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FIFA 23 – A Review

FIFA 23 is all about fluidity, realism and flair.

It’s time to play FIFA, the most popular football simulation game. FIFA has outperformed all its competitors over the years. PES was transformed into eFootball, but it couldn’t match FIFA’s power. It is unfortunate that EA will not be able to take on FIFA 23 and all titles will now be called EA Sports FC. EA wanted to make the last one special because it was the end of an era.
It is important to note that this title was reviewed on the PlayStation 5. There were no extra settings. It felt both old and new at the same moment when I first opened it. While many of the animations and features have been preserved, there are still plenty of cool new features.

Flair Dribbles, Set Pieces, and Powershots

First, FIFA is not the same every year. The gameplay feels different, and the fluidity has been improved. EA focused on realistic gameplay this time, and they have delivered. With accurate ball and player physics, the game feels more real than ever.

The game feels slower, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Players will need to learn from this learning curve. It is no longer about speed, it takes a lot more technical skill to maneuver around defenders. If you have players like Mbappe in your squad, you could use the same tactics. However, it seems that EA has nerfed and buffed the speed of the attackers.

Powershot: It is hard to describe the joy this feature has brought the title. Players will have to try it out for themselves to truly understand what it feels like. It is both a high-risk and high-reward feature, according to EA. You will experience world-class screaming if you can master the timing, direction and power. This is one of the most satisfying experiences in the game and you will see players trying to achieve it in every match. Below are some Power Shots I attempted in FIFA 23.

When we get to dribbling, the game feels both old and new. Except for the introduction of new animations that are exclusive to players, the dribbling has not changed in any significant way. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to pass the ball through the defense by using Neymar and Bernardo Silva than other animations. The animations used for running and off-ball play are also different. This gives the players a sense authenticity.

This defense has been buffed to the point that I cannot understand it. No more are players boasting about huge scorelines. This is a major change in gameplay. Players will have difficulty getting the ball past Van Dijk and Koulibaly’s top-notch defenders. If they misplace the ball the first time, defenders can use their back heel moves to retrieve it. If you were a good defender in FIFA 22, you can be a great FIFA 23 defender. However, if your FIFA 22 defense was great, you will now be a world-class defender. This buff will allow players to experience fewer goals and more clean sheets.

Dual Sense does have its benefits, but not nearly as many as one might expect. With a few minor tweaks, the haptic feedback is nearly identical to the previous generation. The speaker that is integrated into the controller’s controller would be one of the most obvious additions. The speaker is now integrated into the controller so that players can hear the sound of the ball hitting the net and the crowd cheering. This adds an extra level of immersion to the game. The game doesn’t have any adaptive triggers. You might feel some resistance if your stamina is low, but the triggers are not used.

The best addition to the game is set pieces, which have been completely redesigned. This would make many players sad as they were so familiar with the old style. FIFA this year makes it simple for everyone to score a good kick. You can see what kind of shot you will take before you kick the ball. Although there is some learning curve, every player should be able score worldies and screamers. The same changes have been made to corners. They also have a new camera angle to give players a different perspective. I have to say it looks amazing. Penalties are also changing. Now scoring is more about timing than power and precision. Saving penalties seems easier. Below are some set pieces that I scored in FIFA 23.

You can be a World Class Manager, or a World Class player

FIFA’s most beloved game mode, the career mode, is certainly the most popular. The developers made sure to make it more enjoyable for players. The manager career mode has a lot of the same features, but the menu has been redesigned. This was, in my opinion, a good change. The important information is now visible to the players, while the unnecessary stuff is hidden behind the scenes. While negotiations and transfers are the same, there is a new twist in the cutscenes where you can see your signed player enter the club. The signing also includes stars such as Ronaldo and Messi. A new animation is available for players who have been released. This will make it difficult for players to feel sorry for them. The game mode remains the same. Players will also be able check out one the first cross-overs between FIFA 23 & Apple TV’s Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso is available as a manager and players can build their careers around Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond team. You can see the new menu and cutscene animations below:  

We love the player career mode. The game mode now feels more like a campaign than a repetitive schedule of changing teams and scoring goals. The player’s personality is affected by the new activities section. The new activities section allows players to make purchases, decisions, and invest, which will impact their personality off the pitch. You will also get attributes based on your play style. If you are more selfish, you’ll be given the attribute. You have the option to invest in the frivolous, charitable, or money-hungry way. Every player has been waiting for the player career mode. Players can also play highlights from the entire team or their own player. This is my favorite feature because it allows players to focus on the most important moments of the game and make their mark.

FIFA Ultimate Team is where you will most likely spend the most time

This is the most popular FIFA game mode and many players were drawn to it by watching their favorite YouTubers open packs every day. Ultimate Team has seen major changes over the course of the game’s history. There are no more chemistry lines. Instead, there is a new method to match the chemistry. This was my opinion. The new chemistry style will allow players to have more freedom when building their teams and not be limited to certain countries or leagues. The game allows players to have chemistry with both full-backs and strikers, and even centre-backs. This gives them a lot more freedom and allows them to express their creativity in order create the best team possible.

Another important change is that you cannot change your position from Striker/Center Mid anymore. Every player now has an alternate position, or multiple positions that they can switch to using a position modifier. This has made the game feel more real and authentic. The Moments game mode is now available in FIFA 23. It is exactly what EA claimed it was. This mode is ideal for players who want quick action but don’t have the time to play the entire game. This game mode allows players to enter a “moment” where they must prove their worth by completing tasks. These tasks can also be rewarded with cosmetics or opening packs.


This title is a must-have for fans of football and FIFA. It will be the last FIFA title that they will likely play under EA. The title isn’t just for football fans. One of the long-standing complaints about the game not changing year to year is finally resolved. There is tons of new content available. The focus this time is on realistic gameplay with more flair. It has been done almost flawlessly. Although the game may feel like old football simulations, the new additions enhance it and add an extra level of immersion.


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