Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review

It is packed with top-quality parkour, a stunning open-world and every painful bug you can imagine.

The bizarre, surreal style in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a mix of serious themes of the end of the world with zany characters and minigames that see players slamming zombies off an edifice using a cricket bat. It’s strange, yet somehow it is extremely effective. The zombie-smashing action game an excellent post-apocalyptic game that features high-quality parkour as well as an open-world where you can make use of them and a plethora of fantastic characters. The problem is the way it blends an almost fatal bug outbreak with a plot centered around a character who is so boring that he’s (un)dead when he arrives. I’m sure when the Techland’s developers Techland began to work on the sequel, they didn’t know they’d release the game of a pandemic that is two years after the onset of an outbreak that is global, but it’s evident that trying to complete the game with such a huge scope under the conditions they faced didn’t bring any benefits to the game.

Following the same basic plot set out by its smash-hit previous game in 2015. Dying Light 2 takes place in a stunning city, which is extremely explorable. the rooftops house bizarre survivors who have become experts at the parkour, scavenging, as well as cutting zombie heads off using diverse sporting equipment. At day, the zombies gather in the buildings to shield themselves from the sun. At evening, they swarm into the streets in huge numbers however the real challenge is in navigating the frightening meter that is counting until you turn into an unintelligent zombie. As with the majority of people, you’re afflicted with the zombie virus and being in constant proximity to ultraviolet rays can be the sole way to delay the inevitable. The constant need to recharge the meter, that’s going to run out within a matter of minutes if you’re in an area that isn’t in the light source – is a great feature of Dying Light’s instant-to-moment gameplay that maintains the pressure at each step on your way.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review

At night, you need to be very deliberate about every action you take so that you are able to return to your nearby oasis using UV light sources to recharge your meter as a diver who has a low oxygen supply. Do you want to take your chances and loot every inch of the mission zone or hurry to get there and accomplish your main goal to reduce risk? Should you make the effort to move around and stay clear of conflict, or do you prefer to go for the kill and be at risk of being stabbed in order in order to get to a goal faster? Such decisions can be placed over the action and provide an idea to consider other than simply spraying the zombies in front of you and stealing their bodies.The most memorable aspect that is the most memorable aspect of Dying Light 2, by an inch is its energizing and fluid parkour system.

The distinct feel to each part of the day-night cycle creates a balance in what types of things you’ll get up to: you’ll need to spend nights delving into abandoned subway stations, power plants, and hospitals to gather new weapons and crafting materials, completing missions along the way; by day you travel through the city and complete story missions outdoors unless you absolutely have to go inside.

Your most significant asset in this – and perhaps the most significant draw in Dying Light 2, by an inch the empowering and fluid parkour system which enhances the original game’s impressive toolbox. You’ll jump between buildings, climb high-rises, and swing around using grappling hooks with ease. Because the streets of cities are filled with undead at night, and the not-quite-dead during the day, securing rooftops is quickly among the more complex and thrilling games like “The floor is lava” of all time , and it’s always fun even if you’re just going from one point to B.

As you progress your skills, you’ll have a collection of more than 20 parkour skills that unlock allow you to move around the city in new ways, like walking on walls, slipping through tight areas, and should you find yourself stuck in a tight spot leaping from headless zombies in order to escape. One time, I managed to escape at the very top of a tower through grabbing the head of a zombie leaping off the roof and riding him all way to the ground until he eased my fall to the bottom. Another time, I was able to escape the hordes of zombies running along the sides of tall buildings as the dummies following me jumped to the bottom of the skyscraper. There aren’t many games that be as good as the outrageous, sexy actions you can perform with Dying Light 2 .Later on there’s even a paraglider which allows rooftops to be climbed in urban areas where huge tall buildings make traveling on feet difficult. By the time I was done, it seemed like I had the freedom to go wherever I wanted to go.You can dropkick your opponents, avoid attacks and parry them and then slash off legs, arms and the torsos.

Combat against humans and zombies alike can also be a lot of fun as you dropkick faces, dodge and parry attacks, and lop off arms, legs, and torsos. That said, when it comes to human opponents the AI leaves a lot of potential challenge on the table due to the fact that large groups don’t know how to gang up on you, allowing you to mostly parry and kill them off one at a time while their buddies sit back and help by shouting expletives at you. There also isn’t much variety in the types of human enemies you fight – just regular grunts and much beefier, slower enemies with big, two-handed weapons. Once you learn to parry and dodge the few attacks they have they’re never much of a threat, even on the hardest difficulty.Dying Light 2. Stay Human Review Screenshots

I didn’t feel all affected when running around in the dark, even though I was chased by zombies in a mass. It was a bit disappointing considering that the first Dying Light made me sweat bullets whenever I needed to leave at night. Perhaps it’s because Dying Light 2’s powerful skills and weapon options puts the previous Dying Light to shame, such as modified weapons that result in an explosion after the first hit, or set an opponent to ablaze for several seconds and then slam the enemy to death, while remaining defenceless. It could be how you are able to more easily increase your level within each zone before moving onto the next, making new enemies seem like a slam dunk. Perhaps it’s an amalgamation of these as well as other factors however it didn’t take long before I was able to rid my entire store of savage biters without having to work. However the fact that you have to Howler like an entire group of screaming zombies following you is still an incredibly difficult experience, as they’re wherever you travel (even in the midst of rooftops) and make doing your business a challenge and are an entity to be reckoned with , even when they don’t always do your business.

This is a good thing However even when the fight isn’t a challenge, There are so many enjoyable possibilities for finding creative methods of killing a area of bandits or blood-sucking brain-eaters, that it’s never difficult to complete. The idea of throwing massive gas tanks that explode at enemies in groups and setting twelve zombies on fire using the right molotov cocktail or simply going up to each one at a and then kick them out of windows can be just some of of the ways I have eliminated unwanted undead.

The variety of zombies The variety of zombies Dying Light 2 is, in fact, much more varied than humans as the enemies. You’ll encounter your typical slow-moving lurches, which are as ineffective as you’d think as well as the newly-turned into fast-moving “Virals” that swoop at you and make you scream before your children need a bit more vigilance to manage; “Howlers,” which are screaming like madmen and attract the attention of any nearby zombies that have to be dealt with swiftly as well as a host of other bizarre monsters, including some terrifying bosses that require a bit of effort to defeat. They’re definitely no tough bosses to deal with however, they are certainly not the most difficult bosses ever.At the point that the weapon finally gave up on me, it had already been too low-level for me to use it. “

When it comes to shooting things down, this is mostly conducted in close proximity. There aren’t guns that are used in Dying Light 2 and ranged weapons are in general scarce (and generally ineffective, considering that bows aren’t very effective in terms of rate of firing). Therefore, most times you’ll be playing with a variety of melee weapons that span across the spectrum from swords from the samurai as well as brass knuckles and the metal pipe that has an empty tin can at one end. The weapons you get are random loot from the world or purchased from social hubs’ vendors or online marketplaces, however they’re only able to be used for a short period of uses before they become obsolete and break. But if you’re not a fan of seeing your favorite weapons break into dust in your hands be aware the fact that Dying Light 2 doesn’t force it upon you as frequently like, say, Breath of the Wild. Actually, the most effective weapons can be modified to enhance their durability, take on more damage, or use status effects, and even be repaired a certain amount of times to increase the use of them. My experience has shown that when an item finally broke me, chances are that it was already low-end for me to use it. Additionally you’re always expanding your collection with higher-quality items and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever be left with nothing while fighting off the group of.

Bug Alert!

If you are tolerant to bugs and your tolerance is low, I would not suggest diving in Dying Light 2 on day one. Or day 10. Maybe even day 30? I played through it but not quite before launch, it’s totally immersed in a ocean of frustrating technical issues that can cause crashes (which has happened to me hundreds of times during all the time I played playing the game on Xbox Series X as well as to other players on IGN playing on PlayStation 5 and PC) All dialogue is stopped in cutscenes, the audio being replaced by an unsettling screeching sound being blocked from quests because the character won’t allow you to speak to him, or being in a position to not finish the mission since the quest never appeared in, inconsistent framerates, which make me sick and there are too many to mention here. The majority of glitches are minor annoyances or even funny However, some glitches are more grave – one IGN editor on PS5 experienced all his save files corrupted creating a perpetual loading screen, and locked the save file pending the release of a patch.

Normally, I’m used to an unnatural lack of polish when playing open-world and ambitious games, but with my expectations for high jankiness, Dying Light 2 has been extremely rough. The more time I spent playing the more frequently the problems became and by the end, I had to shut out and restart several times per hour. I felt a huge sigh relief when the credits started rolling and nothing had broken the save files I had. Concerning stability issues, and the possibility to lose progress this has significantly more serious than the issues we encountered in Cyberpunk 2077, the Computer version Cyberpunk 2077 in which the bugs we ran into were mostly visible in nature. Techland is aware of this and has been working on patches to fix the issue, but if past experience is any guide, it’s going require more than a couple of real-world night-day cycles to resolve the several problems.

After having to hunt down a myriad of threads for hours It was deflating that the storyline that was the focus of Dying Light 2 ended up being so weak, despite an abundance of wealth when it comes to fantastic characters. Rosario Dawson’s Lawan for instance, is a great antihero who one can spend time with for a while as she ruminates, drinks and kills everyone randomly using a crossbow. There’s also the washed-up ex hero Frank as well as the lovely ladies and the handsome Hakon and manyothers who provided me with entertaining and memorable moments to cherish their stories by. The issue lies in the fact that Dying Light 2 just has us flitting from character to character , without any kind of coherent story that connects them, mainly due to the only thing that can be a connection is the character who has the longest screen time: Aiden Caldwell (that’s you).

Your character is among the most boring characters on some of your most boring adventures.

Aiden (like so many other Aidens ) is what you’d get if you ordered a cardboard cutout of a generic protagonist on Amazon and got the cheap knock-off version instead. The tale of revenge he’s on is confusing, cliche, and borders on the nonsensical by the end. Without going into spoilers, the flashbacks to Aiden’s mysterious and tragedy-filled backstory sprinkled throughout the campaign left me wondering when the other shoe will drop… but it never did. It’s especially irritating because there are so many interesting stories and well-written characters throughout the campaign, but for some reason your character is one of the dullest people on one of the most humdrum adventures among them.

What We Say About Dying Light

It begins as a frenzied terrifying survival horror experience, Dying Light gradually and quickly evolves into a thrilling and intense joy of horizontal freedom as well as the destruction of zombies. The main plot is not particularly memorable however, the unforgettable adventures and the sheer enjoyment exploring the world do an excellent job of balancing that out and making Dying Light one of the most engaging open-world games, zombie-infested or not that I’ve played in quite the past. — Mikel Reparaz 2 February 2015 Score: 8.5

However, as Aiden is mostly on the ride, involving himself with the life of characters, you’ll will spend most of your time listening to stories from characters that are more interesting. In the beginning such as the opening scene you’re caught in middle of a conflict between two rival factions, involving the unsolved murder of a suspect of both sides. The egos and the suspects you encounter on the way create choosing sides a difficult decision between the less harmful of two undesirables. When Dying Light 2 thrusts you into the morally ambiguous zones of this dark and bleak future that the narrative is at its most effective.

Another thing that disappointed me is that the majority of the major choices I made had no effect on the plot, even though Dying Light 2 seemingly going beyond its means to emphasize the decisions you make as having a bearing. As an example I made every effort to displease some of our city’s most powerful and most powerful groups and even went so far in a covertly assassinating some members of the group’s leadership. I had hoped for big-time results… but at the end of the tale, I was working with them, even after I’d lied to them for the third time. (Fool them once I’m ashamed of myself. Do it three times. …) To put it in perspective, for whatever reason They did give me some harsh words however, none of it was a huge influence on the direction I went. While my actions definitely altered the perceptions of certain characters about me and influenced some stories in a few places however, I was still able to complete the same main mission in the story regardless of my choices. The ending also was a logical conclusion with only minor changes as I rechecked to see what could have happened differently.

I tried everything I could to get rid of an important faction in the city. largest and most powerful groups.

The biggest impact my free will had was that certain decisions led me to entirely different story quests and unlocked side quests that were specific to whichever faction I had sided with. Since I was such a heartless monster to one faction in particular, for example, someone in that faction almost got killed as a result of my shenanigans and was left comatose, which unlocked a mission for me to either cure him or take him out for good. (I had him killed, obviously – you don’t just leave a job half-done!) So it’s not that your decisions don’t have some immediate impact on how certain elements of the story plays out but, much like a Telltale game, you always end up in the same major events and don’t have much ability to change things in the grand scheme of the story. The results are simply typical and not very ambitious next to other games.

Dying Light 2 also features an optional co-op game mode (there’s an option for cross-platform gaming in the game for this game, but that’s just a matter of fact) with up to four players are able to explore the city with each other and embark on anything from story missions to minigames of parkour, and boss battles. It’s also remarkable that the majority of the game can be played together and it comes with almost every feature I’d like to see in an upcoming co-op game. There’s a problem scaling up to take accounts with more players playing, player-specific loot to ensure you don’t get into fights with your buddies over weapons drops Also, the most important thing is that every progress, XP and story-related decisions are carried over to your save game regardless of whether you’re hosting or an invited player.

The down side, as appears to be the main pattern in Dying Light 2, is that there are a few extra bugs and technical problems that are encountered when playing in co-op. While playing with my friends I experienced problems with framerate and sometimes delays that weren’t there when playing solo, as well as occasional disconnects and technical issues. It appears the case that Techland is rapidly implementing improvements to enhance the game experience, however co-op is running at a minimum less smoothly than playing on your own (which isn’t without its own issues in the first place).


Another game in a long line of huge, ambitious games that’s potential is apparent underneath a layer of glitches, Dying Light 2 Stay Human may very well become the impressive zombie survival game it’s destined to be in the near future. However, for now it’s best to add it to your collection unless displeasure of technical and crash issues can be offset by your desire to dance on rooftops its amazing parkour. This can be a joy when everything is working. can be a memorable opportunity to experience the final city’s vast open world and take part in the post-apocalyptic tales of its many unique and bizarre characters. There’s no patch that can solve the stale main plot or the character I could not identify from the police’s lineup, even after a long time in his shoes however Dying Light 2’s streets tell their own tales.

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