FIA proposes changes to the rules for 2023 to tackle “significant safety issue” of porpoising

FIA proposes changes to the rules for 2023 | 2022 F1 season

FIA proposes changes to the rules for 2023

The FIA is pushing ahead with plans to deal with the phenomenon known as ‘porpoising’, which certain cars have encountered during the year, in spite of teams saying it’s not an issue anymore.Many drivers have expressed their displeasure about the abrasive bumps they’ve experienced during certain races this season. However, Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto said last weekend The porpoising “was not a topic at Silverstone and has never been a topic here, in Austria or for any of us. I’m sure it won’t be one of the two races that follow.”

Following an FIA meeting of its Formula 1 Technical Advisory Committee this week, the sport’s ruling body announced there would remain unchanged to the forthcoming directive set to be implemented during the Belgian Grand Prix, which is designed to start tackling the issue.

“The FIA reaffirmed its strong determination to minimize and possibly eliminate the issue in the near future since it is believed to be a serious safety issue,” said the FIA in a press release that was released to RaceFans.

“It is the duty and prerogative for the FIA to take action on safety issues and the reason why the rules allow for the use of such measures is to permit the decision-making process to take place without being dependent on the position that teams could be within,” the statement added.

It also noted that the amount of porpoising “has decreased during the past few races” but also noted that these races “took place on circuits in which the impact is likely to be lower than it is in normal.”

“Races in which this effect is likely to increase will occur over the coming weeks,” it added.

From Spa The skid blocks that are found in car’s floors will be strengthened. The precise method by which they will be weighed for wear to determine their legality will be clarified.

In the same race, the FIA will also introduce its own measurement system that places an upper limit for horizontal movement of cars. Before this, teams will be given the opportunity to assess their vehicles’ performance in accordance with the metrics.

However , the FIA stated that its Spa modifications to be “short-term measures” that “are not necessarily thought to be a long-term solution”. It also says it is “likely” that the issue of porpoising could get worse in 2023 as teams refine their car’s designs and create more downforce.

The FIA has thus proposed four modifications to the technical rules for 2023, in order to lessen the risk of the risk of porpoising. Four modifications have been presented for approval by the FIA World Motor Sport Council to be voted on by the World Motor Sport Council.

Two modifications will change the look of the car. The edges of the floor are raised 25mm. Likewise, the throat of the diffuser underfloor will also be elevated.

It is expected that the FIA will also offer greater tools to ensure conformity of automobiles. A more rigorous test of the floor’s deflection lateral will be implemented and vehicles will be equipped with more precise sensors to assist in measuring Aerodynamic oscillation.

2022 F1 season


2022 F1 season

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