Fortnite Battle Pass: All chapters 3 Season 4 skins and other items

Fortnite Battle Pass Take on to earn goodies in the newest Fortnite battle pass

Fortnite Battle Pass | The Battle Pass for Fortnite has always been an important highlight of every new season. The Chrome is the king of all of Chapter 3 Season 4 – AKA Fortnite Paradise. It’s your job (and an array of brand different characters) to stop it and to dispel the doubters.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a dynamic game that is constantly evolving with many content drops during the course of seasons. The latest crossover event with Dragon Ball Z brought even more excitement to the already popular PVP sport, which the current season already has been very popular.

The beloved Spider-Man Gwen Stacey featured in her Spider form there are tons of new items available in the latest battle pass regardless of whether are an MCU buff.

This guide will walk you through every item you could discover in the current battle pass that includes skins, back-bling, emotes and more. You can get the most value for your V-bucks prior to deciding to spend them and buy the pass.

But, if you’re searching for the latest information about specific cosmetics for events, you should check out the most recent HTML1Fortnite cosmetics to get a comprehensive description of every character that is available to unlock!

Are you ready to dive into the water? Let’s look at the content in the Fortnite Paradise Battle Pass.

Fortnite Battle Pass: All 3 Season 4 Chapter 3 Season 4 unlockables


If you’re unsure over whether to purchase the latest battle pass here’s a look at every unlockable character and skins, as in their places in the battle pass:

CharacterBattle pass locationVariant location
ParadigmGained by purchasing the battle passSparring suit (page 3), moonrise battle suit (page 7), oceanic camouflage (page 9) – all for 8 stars apiece
BytesPage 2, purchased for 9 starsWanderer (page 3, 8 stars), Pony Tails (page 3, 4 stars), Lone Traveller (page 4, 8 stars)
GrrizPage 4, purchased for 9 starsWild Beary comes as an extra skin
Meow SkullsPage 5, purchased for 9 starsCloud Nine (page 8, 8 stars)
Lennox RosePage 6, 7 starsFresh Vandal (page 7, 8 stars)
TwynPage 8, 9 starsDigitised (page 9, 8 stars)
Spider-GwenComplete the battle pass, spend 9 starsN/A


In addition to cool skins for your character as well as cool skins for your character, the battle pass has an extensive selection of gliders, tools and emotes that will deck your character in the best outfits for the season that stars can purchase.

Fortnite Battle Pass

This is a brief glance at each of them without excluding the fashions and cosmetics previously described:

ItemTypeBattle pass location
Lunar DefenderPickaxePage 1
Paradigm ShiftWrapPage 1
Paradigm’s AscensionLoading screenPage 1
The Power InsideSprayPage 1
Lunar HyperjetBack BlingPage 1
Hero’s HeartEmoticonPage 1
Para-DiveContrailPage 1
100 V-bucksCurrencyPage 1
The Nothing’s GiftPickaxePage 2
Chromestruck FireGliderPage 2
Stinger PackBack BlingPage 2
Chrome MarkedWrapPage 2
Always WatchingLoading screenPage 2
200 V bucksCurrencyPage 2
Chrome ConjurerEmotePage 3
The Burnished BusLoading ScreenPage 3
Lunar SkypanGliderPage 3
Mad MaskSprayPage 3
Nothing’s UpEmoticonPage 3
200 V-bucksCurrencyPage 3
Grizzy GooperPickaxePage 4
Hot Slurp BalloonGliderPage 4
The Ballad Of Lil GrrizMusicPage 4
Game OverLoading screenPage 4
Bear ClawsContrailPage 4
Grriz GrinEmoticonPage 4
100 V-bucksCurrencyPage 4
SlurpmaticWrapPage 5
SardeenzBack BlingPage 5
Fishbone FlayerPickaxePage 5
Laser FocussedEmotePage 5
Small Fry SurpriseLoading ScreenPage 5
ClawsEmoticonPage 5
Comfy CatsGliderPage 5
100 V-bucksCurrencyPage 5
Bun Bun Bang BangBack BlingPage 6
Spinal VinylWrapPage 6
Hop DropContrailPage 6
Pick Me UpEmotePage 6
Rose Light DaggersPickaxePage 6
Welcome To ParadiseLoading screenPage 6
200 V-bucksCurrencyPage 6
Magnorepulser BoardGliderPage 7
OMG I Love ItEmotePage 7
Read The MangaLoading screenPage 7
Watchu Say?EmoticonPage 7
Buttoned UpWrapPage 7
100 V-bucksCurrencyPage 7
Electrostatic ImpactorPickaxePage 8
Polysynth KiteGliderPage 8
Call It Bad LuckMusicPage 8
Lectro Guard PackBack BlingPage 8
MEW-F-OLoading ScreenPage 8
Meow-Wow-WowSprayPage 8
200 V-bucksCurrencyPage 8
Twyn/StryderLoading ScreenPage 9
Lectro TrapWrapPage 9
Reloaded N’ ReadySprayPage 9
Portal ParticlesContrailPage 9
200 V-bucksCurrencyPage 9
ArachrobaticsEmotesPage 10
Meanwhile…Back BlingPage 10
Mid-SwingSprayPage 10
Gwen’s ParachuteGliderPage 10
Web Of LifeLoading ScreenPage 10
Spider SnarePickaxePage 10
Good Game GwenEmoticonPage 10
100 V-bucksCurrencyPage 10