Elden Ring’s Patch 1.07 Brings a New Malenia Cheese

Elden Ring’s Patch

An Elden Ring player discovers a brand new cheese method for beating Malenia brought approximately via a buff blanketed in the game’s trendy replace.

Elden Ring’s patch 1.07 has brought approximately a new method for cheesing Malenia, Blade of Miquella with the Ordovis Greatsword. While FromSoftware’s open-international motion RPG is full of difficult enemies, few even come near posing a comparable mission to Malenia in Elden Ring. With fast assaults, fitness that regenerates on every occasion the participant is hit, and the infamous Waterfowl dance, Malenia has been the goal of a whole lot of Elden Ring player rage and the cause for a great deal pleasure whenever a gamer manages to defeat her.

With Malenia being so difficult, a few players have sought to cheesing the boss instead of taking her on in the regular way. Cheesing refers to while a hard enemy is defeated with manner that essentially supply the player an unfair advantage. In the past, plenty of Elden Ring gamers have give you Malenia cheesing methods, inclusive of one that worried a “pizza cutter” weapon continuously extraordinary the boss.

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Now, with the discharge of Elden Ring patch 1.07, a participant known as DaddyWhoGames on Reddit has found a new manner of thrashing Malenia without giving her the hazard to drag off some of her more effective movements. The mystery to this cheesing method lies within the weapon talent for the Ordovis Greatsword, Ordovis’ Vortex. This ability swirls the sword across the player’s head earlier than bringing it down in an AoE slam, causing huge harm and knocking Malenia to the floor. The 2d use of the weapon talent will then damage Malenia’s poise, letting the player get in a loose riposte attack.

Elden Ring's

At the begin of Malenia’s 2d section, DaddyWhoGames switches out to the Envoy’s Long Horn, which may be dropped by using the Large Oracle Envoy in Leyndell. Using the Bubble Shower skill, DaddyWhoGames receives in some harm even as Malenia uses her rot flower attack. Then, the Elden Ring participant switches returned to the greatsword for a fast repeat of the method utilized in phase 1. After multiple attacks, Malenia is defeated, searching like an awful lot much less of a assignment than she truly is.

The Ordovis Greatsword become buffed vastly in patch 1.07 alongside its weapon talent, bumping it up inside the lists of Elden Ring’s exceptional greatswords. However, this weapon is quite difficult to get, as it is only dropped by means of Crucible Knight Ordovis who is located within the Auriza Hero’s Grave on the edge of the Capital Outskirts. Once gamers have dragged themselves through that dungeon, they should fight a duo of Ordovis and any other Crucible Knight, that can show to be quite the venture.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.