God of War Ragnarok’s Best Armour Sets and How to Get Them!

God of War Ragnarok’s

You have found the best God of War Ragnarok Armour Sets. Here are the top armour sets for defense, offense, and every phase of the game!

You need to consider your style when searching for the God of War Ragnarok’s best armour sets. Santa Monica Studios has taken an Action-RPG approach with the 2018 game reboot. This means you will need to upgrade both Kratos (and Atreus) as you play the game. God of War Ragnarok has a bigger world and more difficult bosses and monster encounters. You can gain an advantage in the most dangerous battles by choosing the right armour set. Players will need to work harder due to the sheer number of armour sets in the game.

You have many opportunities to upgrade your armour in the game. If you want to have the best armour in the game, however, you will need to go off the beaten track. We’ll be focusing on the God of War Ragnarok’s best armour sets during various stages of the game’s storyline and gameplay. Let’s start, without further delay.

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Early Game: Nidavellir armour set

While you can easily play through the first parts of the game on any difficulty, God of War Ragnarok is more difficult on higher difficulties. You should also consider the Nidavellir Armour Set if you are a fan of the finest armour sets.

God of War

This armour set will stun your enemies and help you restore your health faster, primarily through Stun Grab. The primary stats of the armour are very good for mid- to early game phases.

How do I get the Nidavellir Armour Set

God of War Ragnarok has a variety of sidequests that you can do for rewards. You will need to accept and complete an early game sidequest in order to receive the Nidavellir Armour Set.

These are the details for the armour set.

  • Accept the sidequest “In Service of Asgard”
  • Make the sidequest active and head to the mines to destroy the rigs. You’ll receive Nidavellir Ore if you destroy a mining rig. To collect as much Nidavellir Ore as possible, destroy all mining rigs.
  • Then, go to the Huldra Brothers to give the Ore. They will make the Nidavellir Armour set for you.

This armour set can be combined to allow you to Stun Grab enemies, and restore your health. The armour set’s wrists and trousers reduce the draining of your Stun bar. You’ll be able perform more finishers to recover your health.

Lunda’s Armour Set for Mid-Game

Lunda’s Armour Set will suit you if you are a player who uses poison damage. This armour gives you extraordinary damage bonuses, especially if your enemies are poisoned. You can deal poison damage with the cuirass included in this armour set, particularly if you are using your shield and your naked hands to attack enemies. The armour set is very fun and looks great.

How do I get Lunda’s Armour Set

Follow these instructions to obtain the armour set

  • Visit Vanaheim
  • Be a Nidhogg boss and fight.

The trial does not end there. You will need to find all of the armour pieces missing in order to complete the armour set. After that, you will have to combine them together to make the armour set.

Lunda’s Broken Belt is the first piece you will need to locate. Locate the chest behind the Chamberdoor in Noatun’s Garden, Vanaheim. The chest will contain the armour piece.

You’ll need to go to Cliffside Ruins near Vanaheim to find the second piece, Lunda’s Broken Bracers. You can search the area for the red chest that will hold the missing armour piece.

Lunda’s Broken Cuirass is the final piece and can be found at The Veiled Passage. The piece can be found in a basic chest located in the area.

This armour piece greatly increases Kratos Strength and Luck. It is also a good choice to upgrade it often so that you can have secondary armour in the final game phase.

Late Game: Steinbjorn Armour Set

You will face some difficult challenges in the final game phase of God of War Ragnarok. You will need exceptional armour to help you get through these phases, whether they are boss battles and fending off hordes enemies. Your prayers will be answered with the Steinbjorn Armour set This armour set is not only perfect for late game, but it also ranks high on the God of War Ragnarok’s best armour sets. It is not easy to acquire the armour set. We’ve provided the steps to help you unlock this armour set as soon as possible.

How do I get the Steinbjorn Armour Set

Here are the steps:

  • Purchase the Draupnir Sparrow.
  • The Lost Treasury is located near Tyr’s Temple. Find an ice wall which can be broken using the Draupnir Spear. The Mystical Hingeloom will be obtained after you have broken the wall.
  • Once you have gathered the Mystical Hingloom, you will need to equip it on Kratos. This will enable you to defeat the Troll Statues that are sleeping in the game’s world. The statues can also be found at Noatun’s Garden in Vanaheim and The Forbidden Sands of Alfheim.
  • You will be able to make the Steinbjorn Armour Set if you defeat all the Trolls.

Although unlocking the Steinbjorn Armour Set is not an easy task, it’s well worth the effort. Kratos’ defense capabilities will grow exponentially with this armour set. This armour set will also allow players to use lifesteal when necessary. The armour will respond to Kratos taking a significant amount of damage by generating an Area of Effect Stun Injury. You will also receive small health boosts for every attack you make with the armour set if you have low health. The Steinbjorn Armour set will make even the most difficult boss battles laughable.

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Guiding Light Armour Set is the best for offence

Sometimes, offense is the best defense. It can be quite fun to go on the offensive, considering the brutal gameplay of God of War Ragnarok. The Guiding Light Armour Set is a great option if you are tired of defensive tactics and don’t have the right armour to offence.

How do I get the Guiding Light Armour Set

It will not be easy to acquire this armour set. It’s worth the effort if you consider the immense amount of damage this armour can do.

Here are the requirements for the Guiding Light Armour Set

  • Find one of the ruins of Tyr’s Temple at the Lake of Nine. It should be located in the Northern region.
  • Once you have found the wreckage site, interact with it. This will unlock the sidequest “Guiding Light”.
  • Sidequest activated, go to all four ruins and locate the “dig spot”. To acquire the Guilding Light Armour pieces, interact with them.
  • Keep in mind that Jotunheim’s Essence will be granted to you if one of the wreckage sites is found. It’s possible to pick it up but not necessary for the Armour Set. You will need Tyr’s Right Bracer and Tyr’s Helmet.

This armour set will increase Kratos Luck and allow him to deal more damage per melee hit. The chances of doing more damage are increased if you hit multiple targets. This creates a torrent of offensive that enemies will not be able to stop. This armour set should be paired with the Blades of Chaos as these weapons are more powerful and can generate more hits.

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Raven Tears Armour Set is the best for defense

The auto-interaction of Steinbjorn Armour Set will give you plenty of defense capabilities. If you find it difficult to defeat Trolls on your stage, the Raven Tears Armour Set might be a better choice. This equipment is second in defense capabilities. Although it’s not as powerful as the Steinbjorn armor, you can withstand most attacks and restore some health.

How do I get the Raven Tears Armour Set

It will take some time to create this armour set. It is because it is collectable, and will be available in the form Ravens. To unlock each piece of armour, you will need to collect a certain number of Ravens. These are the items you will need:

  • Raven Tears Armour Girdle – 6 Ravens
  • Raven Tears Armour Bracers – 12 Ravens
  • Raven Tears Armour Cuirass – 18 Ravens

Six Ravens will be found very early in the game. The Girdle can be used to upgrade your armour during the early game phase. Collecting the other armour pieces will allow you to make better use of the armour set’s abilities. Once you have equipped and collected the entire armour set you will be granted the “Healing Mist”, which increases your chances of healing during battles. This armour set will also make your other healing resources more effective and provide you with greater health. When playing on higher difficulty, it is best to get the Raven Tears Armour Set.

Final thoughts

God of War Ragnarok was released to commercial and critical acclaim. It improves on the previous game in every way. It offers enough variety and new features to prevent it from becoming boring. The game doesn’t make a significant change to the original 2018 version, but it is a Game of the Year contender. If you want to enjoy the game at its best, the God of War Ragnarok top armour sets will be a great help. Are there any other armour sets that we have missed? We would love to hear your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.