch.

Place Punisher Voodoo Boy Boss Fights Scan
RewardStreet Credentials: $10 and $15
AbilitiesCombat Sim, Sandevistan MK.2, Kerenzikov, Charge Jump
Weaknesses30% off Fire
Resistance15% Poison, 15% Electric, +10 RAM Hacking
WeaponM2038 Tactician – Power Shotgun

You can see Placide is the most resistant to fire. Make sure that you are using weapons that have the potential to cause fire damage.

Placide carries a shotgun, and zips through the room using Sandevistan MK. 2 means that your best chance of killing him is to keep him in one spot.

To kill Placide, we found that he needed to be shot repeatedly to his head. We then used a combination of backing up and chucking grenade after bomb to get him to stand. A Lizzie, which deals fire damage, was used.

Toss more grenades as soon as he falls or staggers. These grenades do a lot of damage and will keep him in one spot, making it a fast fight.

You can take Placide deceased to get the chapel key and some other souvenirs, such as his coat.

V is able to pass through the chapel doors without any problems. Johnny checks in the most bizarre way possible and you are given several options. These moments can have a significant impact on your relationship with Johnny and ultimately the end of your friendship.

You can choose what is most comfortable for you and your playstyle.

Once you have completed Transmission, you are now able to go to Ghost Town and Down On the Street.


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