Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Coconut Cake

Disney Dreamlight Valley players can prepare Coconut Cake with Remy as an opportunity to regain energy, making friends or earning some quick cash.This post is part an online directory: Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide Materials crafting, quests Recipes and more

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Disney Dreamlight Valleylets players cook alongside Remy at his kitchen and make many different recipes. There are a variety of dishes, appetizers and desserts that you can cook such as Coconut Cake.

Cooking is a great way to benefit players since meals can be used for a variety of use. First of all, eating a meal boosts energy levels and may provide players with a second energy bar, which comes with the ability to speed up. In addition, players can offer meals to friends in the village to build an impressive amount of friends. Also selling meals is better than selling the components which is why recipes such as Pumpkin Puffs make excellent to earn Star Coins. Coconut Cake is not an the only one that can benefit from these applications.

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If Disney Dreamlight Valley players are in need of Coconut Cake to give as an appealing gift, or because someone purchased this cake through Chez Remy or they’re craving some sweetcoconut flavor it’s fairly simple to make. The players will have to gather all the ingredients and go to the cooking stove to make their own masterpiece.

How do I Make Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake is a recipe with four stars This means that it needs four ingredients to prepare. The list of ingredients to make Coconut Cake is as follows:

  • Coconut
  • Wheat
  • Eggs
  • Sugarcane

It is also important to remember that, as with every recipe, you’ll require a coal source for powering the stove. If no additional ingredients were included, Coconut Cake can be consumed for 1750 calories or sold for 424 stars worth of coins. In the past it is worth the energy and the money earned by selling the cake are more than if the players were to consume or sell all of the ingredients on their own.

How do I get the ingredients for Coconut Cake

  • To obtain Coconuts required, the players must finish Maui’s friend quest named “Burying the Eel.” After completing this task, Coconuts can be obtained at Coconut Trees on the beach.
  • Wheat is available at Goofy’s stall located at the Peaceful Meadow or grown using seeds bought from the same location.
  • Players have the option to buy eggs at Chez Remy, assuming they’ve convinced Remy to go back to his valley, and have completed the quest to assist Remy to open the restaurant again.
  • In the end, Sugarcane can be purchased at Goofy’s stand on Dazzle Beach or grown using seeds purchased from the same spot.