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  • Ghostbusters Review | Since I was a kid, I have dreamed of playing a multiplayer game set in this absurd universe. It doesn’t matter if it’s the savage spectral miscreants, or the hilarious ghost-sucking vacuums carried around by vigilantes dressed in janitor’s clothes,
  • I can’t imagine a more perfect world for a multiplayer game that pits a group of ghost cops against a vengeful spirit. Ghostbusters is a failed attempt to fill this gap. It often nails the ghost-hunting fantasy but gets stuck in the thicket of balancing issues and questionable level design.
  • The story also suffers from a lack of content. There were many hilarious and enjoyable moments in running around as ghosts and monkeying with my captors. It can be great fun to hunt down spooky foes together, but I was tired and ready to put this short trip on the shelf beside my Ghostbusters VHS.
  • Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed pits four Ghostbusters against one slime-loving apparition. The matches are simple, but very enjoyable and take place on one of five maps.
  • Ghostbusters work together to capture the evil entity before it can terrorize NPCs. You can fly, travel through walls, possess or haunt items, cover them in slime and have a variety of interesting abilities specific to the specter you selected.
  • These powers include the ability to summon massive amounts of slime or to control NPCs.
  • These powerful abilities give you an overwhelming advantage over your non-flying followers, who are limited by their corporeal, disgusting forms.
  • You are a ghostbuster and you have access to all the tools needed for the job, such as the proton pack, particle thrower, and P.K.E. You will need to use the ghost trap, ghost meter, and particle thrower to capture the ghost. There are only four of you, but that isn’t a problem.


Ghostbusters – Spirits Unleashed Gameplay 

  • Spirits Unleashed needs to balance out. I only saw one human win in ten matches played in 15 hours. One, Ghostbusters must do a lot in order to win, since merely catching the ghost immediately triggers a respawn.
  • The Ghostbusters must hunt down three artifacts to resurrect horcruxes before they capture the ghost. They then have to destroy them all, which takes only 10 minutes.
  • Although the ghost hunters can capture their quarry four times since each respawn the ghost makes one of their artifacts available for sacrifice, it is quite challenging to do so against a wraith with even moderate skill.
  • A ghost can use a variety of tricks to win, some of which are quite cheap. Ghostbusters can find your artifacts, cause damage, and then pick them up and fly off to hide them. This will fully heal the artifact, but it also sets back the human team as they begin the hunt again.
  • Ghosts are able to move quickly through walls and possess items, as well as break free from particle thrower streams. They can also fly.
  • Ghostbusters must deal with stairs but the ghost can quickly fly to higher floors.
  • With all players having equal skill, it is hard to see the Ghostbusters winning consistently.

With the exception of trying out new characters or playing silly for fun, I was able win most matches as a ghost.

  • Ghostbusters can only win if the ghost players don’t know how to play, or if they are in a team with other friends who communicate and work together to achieve a photo finish victory.
  • Despite all players being equal in skill, it’s difficult to imagine Ghostbusters consistently winning with so many advantages in their favor.
  • This is particularly true for levels with high layouts where the ghost’s flight could be utilized to its full potential.
  • For example, the prison level has very high ceilings so that if all else fails, the ghost can just float high in the sky, where Ghostbusters lower down have extremely little chance of capturing.
  • One match I witnessed the ghost just waiting for the match to end and staying there, much to everyone’s dismay. Some maps may have many stairs or narrow corridors that make navigation difficult.
  • The good news is that each map has its own unique character. Each item on each level also has a distinctive, often humorous, “walking animation” when it is possessed by the ghost.
  • If there is something strange, it doesn’t look right
  • If you can see things running through your mind
  • If there is an invisible man in your bed
  • There is still a lot to be done in these sometimes frustrating matches. It takes strategy, teamwork and coordination to hunt down these unceasing ghosts with your friends. This moment deserves to be captured with a frenzy of celebratory fistpumps.
  • Although it is not difficult to win as a ghost, it was always fun and amusing. I took pride in finding creative ways to fool my pursuers. In 2022, I organized a real-life LAN party (not that Spirits Unleashed actually supports LAN support). It was a memorable and hilarious experience that I will never forget.
  • It’s not hard to see the coolness of this game, but it is hidden by some unseemly imperfections.

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  • After a dozen hours of play, the biggest problem came when I suddenly ran out of things and lost interest. Spirit Unleashed is much like the slime-spiking ghosts that you hunt and play, but there’s not a lot of meat. You’ll quickly run out of things with only five maps and one game mode. The story is a series boring cutscenes that are sandwiched between multiplayer matches. While you will continue to unlock ghosts and useful tools and cosmetics for Ghostbusters, it is a shame that you are forced to go back to the multiplayer mode, where you’ll probably stay until you get sick of it. Future updates will hopefully include new content, including game modes. But for now, it’s very limited.
  • TGS 2022


  • Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, an enjoyable asymmetrical multiplayer online game, is hampered by map wokiness and balance issues that could be fixed. However, it needs more content to keep me interested. There were some moments that I will never forget, such as being devilishly tricked as a ghost or signing a warrant to have a Ghostbuster arrested. Some of these moments also brought back memories of my childhood dream of hunting meddlesome shades. Developer IllFonic understood the assignment.