Garena offers 50% discount for Free Fire MAX Diamond Royale spins (11 November 2022)

Garena offers 50% discount for Free Fire MAX

  • Diamond Royale spins | The discount of 50% is offered for Diamond Royale. Diamond Royale (Image via Garena)
  • Garena has at least one sale on Free Fire MAX India to an exclusive Luck Royale prior to its end. Similar to this The creators have announced a special offer for the Diamond Royale before this luck royale will be substituted.
  • The public will be able to more easily getting this Nightslayer Teddy Bundle because the cost of spins has been cut by half. Usually, the cost hinders players from using diamonds to purchase these fashionable objects.

Diamond Royale spins

50% discount available on Free Fire MAX Diamond Royale spins

  • Garena frequently offers discounts on Diamond Royales within Free Fire MAX. These sales usually are available at the end of their duration and many players are waiting for discounts before investing diamonds for the benefits.
  • A single spin is currently priced 30 diamonds, instead of the usual cost that is 60 diamonds. Also, the set of 10+1 spins are sold at 50% discount, i.e., 300 diamonds. This is a greater value since the cost per diamond is reduced by 27 to.The prize pool and the prices of spins Free Fire MAX Diamond Royale today (Image via Garena)
  • After you have spent diamonds You will be awarded various rewards from the pool which include Nightslayer Teddy Bundle Magic Cube, individual fashion items, as well as Memory Fragments.
  • Although there is no guarantee of winning the bundle following an exact quantity of turns, chance factor will increase with each spin. This increases the chance of winning the jackpot. But, this percentage will be reset after you’ve won the dress.

Follow the instructions below to earn rewards as part of this current Diamond Royale in Free Fire MAX:

First step:Access to your accounts within Free Fire MAX and select Luck Royale by clicking on the Luck Royale option on the left.Select Diamond Royale from the menu (Image via Garena)

Step 2. Choose the Diamond Royale option from the vertical menu that appears on the left.

Step 3. Once the interface has opened you’ll have two options to spin one spin for 30 diamonds or 30+1 spins with a total of 300 diamonds.Spend diamonds to receive rewards (Image via Garena)

4. Play spins, paying for diamonds in order to get reward.

You can keep spinning until you’ve got an item from the Nightslayer Teddy Bundle. After the discount, you might need to shell out up to a couple hundred or thousand dollars to purchase this unique outfit. Therefore, those with enough spare diamonds will be able to find the perfect option to increase their collection.

When an Diamond Royale is replaced in Free Fire MAX, it’s generally not used again within the Battle Royale name. However, the costume may be made available in the Magic Cube at a later date.