Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale Event Start Time

Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end The guide below outlines the exact time when the finale event will be set to begin.

On November 13 Developer Epic Games made a big Fortniteannouncement during the FNCS Invitational 2022. Particularly, it was announced that the conclusion of the third chapter is getting closer and a final event will be held to commemorate the event. While there’s not much information on exactly what’s going to happen during the Fortnite‘s chapter 3 closing event exact time when it will start was revealed and players will find the details in the following.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Finale Event Start Time

Fortnite HTML0‘s Chapter 3 finale event will begin at 4 pm (EST)on Saturday the 3rd of the 3rd of December 3. Here’s the time conversion for other time zones of the United States, and players who want to be part of with the celebrations should do your best to get present before the event starts:

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  • PST: 1pm
  • MST: 2pm
  • CST: 3pm

As we’ve mentioned as previously mentioned, there aren’t any confirmed details regarding the finale event, other than its beginning time, as of the moment of writing. But, Fortnite leakers have released certain contents that are likely to be revealed in the initial Season of Chapter 4, which will begin once the finale event is over. More information on the expected content are available in the next paragraphs players who prefer to start the next chapter without details are advised to put aside the article now.

It appears that a brand new cosmetic item will be introduced in chapter 4 Season 1 and it is likely to delight the Fortnite players who enjoy personalizing their characters. There is also the possibility that motorbikes and mountable flying animals will be featured during the next episode, providing players new ways of exploring the map. It is also possible that a first-person experience is coming, and an image of this feature being used in the next Tweet.

Another feature coming soon that’s been highlighted in this tweet is the the Unreal Editor feature for Fortnite it will be an important overhaul of Fortnite‘s Creative mode. However, it is now clear the fact that Creative 2.0 will not launch at the same time as Chapter 4, as Epic Games CEO and founder Time Sweeney has confirmed that the feature will not be available up to “late Jan. 2023.” That means that the UEFN may be available prior to the time that Chapter 4 Season 1 comes to an end, even when it’s not released at the start of the season.

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