The Fortnite v22.20 update includes the all-new Direct Event Binding system for devices that are Creative! In addition, with the new AI patrol path node device, you are able to make routes for patrols of guards created via an existing guard Spawner device. There are basic instructions on using the AI Patrol Path Node here in the patch notes. v22.20 also contains bugs and updates to devices Prefabs along with Galleries.


This v22.20 version introduces brand new system that will totally change the ways you construct islands. Direct Event BindingDirect Event Binding lets devices connect directly to other devices directly. Utilizing the brand new UI which is available with this system you can establish connection between your devices, without worrying about channel limitations or the need to change the channels on each copied device that is on your island. For more details on Direct Event Binding, and more information on the Direct Event Binding system, check out this the Official Fortnite blog article on it. We’ll also provide the outline of this system as well as instructions on how to use the system in our Creative documentation.


Its AI Patrol Path Node device makes a route that guards follow to monitor an area while they’re not engaged in combat. This is how to make use of it:

  • Use the device in within the Creative Inventory or the Quick Bar to start with a new patrol route.
  • Utilize the control for copy (which is marked Append when it is used with this gadget) in order to make new nodes. Then, apply the control for paste (labeled by the name Move when it is used with the device) to join the additional nodes on the patrol route.
  • In the event that you duplicate a pointer from within a path for patrolling and copy it, the appendage will create another number of nodes between that copied one as well as the next one in line.
  • In the event that you cut off a part of a node after that paste it, you will be able to move the current node and not add another one.
  • When you delete a node, it causes the nodes preceding and following it to join to one another.
  • Making the fresh AI Patrol Path Node device from the Quick Bar will always begin with a brand new route.
  • Select a group’s name with the Patrol Path Group option in the Customize panel of the device.
  • Set up the Guard Spawner and then customize it’s Spawn On Patrol Path Group option to be in line with your Patrol Path Group you set in the AI Patrol Path Node device.
  • Guards that are spawned by that custom spawner be following the route of they belong to their Patrol Path Group when they aren’t in combat.

This is a very basic illustration. To find out more about this device, go to its official Creative documentation website!

Other updates


  • Then added Paradise Gallery and Prefabs
    • Cloudy Condos Classy Condos
    • Cloudy Condos Knepley’s Pawn Shop
    • Cloudy Condos Shops A
    • Cloudy Condos Shops B
    • Cloudy Condos Floor & Stair Gallery
    • Cloudy Condos Wall & Roof Gallery
    • Cloudy Condos Wall & Roof Gallery B
    • Cloudy Condos Prop Gallery
    • Balloon Prop Gallery
  • We have added to the Hill Terrain Prop Gallery.

Updates to the DEVICE

  • Melee Designer has been removed from Open Beta! The new device options were introduced in this version as well as a few bug fixes that are listed within the Bug Fixes section below. New options are:
    • Disable or Enable Jump Attack: If disabled, all other Jump Attack options are hidden.
    • Allow/Disable Sprint Attack: If disabled, the other Sprint Attack options are hidden.
  • This Guard Spawner device has been updated to include the following options to work with the brand new Artificial Intelligence Patrol Path Node device:
    • Spawned In Patrol Path
    • Change Patrol Path Goal


  • Launch Pad is now available. Launch Pad is now accessible in the Consumables. It is able to be added to the inventory of a player and then thrown for a place to be placed in mid-match. It is the same item that Launch Pad. Launch Pad device, but this is an item that is available to players as a consumable item.

BUG Fixes


  • Corrected an error in the texture that was showing on trees.
  • A terrain prop was fixed within the Brown Cliff Cave Gallery which could not be used on islands.
  • Repaired a plant within Invasion Nature Gallery. Fixed a bush in Invasion Nature Gallery that was not showing correctly.
  • Resolved a problem with grass clippings causing problems on certain floors of the Impostors Corridors Prefab.
  • Replaced missing icons with several Prefabs.
  • Fixing an issue that caused the Glass Galleriesto not display previews of the location when a player copy an one from their Galleries onto an island.
  • Fixing an issue with missing textures on an object inside the Art Deco Building Prop Gallery.
  • Corrected an issue in which some Prefab component thumbnails were blank when users used the Prefab to select a particular component.
  • Fixes an issue in which grass was cutting through every one areas of Racetrack Gallery assets.


  • The Creative Hub portal from some other islands.


  • item Placer devices will now keep the details of customizations for a weapon created with Melee Designer. Melee Designer. The name is not reflected in the name that was created, however the information is identical when you pick up the weapon. It is possible to have the name changed by altering to the interaction text option in the Item Placer.
  • Design for Melee fixes:
    • Visual effects are now visible correctly when a player hits an object by using a sprint attack, as well as an attack like the Whirlwind charging attack.
    • Charge attacks are now damaging players in the event that Friendly Fire is turned on under My Island settings. My Island settings.
  • Fixes an issue where Item Granter device was unable to grant multiple copies of the first item in the list item granter device was able to grant numerous copies of initial item on the list in the event that you selected the option to grant when offline setting was changed on yes while the device replenished.
  • Corrected a problem in which the player was not capable of placing vehicles within the Skydome device’s volume.
  • Fixes a bug which caused cars to get destroyed by water, even when it was set to Never. water destruction delay option on the spawner device of the vehicle was changed to Never.
  • A problem was fixed where the confetti wasn’t displayed to the player who was scoring with the device called a Capture Area device.
  • Correction of an issue in which players were unable to install vehicles or vehicle spawner devices in Mutator Zones.
  • Fixes an issue where the outline of the outline of billboard device was only visible when the billboard was displayed.


  • Fixing an issue where callouts at the end of games did not show the position of a player (1st 3rd, 2nd, 1st) instead, it only showed the winner or losing.
  • Correction of an issue in which players were eliminated at the end of their final day, instead of being in into the DBNO state.
  • Corrected an issue in which snowballs made by snowmen weren’t helping in islands.
  • Correction of an issue in which the trees on islands were glowing in the wrong hue.

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