Gotham Knights game Review

Gotham Knights This caped adventure with co-ops piqued my heart flutter Wayne.

From what I’d seen at this point Gotham Knights seemed to have all the elements of the enthralling, action-packed smash hit it was clearly destined to be. Who would not want a fresh co-operative version of Rocksteady’s amazing Batman Arkham series that’s designed to play on the latest console generation? However, after I played for nearly 30 hours, it kept bringing me bad news WHAM! A mediocre combat. POW! A weak, predictable story. BIFF! Puzzling progression design choices. THWACK! Frame rates of less than 30 frames per second. I’m left wondering why the game went wrong. There are some good aspects that shine through, such as the amazing open-world Gotham Sandbox, but its issues never allow me to be enthralled by the instant-to-moment action at the level that Bat-family players deserve.

Because Gotham Knights is Batman-adjacent, it is important to look at the story of its beginnings. Much like Bruce Wayne it was born to a highly respected and wealthy family, which is in this case the four action games for third-person players within Arkham. Arkham series. It’s not that it’s a sequel the Arkham games. WB Games Montreal decided to split off into a distinct version of the DC comics canon , and in many places , it goes out its way to follow its own vigilante-based path. When you’re sneakily navigating from ledge-to-ledge, climbing through ventilation shafts and taking on groups of criminals with the rhythm of a combat system it’s difficult not to be compared with the much more superior Arkham games.All IGN Batman Game Review

Gotham Knights game Review

One of the main differences is that you are able to play as one of four lovable characters (Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood Robin and Robin) while you whiz through an open-world Gotham and deliver justice to all sorts of cowards who believe in superstition and revealing an intriguing mystery within the famous city’s dark streets. The mystery centers around the demise not surprisingly of Batman himself, and acts as a great launching the next generation of criminals to be able to make a name for themselves. Following the demise of the Dark Knight Bruce Wayne’s ragtag group of former and current companions join forces to take on the role of his legendary counterpart and serve as the basis for what is ultimately to be a mediocre tale full of predictable surprises and twists.

In the midst of a flurry of criminals rushing into the gap that was left by Batman and his gang, the old order called The Court of Owls supposedly is the most dangerous threat to Gotham even if they fail to meet the threat in reality. I really enjoy The Court as an enemy in the ranks of Batman opponents, but as an organization that is supposed to have been pulling the strings of Gotham’s top leaders for centuries It’s rather funny that they haven’t actually exercised this power, even when young adults can easily thwart their plans using a bag of devices and a few martial arts moves. I was constantly wishing that their power and resources could be used in a way to provide me with a reason to be afraid of the Court, yet they can’t be bothered to do anything more than send a group of well-dressed goons after you, and then shake their fists while they swarmed into your group of. They’re not posing any sort of threat, instead they serve as punching bags to unleash your anger on the caviar-slurping and bow tie-wearing Eyes Wide Shut upper class.The brief and oddly slender campaign is filled with hustle and bustle.

But the story’s biggest issue is that it tries way too hard to squeeze an entire rogue’s gallery of potential suspects into its murder-mystery premise, and feels completely disorganized as a result. You spend most of the surprisingly short campaign’s eight story missions jumping from one villainous cabal to another, before arriving at a conclusion I was able to predict practically before the end of the opening credits. It’s devastating to see such an underwhelming plot unfold after the Arkham series included some of my favorite Batman stories of all time, which often left me speechless with their stirring twists and turns. Gotham Knights, by contrast, includes a masked character whose identity is immediately apparent upon first sight and whose inevitable unmasking is laughably anticlimactic. It’s followed up with an ending that’s foreshadowed so frequently and unsubtly that I involuntarily cringed when they actually went through with it.

It’s also not helped that the incredibly short campaign is filled with a lot of busywork that repeats the same sections, that require you to travel through Gotham and interrogate a variety of various criminal groups led by anyone including Harley Quinn to Mr. Freeze, to find clues about the story’s next chapter, as well as side quests that allow you for unlocking table stakes such as fast travel. (That one requires you to visit all over the map in order to wait and check drones for no reason.) Between all the chores you’ll also need to face the RPG elements that require players to grind and max-out tools before your next mission is completed. These tasks are just dragging the story out that’s never worthwhile and makes the pace even more difficult that you already are.

Even if you’re playing around Gotham in circles, or trying to solve minor crimes it can at the very least be an enjoyable experience. There’s a chance that you don’t get the job done but WB Games Montreal succeeds at creating the excitement of traveling through a city that is rife with crime as a caped crusader and I spent hours grappling hooks and exploring the region. It’s fun to play with friends. can be a great experience, particularly because there’s no limit in terms of how far you can be from each other and you can battle together , or break into groups to hunt for clues that will unlock the next mission, or take on optional missions twice as fast as you would be able to complete alone. It’s a great feeling to not be tied to a player once you enter their world, particularly when you’re like me and do not like playing the role of the sidekick who is unable to leave to explore whenever I’m distracted by shining objects in the distant.

It’s a blessing that all of the four characters are pretty likable and well written too There are many amusing lines to assist you through the sadness of a story. Yes, Red Hood mostly just speaks about his death in a previous episode, acting as the edge-lord the character is as well as Robin (the Tim Drake version) fluctuates between feeling depressed over his mentor’s demise and laughing at silly jokes and quips, but it’s still amazing that these B-listers and their sidekicks are able to take on the role with the same intensity as they can. (They’ve each had their own tales in TV and comics but none that can stand the same level of quality as Batman’s.) However, glitches can occasionally cause stories with a strong emotional core to transform into comedy for instance, such as one scene in which Jason Todd’s hoodie drawstrings were able to defy gravity, and threatened to poke his fellows in the eyes in a heated conversation.Fighting In Gotham Knights is one of the most frustrating aspects of it.

It’s also neat how well Gotham Knights’ story adapts to you playing whichever character you want. Since you can switch between any of the four protagonists in between missions, different versions of each cutscene are required, complete with character-specific dialogue depending on who you’ve selected to play as. With a few exceptions where certain scenes don’t make much sense if you played someone else in a previous mission, it’s great that the script recognizes whose butt-kicking boots I’m wearing during different moments. Really, my only major complaint with swapping characters is that each character has to unlock their abilities and be geared up individually, so the longer I played as one the less feasible it was to actually switch to someone else – I’d have to stop making progress to catch up one character and unlock all their special abilities before proceeding. What good is the ability to switch characters when doing so means going back to square one and having to grind XP and gear all over again?

Let’s face it, I’m not new to grinding. I’m an avid Destiny 2 fan, after all. What Destiny 2 has that Gotham Knights does not is great combat that I keep returning to play for the enjoyment and enjoyment, not only the reward. Combat isn’t the only thing that’s fun in Gotham Knights is one of the biggest flaws in the game as well. That’s not an ideal thing to describe a game which is almost entirely about combat. It’s not the most awful thing I’ve played however should you be looking forward to a back to the smooth, extremely refined brawls of the Arkham series It’s an unexpected surprise when you’re hit in your face by the basic and uninspiring alternative that is in the middle of this depressing adventure. The game’s heroes provide an array of cool styles and techniques in fighting criminals, but these options are almost always place behind the same buttons until the game is in a state of unconscious.

Combat’s oversimplification is best demonstrated by the absence of anything remotely resembling the Arkham games counter-system this omission continues to confuses me after having completed the game. When done properly it is boring when you repeatedly repetitiously attack while waiting for your unique ability meter to be charged and for enemy health bars to diminish (yes they do have health bars on their heads) In the worst case it can be extremely frustrating when you’re hit with attacks that appear to be impossible to avoid and you do not feel as though you’re in complete control over your character. Combating crime hasn’t felt as disappointing since Arkham Asylum revolutionized it in 2009. Since you’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time in the process the flaw is as if you’ve got a cut in the upper lip that will not be healed. When I played I was always hoping Gotham Knights would introduce more mechanics later in the story and that it would change and be more enjoyable. But it never happened.

Combat may not ever be exciting however, I will at least acknowledge it for the variety of choices that are available to you. With four characters to choose from You can decide to play a massive and DPS-focused gun-toting fanatic playing Red Hood, or a hacker who is stealthy and sly by playing Batgirl. Playing around with Robin to take on enemies in a quiet manner is a vastly different experience than playing Nightwing who is a master at moving around on the battlefield and buffing his allies which means that you can choose the one that best fits your game style and personalize it to your preference. As Robin, as a Robin primary, I focused on stealth (partially to reduce time in boring battle) as well as honed my abilities to use status effect on my enemies as well as my co-op companion was Batgirl and turned her into a beastly beast that could endure a beating and then revive herself after being knocked down.My gear never quite lined to what I needed it to accomplish.

Each character also has their own set of Momentum Abilities: Robin can summon nanorobots to attack his enemies and become invisible to the naked eye, while Nightwing can create bubbles of safety that heal allies and harm enemies. Unlocking these requires – you guessed it – a bit of grinding, and quadruply so because you’ve got to complete challenges with each character individually. But it’s well worth the effort to break up what’s otherwise uninspired combat – they still may not be “good,” but at least they’re different.

My passion for doing math and utilizing the meta in RPGs is well-known. However, Gotham Knights’ equipment and system for leveling is so muddled that I had to avoid my menus as much as I could. As you earn levels and XP as you progress, you’ll be able to acquire new armor and weapons as well as mod-related components and crafting schematics that will help your power-ups, but unless you’re exceptionally fortunate or willing to do many repeatable crime in Gotham’s open-world there’s a good chance you won’t have much control over the items you can use or create because drops aren’t often or obtainable enough to create the character you’d like to play. You might, for instance, like to acquire weapons that can apply an effect of freezing status to your enemies , or armor that is resistant to poisons to protect against a specific type of enemy however, you won’t have the appropriate items at the moment for you to build this type of character. “Maybe they’d like to exchange trades with Co-Op partners Perhaps they want to trade with your co-op friends?” you may be thinking. There’s not a trading system whatsoever! Instead, I was forced to deal with what I was given, and it almost did not align with my goals.

Crafting isn’t much of an assistance since the options are also limited to random drops. It also comes with substantial resource costs that will be drained when you use crafting regularly (a problem that’s only remedy is even more grinding from mindless tasks). It’s confusing to me that equipment that isn’t legendary isn’t able to be upgraded or altered or modified. Even”mods” or “mods” only enhance the capabilities of equipment, rather than allowing you to add new features. The inflexibility of these systems means that even if you’re not an emo-maniac, you’ll most likely simply shrug as I did and think, “Well, my loadout isn’t great, but let’s to the task regardless,” and slog through it.

It’s important to note that there’s a lack of ending game content worth working towards. Content is wiped out when you’ve closed the case file that you have completed, and it’s likely that you won’t require the highest player level to be able to tackle any task. I’m not entirely sure whether Gotham Knights is setting itself to launch a live service model similar to Marvel’s Avengers (2020) and could be a reason to build an endgame model to deal with more difficult content however the RPG game’s landscape will require significant changes to accommodate that currently, it is barely an adequate system to complete the flimsy campaign. Gotham Knights does have a New Game+ option, which means you can definitely carry your prized loadout you to a harder version of the game… however, given the way my first experience made me feel, I can come up with a few good reasons for someone to choose to play this way.Some missions appear to be specially designed for two criminals.

I’ll say this though: Gotham Knights totally nails gear when it comes to cosmetic customization. It comes with lots of costume options for each hero, and different color schemes available so you can make your outfit your own, including some dope Batman Beyond-themed outfits and other classic costumes pulled from throughout Batman’s colorful history. And if you don’t like the look of whatever armor has the best stats, you can use the transmog system to apply any style you’ve unlocked and ensure you never leave the Batcave looking anything less than suave. There aren’t many things that made me want to return to Gotham Knights after completing the story, but searching for new ways to up my swag game was definitely one of them.

If you can convince people to join your team after reading this review Playing with a partner is definitely a much better experience – not just because you’ll have someone else to showcase your outfit to. First of all, combat usually goes by more quickly when you have an additional player performing stunts like team-based attacks in which two characters team up to create a perfect finisher is one of the most enjoyable aspects of combat. However, some missions feel like they’re designed specifically for two criminals and leave anyone who wants to play this as only a single-player affair with a an upswing. Although playing by myself often caused me to wonder if I should have been grinding more initially, when I saw friends join me in my game, I would usually think, “Oh, this is the reason the fight was so bad prior to that I was asked to have back-up.” One instance is a battle against some of Harley Quinn’s enemies that she uses to smack two tough bosses over you. I wouldn’t suggest going into this one without a partner.

There are some oddities when playing multiplayer, for instance the way slow-motion animations appear unnatural to the second player who’s at a normal pace. Also, when two players with the same hook which results in knocking one down. It’s like feeling very similar to being a second fiddle you are playing alongside someone else’s since you aren’t in the majority of cutscenes or are not permitted to interact with objects, and do not receive all the rewards that the players in the game receive after they have completed their tasks.

It’s also a bit bizarre that you can be playing with two people in an game which intentionally has four characters that you can play. I’m not sure if their originally planned game would have four-player co-op however it has is always odd to have two characters trapped in a tense event as two other powerful characters were…off cleaning their clothes or some other thing? To be fair, WB Montreal has already revealed a challenge mode for four players which will be announced in the near future however it’s still going to be separate from the main story.Problems with performance range from funny bugs to irritating obstructions.

Gotham Knights also suffers from performance issues that range from amusing bugs to annoying hindrances, the most grave of which is that the framerate. On the Xbox Series X, a stable 30fps was a rarity, especially when out in Gotham’s open world or during cutscenes – and God forbid I ride on my motorcycle for any amount of time. I’m not one to turn up my nose at a 30fps game versus 60 (which isn’t available here) and generally don’t need a game to be God’s gift to Digital Foundry to enjoy it, but Gotham Knights is pretty rough in this regard. That’s another disappointment when so many other aspects, like graphics, animations, and more, look quite good.

In addition to framerate problems, my time playing Gotham Knights saw occasional crashes as well as disconnects during multiplayer games as well as a variety of bugs including the incredibly annoying scenario of a mission’s target being trapped in the wall to silly things like riding your bike like an expert that you slam across the lowest part of the map and plunge into the level until you die (losing the game’s resources due to this issue is also quite irritating). I managed to make it through and I wouldn’t consider the game completely broken, however it wasn’t a smooth journey.


Gotham Knights is a consistently disappointing return to the city that has been troubled by Batman and is a significant step back from the previous decade of Batman games. Although flitting around Gotham with two players is fun, and all four crime fighters playable are executed well with their unique dialogue and actions, the basic elements fail for me to rate the game. The inconsistent frame rate to the poor narrative, to the mediocre combat that isn’t always satisfying There was always something wrong to ensure that I was not having the joyous return to my friends at my side as I had imagined.

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