Final Fantasy: 10 Best Recurring Characters and Monsters

Final Fantasy

Certain species and characters have appeared repeatedly throughout Final Fantasy games that they have become iconic characters of the series.The Final Fantasy The series has the most famous characters that have ever appeared in video games. Each game follows a similar storyline in which the characters have to travel to the far reaches of the world to stop the world from ruin. The story will differ based upon the particular entry, but certain elements are the same.

Based on how well-known the popularity of a Final Fantasycharacter grows, they might be permitted to reprise the role in the sequel. Many people and creatures have appeared in subsequent games following their initial appearance to tell their tales however, some are featured more frequently than others.

10/10 Ultros

Ultros is perhaps to be one of the best absurd characters from his appearance in the Final Fantasyseries. His appearance makes him appear as just a normal adversary, but his character is able to transform him into a compelling antagonist. He first appeared as a character in Final Fantasy 6where the character shook Terra and her companions in their struggle to defeat Kefka.

Ultros has been featured in his way through the Final Fantasyseries with numerous appearances since the very first time he was featured. He became so well-known that he was incorporated into re-releases for earlier games. He is usually comic relief, however there have been occasions when he was known to show his darker face in the face of certain types of people.

9/10 Biggs & Wedge

The titles “Biggs” or “Wedge” are generally used to refer to two of Final Fantasygame’s more minor characters. The role of these characters may differ, however they typically play the role of minor characters that, occasionally have a moment to shine. The most well-known versions of Biggs and Wedge are seen in Final Fantasy 7.

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Biggs as well as Wedge’s name are derived from their protagonists Biggs Darklighter as well as Wedge Antilles of Star Wars: A New Hope. Their role in this film was to help Luke Skywalker during the attack on the Death Star. As their characters that they are based upon, Biggs and Wedge have been a staple in every film they’re in.

8/10 Tonberry

The Tonberry is to be one of the more frightening enemies of the Final Fantasyuniverse. The creature resembling a salamander will typically be seen towards the conclusion of the game it is featured in, and will often pose a major obstacle for the player.

What is it that makes the Tonberry so famous is its charming style. A first-time encounter with the Tonberry might not appear to be dangerous, but this notion is proven incorrect when the Tonberry launches its first strike. The Tonberry can destroy an entire group if the player isn’t swift enough, which makes it a formidable powerhouse to be reckoned.

7/10 Marlboro

The Marlboro is among the most frightening monsters found in the Final Fantasyseries. It is usually seen towards the end of the game, however players are rarely prepared to fight it when they first meet it. The Marlboro has a capability that is known as “Bad Breath” which can kill any participant in the group if they’re at risk of certain status effects.

The Marlboro made its debut during Final Fantasy 2 and it has since be an memorable randomly occurring characters in the game. It was so famous that a number of games have included the Marlboro as a boss.

6/10 Cid

The majority of Cid’s appearances within The Final Fantasyseries portray him as a pilot with a great skill who is eager to fly in his airship. Cid’s presence in the game will generally provide the main characters with the opportunity to fly to the skies, however certain games have altered his mission.

Final Fantasy 12features one of the most original versions of Cid up to now. Instead of being a pilot on an airship with a storied past the new Cid boasts that he is an expert scientist working for an archadian empire. Archadian Empire. This is the first evil version of Cid to be featured in the comics, making his appearance far more dazzling than previous portrayals.

5/10 Cactuars

The Cactuar adversary from Final Fantasyfeatures one of the most popular designs in the series. In contrast to a normal cactus it can turn its limbs and fire spines at anyone who tries to harm it. It is often seen sitting on one foot before attacking or retreating from fight.

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Although its appearance suggests that that the Cactuar poses no threat but being the target of one would swiftly disprove this notion. The creatures of the desert can eliminate a player by using its 10000 Needle capability, which is a technique that causes 10000 points of injury anyone who happens to be within the Cactuar’s lines of sight.

4/10 Moogles

The Moogle race first made its debut in Final Fantasy 3and it has continued to appear in every mainline game since Final Fantasy 4. The Moogle race has taken on many different shapes throughout the series however their most well-known model is the small wings on their backs, and an oversized pom-pom on their heads.

The significance of the role of a Moogle is dependent on the entry they are in, but they generally are the most adorable animal in the Final Fantasygame. Certain Moogles have shops, some are bounty hunter as well as only a few become part of the party.

3/10 Gilgamesh

From his debut appearance on screen in Final Fantasy 5, Gilgamesh has been able to present a variety of issues in various Final Fantasyentries. His first appearance was playing the role of Exdeath’s most trusted his henchman, and later, the series have entrusted him with an array of reasons.

The majority of depictions of Gilgamesh depict the character in the form of a skilled swordsman who is on an adventure to acquire his most formidable weapon in the universe. The fans from Final Fantasywill mostly recognize Gilgamesh through these representations of him, however there are times when he’s not an evil character. For instance, Final Fantasy 9portrays Gilgamesh as an aspiring treasure hunter.

2/10 Omega

As Gilgamesh, Omega has the ability to transcend time and space. No matter what subject matter or location of the game it is featured to be in, Omega is sure to keep a futuristic, robotic look. It’s made to stand out against more traditional monsters, which makes it a unique, but captivating addition to every game it’s featured in.

It’s been featured in numerous Final Fantasyentries to be a formidable ogre which means that only the most committed players will have the chance to meet it. While its appearance varies based on the game that it’s featured in, it is usually recognizable by it’s four legs, as well as its a headless body.

1/10 Chocobos

Chocobos are now among the most recognizable features of a Final Fantasygame for numerous reasons. They serve a range of functions, but many players prefer the ability to ride them and discover the world before all else.

While one would expect to find a horse in the Final Fantasygame, players will instead be watching one of these yellow feathered birds. They are beautiful creatures that are usually used to traverse however they also make fantastic storage devices. Certain entries allow players to summon these creatures during combat.

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