FIFA 2023 Popularity Soars As EA’s Last FIFA Title Earns Around 15.7 Billion minutes of Gameplay

FIFA 2023 EA will be leaving its football franchise in the sunset with a full stadium of fans.

FIFA 2023 Popularity Soars

FIFA 2023 Popularity | Electronic Arts will give FIFA Soccer FC a fitting farewell. The series’ branding, which was once the backbone of the most popular sport in the world, is being lost.

This marks the end to a 30-year-long run that saw EA’s series flourish with its visuals, gameplay and community. EA has done everything possible to provide a great experience for PC and console gamers with FIFA 23.

EA may have done something right with FIFA 23, as FIFA 23 is attracting a lot of fans just a month after it was released.Play with your favorite teams and players on FIFA 23

FIFA 2023 Popularity

EA has supported its claims that the sports title is popular worldwide, with players having played in approximately 15.7 billion minutes of gameplay. This roughly translates into nearly 30,000 years of football that was played on the most recent iteration.

FIFA 23’s record-breaking launch has seen it played by 10.3 million people on different platforms. They have contributed to almost 1.7 billion games in more than 200+ countries. These players have scored nearly 4.3 billion goals, which has also helped them to sharpen their shooting skills.

The popularity of football is not slowing down. There are reports of a return to the World Cup modes. This will be held simultaneously with the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar. You can expect to see the best names in football, such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar Jr.