Dragon Ball: The Breakers Review.

Dragon Ball It’s not a major issue However, it’s not perfect.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Review.

One of the best features to Dragon Ball is its lineup of amazing villains who frequently take over entire planets or cities within the quick blink of an eye with no regard for the average citizens. That’s why Dragon Ball: The Breakers puts you in the shoes of one of the villains or as a scared person trying to escape cooperating with six other human beings It’s an innovative concept – one that’s a winner actually. Unfortunately, the implementation of this concept doesn’t quite match the promise of the concept: Dragon Ball: The Breakers appears to be a budget game it’s with a sloppy interface and a faulty camera and gacha-based live-service mechanics that don’t do anything to enhance the game’s multiplayer experience.

Dead by Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball: The Breakers This tutorial gives a short explanation of Temporal Seams which cause supervillains to appear in places they shouldn’t however, it’s nothing more than a gimmick to explain why endless battles in multiplayer are taking place. If you’re playing as an Survivor (either an avatar that you have created or any of the less powerful actors from the anime) you’ll be scrambling to accomplish a variety of goals in order to bring the villain invading your territory (called Raider) Raider) returning to the place they were originally. The tasks consist of looking for keys to power and placing them in the appropriate place as well as securing various devices from destruction through the Raider. Because it is the case that Raider is so powerful when compared with the Survivors, it’s thrilling to have to fight mostly by hiding and other methods of deceit like abilities that let you assume the form of the shape of a random object or even stun your opponent for a brief amount of duration.

The heart-warming moments when you’re not certain whether or not the Raider observed you, or whether you’re working together to accomplish a task can be thrilling and push you to come up with a new idea quickly. Since the consequence of being detected without a strategy is most likely death, which can trigger an intensely tense interaction where it’s that you’ve outwitted your opponent. It’s raw power and the imagination of a child, and these experiences were the ones I was seeking as an Survivor.

However, the controls and camera are often inadequate. While you’re moving your avatar is usually located at the edges of the frame. It’s as when the camera isn’t certain of what it should be focusing on. It creates the impression that you’re simply moving between sides on the screen. This is especially applicable when you’re trying to target in the long range, like grasping hooks, or launchers for rockets. My skills were frequently stopped by the Raider, or thwarted by the camera colliding with an adjacent wall during an ensuing scramble. It is logical that you would be in danger when confronted with an Raider but not because you’re difficult to manage.

Dragon Change Misfire

In addition to their equippable abilities Other than their equippable skills, the real big advantage for Survivors is Dragon Change, which is the ability to change into superpowered characters inspired by various Dragon Ball heroes. They’re from Transpheres which are items that you can purchase through a gacha mechanic that uses tickets, which is a questionable method I’ll go into more detail later. You can also gather the entire seven Dragon Balls during the match or summon Shenron to cause all survivors’ Dragon Change Level increase by one, or bring yourself to levels over your max strength for a limited period of. Once you’ve transformed into the hero you want to be You are able to engage in a battle against an enemy for only a brief period of time to allow your survivors the chance to escape, or even fight the Raider completely.

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Although it’s a great concept, my issues about the camera and controls increased when you move at a rapid speed following an Dragon Change. I often had difficulty identifying my adversaries, because the Breakers comes with a lock-on feature which doesn’t actually focus on your opponent when they’re moving. Also, every single attack that actually struck me felt like I had luck more than anything else. When they did manage to hit, the absence of feedback on the visuals left me question what was actually happening. It was a poor recreation of an actual Dragon Ball Budokai game, which was mostly flailing instead of fighting. This is supposed to make for The Breakers’ most exciting gameplay, but these instances were usually disappointing and ineffective apart from the occasional instances where a number players teamed up and dominated the Raider I mostly played Dragon Change to simply get out of the way.

These kinds of moments can be truly tense.

Three levels of Dragon Change that you charge by using passive skills or item pickups. These levels are supposed to be roughly comparable to the current Raider’s transformation level. However, I had trouble deciphering when I was overpowered in power due to design, or was again confused by the poor controls. It’s an unpleasant feeling to not be able to determine the reason why you’re having a hard time enjoying yourself. I was certain that the longer I was fighting and the more enjoyment I experienced.

A Good Thing To Be Bad

I typically enjoyed playing as a Raider instead of being a Survivor and pursuing innocent citizens and then destroying their possessions before they were able as a way to get away from me. It’s satisfying to take on players and NPC civilians and transform into a different form using new abilities (especially as you are able to eliminate a significant part of the map each time) however, even in the power fantasy, attacks aren’t as effective. effect, and cameras are a nightmare to manage and the absence of accurate video feedback makes it hard to discern what was going on. Only difference is that I was able to speed up and strength to overcome these weaknesses in the mechanics, whereas my Survivor opponents did not.

It was also a difficult finding the time to play as Raider. In less than a week of the launch, I had to wait with my preferences set to play as Raider for six consecutive games, and then get one that wasn’t Survivor. This is logical in a one-versus-7 game because most players are the Survivor because of their nature however, it doesn’t make the game more enjoyable. Except for many of your friends do not expect to play as Raider. Raider frequently at all.

Breakers Breakers is at the very least more enjoyable when you make friends with it with a good time, since the down-to-the-wire moments as well as chaotic interactions made us scream in terror as well as belly-laughing on numerous occasions. The majority of these moments were caused by struggling with controls or putting our hands in awe in shock at the sudden loss of life outside the screen.If you’re not playing with a large group of people, don’t think you’ll be able to play as Raider. Raider for a long time.

The visuals of The Breakers certainly aren’t any help in this respect. Although the characters are based on the classic Dragon Ball style and the three maps are well-balanced with towns, canyons and vast open spaces, the majority all of the graphics are blurry and low-res when you get close to them. The characters don’t seem to interact with the world or even move over the top. Some of the animations for skill could benefit from a different move. The grappling hook does not make an ominous sound as if it is attached to anything. It’s just an odd buzzing sound. I’ve also found myself stuck in the ground or in the edges of terrain a few times. The whole thing feels like it’s not finished.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

What has now become the standard live-service experience, The Breakers has three different currencies which include The Breakers’ TP Tokens, Super Warrior Spirits and Zeni which are the two of which you earn through playing instead of paying. Super Warrior Spirits allow you to upgrade or buy new skills, and Zeni allows you to buy cosmetic items in the game’s cosmetics shop. The TP Tokens are the most expensive currency that you can buy with real money. They are able to be utilized purchase cosmetics just like you would using Zeni. It is also possible to make use of Zeni and TP tokens at the Spirit Siphon, the gacha mechanic that lets you be drawn randomly for Transpheres.

When I first discovered that it was possible to invest money in order to get an advantage in competition I was worried about the possibility that The Breakers could easily become pay-to-win as I thought the characters with five stars would possess valuable skills that aren’t readily accessible to people who are stuck playing Zeni. That’s a bad thing for a free-to-play title however it is a huge mistake for a game like this which also comes with an initial cost. As the situation will dictate that way, the Dragon Change mechanic was often difficult to understand, making it difficult to determine the power of an ability or not. It’s a good method to even the playing field, but be aware that your competition are still paying to learn the skills and characters in a much slower pace without spending any money.

It also comes with a standard battle pass that does not come with a premium edition, but you can purchase tiers of the pass that include the help of TP. The package includes a range of different choices of clothing, emotes and more TP to make sure you desire to pay for premium currency to purchase the tiers of the game pass in order to acquire premium currency. If you’re looking to be the ultimate Heavyweight Champion and Memelord in the Dragon Ball universe, “Farmer With Shotgun” you’ll need to play up to highest tier 50.


Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a fantastic concept, but an execution that isn’t delivering. Although there are brief moments of laughter and tension, they are usually due to a battle between the camera and its controls instead of anything interesting mechanically in its asymmetrical battles. In addition, it has a mediocre design and real-money-based rewards appropriate for a free-to-play game, and you’ll have the possibility of a fun time with family and friends, but with nothing worth mentioning.


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