Garena Free Fire Tips & Tricks for pro and Beginner.

Garena Free Fire

  • Garena Free Fire Tips & Tricks | Being aware of the simple and sophisticated Free Fire tips and tricks is an important part of becoming an expert at the sport. Alongside your fights in Free Fire an effective plan will help you stay ahead of your peers.
  • Free Fire With more than 500 million downloads on the Google Playstore, has been one of the most popular trending games during the quarantine period and has seen players from all over the world striving to push higher in their ranks.
  • We offer you the best basic and advanced tips to make you an Free Fire pro, without having to spend hours playing the game.
  • It required Garena Free Fire some time to get a foothold within India even though PUBG was banned. However, they didn’t look back after the #IndiaKaBattleRoyal campaign. Today, Free Fire has become the largest and most played Battle Royal game played in India and is due to its popularity. It is similar to , but quite different from PUBG that some PUBG players had to take their time to get used their game to Free Fire. To make sure you can play better than other players Here are the top Garena Free Fire Pro tips and tricks.
  • These tips were compiled through the personal experience of the Piccle internal team, along with some research and consulting with experienced players. We hope that you discover these tricks and tips helpful and help to improve your performance on the field.

Garena Free Fire Tips & Tricks

Pick your character carefully

The game starts even before you even enter the battlefield. This is because the game starts by choosing your character and weapon. There are two free characters, Adam and Eve, to pick from before you begin the game. The other characters paid for are different in their strengths.

  • Nikita 4 percent more speedy submachine load
  • Misha misha more speedier-driving speed
  • Ford 4 percent less damages when in the safe zone
  • Andrew – 2.2% less vest durability loss
  • Kelly is 1% more sprint speed
  • Olivia – Reignites the other characters with +6 HP

Make sure you spend your money wisely , and purchase/choose the character according to the needs of the missions. Personally, I like Ford but you’ll find your favorites.

Never take anything out of the open

  • Put yourself in a cover and make use of this technique when taking loot.
  • Each Free Fire player needs to be cautious about looting outside. It’s not difficult for players to be caught out of the blue while you’re taking crates of loot.
  • So, in order to not become a target for attack, you should move the analog analog in a continuous manner while you are looting. With this method it is impossible for your adversaries to shoot at you with their heads.

Claw control

The best thumb setup for Free Fire

  • YouTube, a popular video platform YouTube has a variety of videos that advise players to switch the claw control.
  • It is recommended to stick with the thumb layout when using Free Fire, since the game doesn’t feature any complex internal mechanisms. It is easy to adapt to the controls of Free Fire, unlike PUBG Mobile.

Best aim precision

  • Set the default aim accuracy to
  • In the event that your goal is not strong use the default aim precision with or without scope is advised.
  • You will get more headshots and the crosshairs will automatically shift towards the goal. The steps to take for an auto headshot include: crouch, scope then zoom in, crouch , and fire.
  • This feature is like the aim-assist feature in PUBG Mobil

Pick your weapons carefully

  • Some players are attracted by the look and strength in the gun. Every weapon comes with its unique purpose so you should pick the three weapons and the melee item that you have available, carefully. Pick one weapon to use for long-distance attacks (Sniper rifle) or a close range combat (an SMG or Shotgun) or a extremely near-range (a pistol). You could select a knife or pan for a melee item.Source: Bluestacks
  • The idea of having two long-range rifles does not make sense , and neither do having both an SMG and Shotgun. Be cautious about the compromise between range, accuracy and damage when buying long-range firearms. For close-range guns like SMG as well as Shotgun you need to focus on damage, firing rate, and speed of Reload.
  • Do not spend money on skins for weapons and other items, instead use the money to fund balance and adjustments. Grenades are extremely useful, therefore make sure you have sufficient supply of various grenade kinds.

Settings and sensitivity

.Most Free Fire settings

The time to react within Free Fire is entirely dependent on the settings for sensitivity. Therefore, it’s important to determine the sensitivity settings that best suit your preferred style of play. The settings of someone else could cause you to be in trouble.

Set your sensitivity settings according to the device you are using. For devices with low-end specs, such as those with 2GB of RAM, you should keep the sensitivity to the maximum or play with default level of sensitivity.

General: 100

Red Dot 30

2x Scope: 52

4x Scope: 66

AWM Scope The AWM Scope is 82.

Never unnecessarily jump-shoot

.Utilize the jump-shoots at the correct moment.

A large number of Free Fire players often overuse Jump-shoot.

To be successful using the jump-shoot technique, your jump must be carefully planned. It is vital to keep in mind that this clever move could make your aim completely unusable. Thus, before you attempt this technique in ranked mode, visit a room that is custom-designed and practice until you master it.

Take fights in shrink zone

.You can fight even outside of the boundaries of.

80percent of Free Fire players get nervous when the shrink zone gets close even if it’s not the first one. They immediately quit a fight halfway.

We advise you to pick fights when you have an advantage, or withdraw immediately. Make sure that the zones are prioritized but only in the final circles that cause the most damage to the players.

The Gloo Wall

Source: Facebook

It is the Gloo Wall grenade is one of the most important items you must have to add to your arsenal. It will help you defend yourself in the event of a massive surprise attack and allows you sufficient time to react after having read the scenario. But, snipers could hit you through the Gloo Wall , and the grenades may be deadly and you should change your position immediately after you have put the wall up.

It is important to note this: the Gloo Wall provides a temporary shield , but it is able to be destroyed by bullets. Therefore, it is important to understand that the function is to give you the time to think and decide without risking being shot, not to defend yourself. The Gloo wall also serves as an obstacle for your adversaries as they focus their shots at the wall in an attempt to tear it down as you scurry away. If you’re quick, you could profit from such an chance.

Keep Moving

Each combat game requires a mix of skills, wits along with the capability to keep your eyes on multiple things at a time. When you’re engaged in a fight, remember to continue to move. Many players do not move around during the fight because they are trying to concentrate on their targets, however, at the same time you could be killed if you remain still.

It is essential to take out your adversaries, but the most important thing in the game is to survive. Therefore, even if it is difficult to pinpoint your opponent, you must continue to move. If you create it into an habit of doing it and then practice it then you’ll become proficient in the skill of shooting your opponents with a high degree of accuracy when you’re moving.

Take a shot when the temperature is Red Hot

While playing , you’ll observe that your sight lines be red when you’re aiming towards the opponent. It happens for a brief period. Most players don’t know why this happens or even realize it. The sight is red when an opponent is within your range of fire. If you fire just when your sight is glowing red, you’ll be hitting the opponent with certainty.

This is extremely helpful when you want to target someone’s attention while you’re moving. All you need to do is just wait for the red light to appear and then shoot right away.

Sniping improves your aim

.Snipping practice.

Another method to improve at Free Fire is to master to cut.

Snipers are required to be able to take on opponents from afar without engaging in close-up battles in which the chance of losing a teammate extremely high.

One-shot guns are difficult to use and requires lots of practice before mastering. It is best to be in a team mode, or use the sniper you want to use with appropriate attachments, and then start practicing each day.

The Sneaky One Wins

As I mentioned previously, Free Fire, or any BattleRoyal game isn’t all about killing it’s about being able to survive. It is essential to stay away from the close-quarters combat whenever is possible and don’t be in the open for long. It is important to be sure to take some cover from time to time to avoid the gazes of your adversaries particularly snipers.

When the game gets underway and there are lots of players, there is no reason to venture out to attack others as it leaves you vulnerable to attack. Simply find a good spot with a nice nest and then use your sniper rifle to eliminate the opponent. If you’re moving, don’t be outside all the time. If you are required to remain in an open space do not stand still and move.

Other useful tips

Cars Beware of vehicles, however only for the initial phases in the beginning of the game. The movement of vehicles can make you a to hit. If you must make use of the vehicle, do so only in safe zones. Avoid vehicles with open doors that give the perfect target for shooters.

Aim Precision: Utilize Aim Precision within the game’s settings and your crosshair will be moved toward your target in a way that is automatic. Follow these steps to get an automatic headshot Crouch, scope, Zoom in and crouch, and shoot.

Handling Handguns Crouch when being shot by the shotgun, and you won’t be struck even though you’re in zone. You are able to return fire at the moment the opponent starts loading the weapon.

Revitalizing: Don’t lose time when you revive an opponent, you can also make use of the time to heal yourself too. Garena Freefire is probably the only game that permits this, so make sure you make use of this.

You may have already heard some of these tricks but we couldn’t resist re-emphasizing them more. We hope you enjoy these suggestions. If you did, then please make comments in the comments section below.