GTA Roleplay: GTA V RP Full Guide


  • What’s GTA V RP?
  • How can you get started playing RP in GTA V
  • How do you get and operate FiveM
  • The best GTA V RP servers you can join
  • Watch the best streamers in GTA V RP

GTA Roleplay | Everyone, their friends and grandmas, as well as their dogs, knows about GTA V. It is the most popular game in three generations. We’re not sure if GTA roleplay is what you want.

Apart from the amazing single-player story, which introduced 3 characters with an array of narrative elements and game-changing GTA Online gameplay, the community now has another option to enjoy their favorite game.

Let’s now talk about GTA roleplay. This feature allows you to take Online to new levels and beyond.

We will discuss what RP is and how to get involved, the best mods you can enable, and what to watch.

What’s GTA V RP?

GTA Roleplay

As you know, roleplay is basically roleplay. It allows you to recreate real life in a virtual world and live in the same apartment as you did in Manhattan.

GTA V RP works in the same way, but Los Santos is treated differently to look like real cities. Players are expected to follow societal rules and behave as they would IRL.

I am certain I would be an MP5-toting gangster, with the most hilarious quips (swear).

You can choose to live a simple life with fewer jobs or embrace the action-packed adventure lifestyle that you wished were possible outside your dreams.

How to Start Playing RP In GTA V?

It’s very simple. FiveM is the most popular way to instantly jump into GTA V with your friends and play RP.

However, before you can proceed, you will need to have a copy of GTA V as well as access to Online.

Let’s now talk about how, after we’ve settled on availability.

FiveM is a well-known mod in video gaming. It allows players create their own worlds or servers and to assign specific tools to allow the RP immersion.

How to Operate FiveM

  • Install FiveM. You can do this by going here to download the FiveM desktop application.
  • You should make sure that any antivirus software you have is disabled or has an exception for FiveM. While developers are working on a solution, this is the best you can do at the moment.
  • You must ensure that both FiveM (and GTA V) are installed on the computer you intend to RP.
  • Start the FiveM app on your desktop to go through the rest.

You can also download the RAGE Multiplayer mod .

Joining and playing in a GTA RP Server

Like all societies, it takes a lot of work and consideration to join and maintain your game on an RP server.

You must first access the rules and regulations to join a server. Once you have them, try to follow them until you can RPG the crap out of a grandma.

There is also the potential for malice spreading; will you glitch 20 tanks over each other like in the old Vice City days? (Don’t tell the police we said that).

GTA V RP can be done in any way you like. RP can be done by anyone, no matter if you are a cop, a robber or a priest.

Now you know what to do.

Join Now

Servers that allow active roleplay have grown in popularity as well.

These are the top RP servers you can join if you’re confused by the choices in FiveM.


  • Members: >20,000
  • Launched: 2015

TwitchRP, as you can see from the name, is a server that allows roleplaying games to be played by streamers on Twitch.

It is a great place to RP, regardless of your streamer status.

You can scan your ID to gain access to Twitch RP by making yourself known on the forums, reading through their rules, and filling out a form if necessary.

However, there are more than 20,000 members so expect to wait for a while.

If you are invited into Twitch RP’s world, then have fun! It’s a great way for you to establish a foothold on the platform.

Eclipse RP

  • Members: 1,000
  • Launched Unknown

EclipseRP, another server with a huge 1000-player capacity is perhaps the most well-known. This is where players can fulfill their virtual dreams.

Eclipse has a large community of active players so it’s easy to find other players to play with and make friends.

You can also use it as a forum, panel or voice chat support. ‘

Mafia City

  • Members: 500
  • Launched Unknown

Do you ever dream of living the life of a Mafioso post-war? With Mafia City, you can make that dream a reality. The RP server allows you to do all that, and more, in a world full of unique surprises and surprises. You can even purchase every property.

Another advantage is the community that is extremely supportive and involved behind the server. This ensures that every player has fun and that they are doubled for each one.

Mafia City also supports VoIP. Mafia City is RP, which they say welcomes you to a world full of infinite possibilities.


Members: 200

Launched: 2014

NoPixel revived the game in its 3.0 version. It has received a lot of attention from streamers around the world and has seen an increase in views. It has been so popular that there have been many applications to join it that the developers had to pause some applications.

NoPixel allows you to live your dreams, like many others on this list. However, there are strict rules and regulations you must adhere to. These rules are enforced by server mods according to the immersion value and time of the players who inhabit the world.

New Day

  • Members: 200
  • Launched Unknown

This is the real deal. New dayRP is quite different than all the other options we’ve explored. This server is more than any other on the list. Players must adhere to extremely strict rules and regulations.

To be allowed into the server, you will need to be whitelisted by the authorities. Once you’re in, you’ll experience an entirely new level of active roleplay. We won’t spoil anything! Find out more today.

Watch the Best Streamers in GTA V RP

You want to play it, but also want to see the content. Let’s get started. These are some of the most prominent streamers currently playing GTA V RP.


  • Subscribers – 4.6 Million
  • Net Worth: $2 Million

Zerkaa, who is associated with the Sidemen, is one of the most well-known internet personalities in London. He is also a streamer and Youtuber.

In RP servers, his alter-ego is Timmy T. The character’s story revolves around immigration and the return to crime because there are no other options. Remember the person?

You can see Zerkaa RPing at Twitch or YouTube.


  • Subscribers – 2.1 Million
  • Net Worth: $9 Million

xQc is primarily an Overwatch streamer but streams a lot of other games including GTA V RP. xQc’s divisive personality makes him stand out from other Twitch content creators. His RP is a great way to get in on the action as he pulls you in hook, line, and sinker.

xQc’s streams have a reputation for being funny, intense, and very entertaining. He has fully committed to creating meme-worthy sessions with his chat community. It helps that he is one of the most popular creators on Twitch.

You can find xQc on Twitch.


  • Subscribers – 2.8 Million
  • Net Worth: $1 Million

Sykkuno’s rise is due to the pandemic-classic Among Us, and the fad it became during a time when everyone was waiting in their homes for streamers like him online.

Sykkuno has a lot of GTA V RP content, which is no surprise to anyone. His calm, calculated personality is reflected in Kuno Sykk, his young hacker character who’s trying to make a name for himself in underground casinos and bank heist circuits.

You can find Sykkuno at Twitch or YouTube.

There you have it. GTA Roleplay for PC is great fun and has plenty to offer everyone. You can choose to become a corrupt cop or a rags–to-riches gangster. Or just an ordinary Joe.

Have fun playing!