Gran Turismo Sport – Review

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is a highly-crafted online racing site. It’s serious, thoughtful well-organized, and unlike the previous first-party racing game DriveClub it’s been stable since its launch. It’s gorgeous and well-presented. It also runs excellent. But the pivot into an online-focused racing simulation has resulted in the loss of some of its single-player game mode. it’s not equipped with significant weather effects as well as its track selection and garage is shockingly insignificant compared to its rivals.

The PvP online arena or Sport Mode as its dubbed as, is where the game developer Polyphony Digital has gambled all its chips. The positive side is that it’s developed a solid online racing arena. Sport Mode is spread across three daily rotating races – usually 20 minutes in length that rotates hourly and also scheduled championships (though these are still to be announced with the first scheduled for the 3rd of November).

When it comes to the regular races, all you have to do is sign-up to race and and spend the remainder of the time qualifying for the race, and GT Sport will seed you into an event with the full field of human racers. It’s a simple process, however the nature of the schedule has resulted in me competing in full lobbies with 20or more people. If the race is at a track that is suitable, I’ve enjoyed some fair and decent races, however, they were occasionally being slowed by lapped racers trying to shoot me the way of piss-off Sebastian Vettels. This is a problem GT Sport attempts to solve by introducing their “Sportsmanship Rating” that’s listed alongside your PSN ID that all racers can be able to see. It’s a process that will eventually have me removed of the way of these dangerous hooligans. In a way, it’s directly lifting the safety rating of iRacing’s and GT Sport’s Sportsmanship Rating is a reward for clean tracks fair overtakes, fair racing, and courteous racing. When you make contact with other drivers, you sinks. This happens in real-time. There’s an instant and clear penalty for sloppy and striking.

The system isn’t ideal – both drivers who collide will be penalized regardless of who was responsible, for example however my score is increasing with each race overall. However, that’s not the case for races at the small turbulent Northern Isle Speedway; it’s an (very) small oval that’s turned into an absolute scuffle each time I’ve tried it regardless of the best efforts of all involved. It’s possible to lap it in just 13 seconds with the case of a GT3 vehicle, but when starting from the front of the grid, I’ve seen myself racing backmarkers following one lap. It’s just a jumble of crashing, spinning, ghosted cars. It’s been very hard on my Sportsmanship Rating since it’s almost impossible to avoid having numerous people hit you on such a small course.

Arcade Mode is the only component in GT Sport that works offline.

Gran Turismo Sport

All that is required is an internet connection. If you don’t wish to or aren’t able to race online, Arcade Mode is all you have left. That’s where the amazing PlayStation VR functionality sits too and is limited to one-on-1 combat against AI but with a steering wheel it’s a great beginning-level advert for the extent to which VR is immersive. The view is extremely steady and superior to DriveClub VR, which simulated head tilt and appeared to be determined to summon an entire breakfast barf. The resolution of the track is a roaring blaze at a distance, however, close-up, things look attractive. I especially like the way that the HUD is embedded into the cabin and the little details like the way that my driver in game would drop an arm to accommodate my leaning towards the other direction in actual life did not be overlooked.

To be clear, Arcade Mode is the only feature that comes with GT Sport that works offline and you aren’t able to conduct driving tests, purchase cars, snap pictures using the attractive photo mode, or save progress, unless you’re linked to PSN. If you’re unable to connect on a regular basis or at all, you should not even think about GT Sport.

GT Sport has just a quarter of the tracks of its major competitors this year.

However, if you’re willing to remain on the internet, my suggestion is to give it a go in Sport mode. I’m not an esports fan but I’ve been a bit enticed by it. I believe that what I’m enjoying most about race online is the excitement and excitement that come by committing myself to a pre-planned block of racing and qualifying. Other than advancing the Sportsmanship rating and driver ratings (a secondary metric that tracks your performance and speed in general) I’m still wondering whether there’s enough content available within Sport Mode to give it the stamina. At present, it’s an assortment of races scheduled to change through a few car classes , and a small selection of circuits even though they’ve not changed in some time. It’s not clear if I’ll ever want to race on the same track multiple times throughout the day for a number of days in one go.

The absence of content can be a huge drawback. With just 17 sites and just 40 tracks (including reverse tracks), GT Sport has only a quarter of the tracks of its major competitors this year, which makes deja vu begin to has arrived pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there are only six tracks that actually exist within GT Sport (although Polyphony has distributed them all over the world, meaning that North America, South America, Germany, the UK, Japan, and Australia are each represented by each having a track).

These tracks in real life (Willow Springs Interlagos, Nurburgring, Brands Hatch, Suzuka, and Bathurst) are among the best available in GT Sport’s catalog. Without lights or weather effects, the tracks don’t feel lively in the same way that the tracks feel in F1 2016. Project CARS 2, or even Forza Motorsport 7 – especially how the tracks in these three racers are filled with water and then dry out However, they have tiny, charming features like animating flag officials. The time-of-day-of-day-options that are baked in advance are pretty good too.

The remaining 11 locations differ in their quality. Dragon Trail has some fun sections as well as an incredible background; it’s not large at times, but the extra space allows for somewhat cleaner racing. The Tokyo freeway track is on the opposite side of the spectrum. it’s incredibly convincing looking as a real public roads, however it’s extremely small and isn’t conducive to smooth racing. It’s odd that Polyphony did not tap into its history and revive the classics of the series such as Grand Valley, or Autumn Ring or Seattle.

The game has three tracks for rallying available (six depending on reverse layouts) However, they’re a bit outdated as compared to the superior off-road and rallycross experience that you can have in Dirt 4 and Project CARS 2. In GT Sport it’s still a kind of driving experience that feels like it’s on ice, like skating on the rough surface.

The list of cars is disappointing also, particularly since the 160-car total decreases in value under close examination. The majority of the 33 manufacturers offer a single model that is included between two and five times, and each is pre-designed for a variety of GT Sport’s racing classes. Yes, they’re technically distinct cars, having their own aero parts and performance features However, they do not offer much diversity. The most damaging are the fake “road-legal” modified versions of GT Sports’ race car.

The list of cars isn’t as impressive particularly when the 160 car count becomes less impressive when you look at it.

There are also these Vision GT fantasy models – there are approximately 30 of them. They I find to appear to be the equivalent of a car of those bizarre couture shows, where models are dressed in bathroom mats, bags for bins and straw and bits of fruit Over the over the top. I’m aware that a lot of people who enjoy this type of weird and futuristic designs however personally, I have no interest in these types of models particularly in comparison to real race cars. They’re totally unbalanced against modern, normal LMP1 carstoo.

Their presence is only used to show the major holes in the current lineup. You know, where’s the vintage things? The classic open-wheelers, or the vintage prototypes? Group A or Group C? Group 5 or GT1? GT Sport’s primary competitors this year cover all of these classes and much more. In fact, the GT Sport’s intro film is devoted to looking back on these classics but there is one difference: the oldest model of GT Sport is from 2009. The only exception is a 1987 Quattro that stands in the same way as a bear the bar mitzvah of a penguin as the only retro car that is included in the collection. This is typically one of quality over quantity. However, even although the quality of the quality in GT Sport’s vehicles is amazing, it’s certainly not like the cars competitors are creating are designed with crayon.

Polyphony has also added a great livery editor to make authentic-looking race cars, however the old part-replacement method is now an easier upgrade bar. This is a odd choice to GT to take after 20 years of development, however given that on the other hand that online racing has become the main goal here, as well as the fact that Sport Mode applies Balance of Performance to all cars that participate in online racing, the previous upgrade method would have been compromised.

However, I think it’s going be difficult for some to accept these kinds of changes GT Sport’s more individualistic indulgences. We didn’t even get any returning GT track from the original GT track However, we did get the exclusive showroom of an established watch maker. It’s true that it doesn’t harm anyone as I’m aware that TAG has a strong connection with motor racing however it’s an odd thing to decide which is more important when, for instance, the players’ flag icons are dependent on the nationality of the user’s PSN account, and not by one’s real nationality. The same is true for the bizarre slideshow which allows us to connect key events in the world of cars with a scattered spray of global events such as elections of Stalin and the debut album of Bjork. solo album.


It’s a lot of things, but GT Sport is the most refined Gran Turismo game in over 10 years. It’s gorgeous, feels fantastic, and everything there has been meticulously and executed. Although I’m able to overlook the sprinkle of odd sillyness, the lack of track and car content is a major problem and the exclusive nature of the majority of the content is troubling. Overall , it’s not nearly as thorough as its major rivals.


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