Every 29 Angry Birds Game, Ranked

29/29 Angry Birds

Angry Birds | The beginning Angry Birdsgame is in the beginning on December 9, 2009. The players throw the birds at various structures to win their eggs from evil Pigs. The aim is to smash down as many structures as you can in order to earn up to three stars on each stage.

Angry Birds

It’s a game that drew the inspiration of many Flash games of the time and, regardless of whether you liked this or not it was the catalyst for one of the most popular mobile gaming brands of all time.

28/29 Angry Birds Seasons

2. The 2nd Angry Birdsgame will be in October of 2010. The name Angry Birds Seasonsbasically sums up the game. It’s exactly the same as the first game, but the birds have different seasons all through the year. Additionally, there are power-ups available in this game.

It began as Angry Birds Halloween but it was modified into Seasons during the Christmas season in 2010. The various conditions of the seasons as well as weather created enough of a difference in gameplay to make it more entertaining as opposed to the first.

27/29 Angry Birds Rio

Third Angry Birdsgame is Angry Birds Rio which was released in March of 2011. The game is based on the film Rioso in that instead of the pigs, there are actually birds inside cages. The players must throw the birds into structures in order so that they can set the birds’ cages.

It didn’t go alone after Rio came out, however. After Rio 2came out three years later, the game was given an important update, which included levels that were related to the sequel.

26/29 Angry Birds Friends

Fourth Angry Birds game is Angry Birds Friends from February 13 2012. It’s identical to the first games like Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons however with an added twist. The birds do greater damage, and can fly for a longer duration. There are coins that players can gather to purchase power-ups.

The game for mobile phones was initially designed to be an Flash game however, the project was abandoned after a disagreement between Robio and Adobe in favour of Angry Birds Friends.

25/29 Angry Birds Space

Fifth Angry Birdsgame is Angry Birds Space HTML2from February 2012. The players find themselves in space, where they must to assist birds to get their eggs. The bird who is new is turned around after throwing it. This assists in bringing the structures away from behind.

Despite the game’s intriguing gameplay and the use of brand-new capabilities The game was removed off the store with an array of Angry Birds games in the year 2019.

24/29 Angry Birds Star Wars

A sixth Angry Birds game Angry Birds Star Wars was released in November 2012. It is akin in concept to Angry Birds Space however it has an added Star Warsflair. For instance the birds are able to summon abilities, and players are able to modify them, and can even take on the role of Darth Vader.


The game was extremely well-liked – what else can be expected from the crossover of two of the biggest brands in the world? It was followed by a sequel that was, just like that of the Star Wars saga was an introduction to the initial game.

23/29 Angry Birds Star Wars II

7th Angry Birds game is rather simple to explain. The game that was released in September Angry Birds Star Wars II is a straight sequel to the previous game. The slingshots, however, are lightsabers and birds could be villains.

The game was unique because it combines the ability to control enemies from Bad Piggies with the Angry Birds Star Wars formula. It also gave players the chance to play as “Pork Side” giving them new capabilities.

22/29 Angry Birds Go!

The 8th Angry Birdsgame will be distinct from previous games to date. In the game for December, Angry Birds Go!, pigs race on karts while birds watch them. Players are able to choose between a variety of characters to play as and there are a variety of things they can play with when racing.

It didn’t have the same popularity as others Angry Birds games however, this is partly due to the fact that the kart racing games do not work as well on mobile devices the way they can on consoles.

21/29 Angry Birds Epic

The 9th Angry Birdsgame which was launched in June 2014 is a big change in a positive way. With Angry Birds Epic the players take on Pigs. Players can swipe their screen to attack pigs using different weapons. Players are harmed if is attacked by someone else.

In contrast to other games released prior to 2019 Angry Birds Epic remains online. It is no longer available for download from the app stores, however players who already downloaded it can play the game since it was released when it was in its final version.

20/29 Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stellais the tenth game of the series that began in September of 2014. It’s exactly like the first game, with some minor differences. The players can collect coins and stars during the game, which unlocks more birds. There’s also a power-up consisting of a hammer, and mini-games.

It was a more narrative-driven game than the other ones within the Angry Birds series it even had another spin-off game. It was pulled out of the market in 2015, barely one year after it was launched, and then removed completely from app stores in.

19/29 Angry Birds Transformers

This eleventh Angry Birdsgame, Angry Birds Transformers was released in October 2014. It takes lots of the inspiration of Transformerswith the Angry Birds style. In this case instead of Allspark it’s Eggspark. The players go through a number of levels in an attempt to avoid attacks from Pigbots. There are a variety of things and unlockables that will assist them on their way.

It’s not like the majority of Angry Birds games since it’s an action-packed side-scrolling game rather than an physics-based puzzle. It’s still available to download, too.

18/29 Angry Birds 2

Although the 12th installment in this series was dating back to March 2015. Angry Birds 2 is exactly what it sounds like. The game has all the features that were present in the original game, as well there are additional features. These are features to alter how birds play, such for spell cards.

It was played in a similar way as the first game but with enough variations to give it a more modern feel. It also has a broad storyline and an enormous cast of characters that you can learn about.

17/29 Angry Birds Fight!

The 13th game that began play in May 2015 lets players battle with other gamers. With Angry Birds Fight! players are able to fight against other players through Facebook. There are numerous PVP strategies available in this game and a variety of aspects. There include bosses at levels or health, as well as strategies for fighting.

16/29 Angry Birds POP!

The game is called Angry Birdsgame, Angry Birds POP! which was launched in October of 2015. Players can throw bubbles at each other and try to make various combinations. Different levels give players various amounts of bubbles. The game draws lots of ideas from Angry Birds Stella.

It’s a lot like Bejeweled in that players have to be able to match a specific amount of bubbles in order to eliminate them from playing. Although it’s not playable on Facebook no longer, it’s accessible on mobile devices.

15/29 Angry Birds Action!

Angry Birds Action! was released in February 2016. It’s quite different from others Angry Birds game in nearly every way. The players play through various levels with objectives as well as different options. There are numerous things like gems coins, gems, and keys.

It was the first tie-in game to the Angry Birdsmovie but did not use the gameplay the series is renowned for. It was basically an arcade game that had Angry Birds abilities.

14/29 Angry Birds Football

Angry Birdsgame is Angry Birds Football that was released in April of 2016. The game is among the variants that are away from its original. The birds are helped by the players together on the soccer field to score goals against the pigs. They will improve their skills as they participate.

The game was developed to help promote it’s role in promoting the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Championship And despite being more than five years after the tournament, it’s accessible on the apps stores.

13/29 Angry Birds Ace Fighter

Players take to the skies during the gameplay Angry Birds Ace Fighterfrom May 2016. The game lets players fly in planes and earn points when they defeat the pigs. The players receive power-ups when they defeat several animals. They must also keep track of their injuries and their health during the course of play.

It was initially referred to as Angry Birds Sky Fighters It was an Angry Birds version of a game called bullet hell that was released in the SNES time period, and was adorned which was repainted with modern paint.

12/29 Angry Birds Holiday

Players must increase their performance to be competitive in Angry Birds Holidayfrom May 2016. In the 17th game of this series, the players will have to own their own business. The goal is to stop the pigs from taking eggs during the holiday season. Thus, players have to feed the pigs as well as gather materials like tools as well as money and crops.

While Angry Birds Seasonswas initially a holiday-themed game however, the game came out in the late afternoon and includes the new Angry Birds designed which debuted with the film.

11/29 Angry Birds Evolution

The 18th game, Angry Birds Evolutionfrom July 2016 draws inspiration from the first game with a the addition of 3D. The players throw birds at pigs. However, Pigs are numbered above. These numbers are the amount of attacks they’ve made against players. The numbers on top of the birds represent the amount of Super Shot turns players have left.

It plays the same way as the original game, but enemies can strike back and the player is able to play with several birds in the field at the same time. It was first referred to as Angry Birds TNT.

10/29 Angry Birds Blast!

The goal of the 19th Angry Birds game from December 2016 is quite simple. For Angry Birds Blast!, players are required to shoot balloons that have identical in color. The aim is to release the birds. By kicking two balloons or more, it will earn players points. You can also get coins and power-ups during this game.

Another match game utilizes touches to move tiles across on a board, just like Angry Birds GO however there are “tiles” appear on the game board before the game begins.

9/29 Angry Birds Dice

The game of February 2017 Angry Birds Diceallows players to play Angry Birdsin a board game. The players must roll dice in order for a chance to play across the game board. The players can earn property, similar to Monopoly. There are power-ups as well as other advantages to playing the game.

It is based on it’s Angry Birds movie and is among the few designs in the series that was not created by Rovio but rather created by Joycity. The game was eventually shut down that year when the company was reorganized.

8/29 Angry Birds Islands

Angry Birdsgame can be described as Angry Birds Islandsfrom February 2017. Players must collect the necessary resources to survive on the island. They must follow the tutorials and go on missions in order to progress through the game. Players can collect coins and drive around in a vehicle.

The game was pulled several months after the it’s launch due to the same reasons Angry Birds Dice was pulled.

7/29 Angry Birds Match

The game’s twenty-second version, Angry Birds Match which was released in August 2017 has lots of details. The levels have diverse grids with various objects which players must arrange. In order to achieve this, they must change one object from another. They may also demolish areas of the grid to make they drop the objects in close proximity to one another.

It’s the third match-3 game of the Angry Birds series however the two previous games were removed after a period of period of time. Angry Birds Match was played in the U.S. in 2017 to promote the television series Angry Birds Blues.

6/29 Angry Birds Blast Island

The game of February 2018 Angry Birds Blast Islandhas an extremely simple goal. It’s a lot like Angry Birds Blast! Except that players must play with tiles instead of popping balloons. There are a variety of levels and objects to go through.

It’s a matching game in its heart However, it also lets players create their own hub area with game-specific currencies to create new buildings, which gives the formula an additional layer.

5/29 Angry Birds Dream Blast

It’s a game called Angry Birds Dream Blastis beginning in January of 2019 and focuses on matching. Players must match various objects. There are several levels that players have to go through using the bouncing bubbles. Bubbles fuse when they come into contact.

The game is a totally different style compared to the prior Angry Birds games that feature cute chibi-like characters in place of the original design.

4/29 Angry Birds Tennis

It’s a game called Angry Birds Tennisfrom February 2019 is exactly what it does. Participants compete for the right to win tennis matches Angry Birdsstyle, with different power-ups and capabilities based on the player’s selection of bird.

It’s another Angry Birds game which was pulled shortly after its release, but it’s unclear exactly why it was pulled from the app store so quickly after the soft launch.

3/29 Angry Birds Explore

Game Angry Birds Exploreis in the May 2019 edition. The version that is available for Angry Birdscontains various minigames that players can play when they play. The players simply need to hold their phones to the screen while The Angry Birds Movie 2is playing.

It’s similar that is similar to Angry Birds Action! which also includes a range of games other in addition to pinball. The majority of games are secured to real-world merchandising that has been scanned but.

2/29 Angry Birds Casual

In the game of March 2020 in the upcoming game, Angry birds Casual players will soon find themselves singing “Awww.” Players must throw birds at structures in order to save the birds that are in cages. You can unlock new characters the more they advance.

The game was later renamed Angry Birds Journey and was intended to get rid of the idea it’s simply too simple to be worth the effort (although that is definitely the situation).

1/29 Angry Birds Legends

The Angry Birdsgame Angry Birds Legendsis from March 2020. The players control a female-like human bird to take on foes. It features numerous unique Angry Birds themes throughout.

The game was canceled shortly after the beta launched but, it was due to a failed test phase.