Multiplayer Co-Op Saves Get A Brilliant Reimagining With Grounded’s Shared Worlds System

Grounded’s Shared Worlds System

  • Grounded | Online games played with players can be a stressful experience. In the event that the game’s hosted on an online server, you’ll need to be able to count on that server to be up and running.
  • When the game hosted by peer-to peer hosts may have to be playing the game or have a computer at home that they could make available to host servers. Obsidian’s Grounded however, has come up with a clever solution to this problem, and it’s something that other developers need to consider replicating wherever feasible.
  • Grounded just hit 1.0 following a significant period in time on early access and what Obsidian has given us is among its most polished games. The premise is straightforward take the film Honey I Slept the Kid and turn it an survival game.


  • You’re dropped by four children into a place in which the grass is as large as trees and the trees are can be as tall as the tallest buildings. The game can be played by as many as four players and it’s designed to be a perpetual environment that anyone can connect to at any moment.
  • Grounded is available on Game Pass, so there’s no cost for a new subscription to begin and there are there aren’t any servers for the developer or publisher to stop operating since it’s peer to peer.
  • If you create an entirely new save, you’ll have the option of making the save a multiplayer or single player map. You can alter the map later. When someone you’ve invited joins your server, they are able to join while you host or host themselves.
  • Instead of hosting the game on a server Grounded can be hosted on the initial player to open up the world via an open peer-to peer connection. Once these players are connected to the world they and everyone other player who has played in the world will be able to access the synced save which each of them is able to use and sync with.
  • Each time you log in you will be able to access a permanent world with your progress and the building you’ve completed as well as the ability to play no matter if the game’s originator is online or not. You can host your game on either your PC or Xbox or join a host friend and everything is available.

  • It’s all the benefits of a server-hosted game without the expense.
  • Comparing this with Satisfactory which is a great game that involves building conveyor belts on distant planets to benefit all capitalists. Satisfactory issimilar to Grounded played peer-to-peer. It still requires a host on a server to play. Additionally, saves aren’t synced as this. In other words, if your friend goes away for one period of time, you’re out the loop until they return. Another alternative is to create or lease an individual server. This could be quite expensive and can cost as much as $11 or 15 dollars per month.
  • Should you choose to run the server by yourself it is essential to master all the commands required to use it and be sure you keep it running throughout the day.
  • This strategy isn’t suitable for all shared multiplayer games. Despite its basic appearance, games such as Minecraft could quickly grow to fill up several gigabytes in space.
  • In a server with a large number of users which means that your connection is going be being used by a user, or some other which means they’ll be sending large amounts of data, which isn’t an ideal situation in these times of bandwidth limits. Hosting your save on a shared server does not make sense. For other games with multiplayer, such as this, it’s a excellent alternative.
  • It utilizes the cloud saves that many major gaming platforms offer It saves power by not playing an unpopular game that nobody is playing. It also ensures equal access to games by making sure that no one is more in charge of the game than any other player.
  • Since users must be invited specifically and only your close friends are able to interfere with your save. It’s up to your shoulders to ensure you have reliable acquaintances.

  • While multiplayer games and their servers are able to come and go, more generalized servers hosted by Microsoft, Valve, and such like won’t disappear anytime soon.
  • Since there are no servers to maintain, Grounded isn’t dependent on Obsidian or Microsoft being able to manage servers that are game-specific, and gamers do not have to worry about a hosting provider providing an option to play a particular game.
  • In a world where electricity is getting more expensive both in terms of environmental and financial costs, being able to manage a server all the time is likely to become increasingly vital in the years ahead.
  • In the age of games that share worlds, Obsidian is showing some important forward thinking in the futureproofing of its latest game to ensure that players have access to it for many decades to come.