GTA San Andreas Complete 100% Completion Guide and Checklist

GTA San Andreas Guide and Checklist

November 28, 2021 By Archavia 26 Comments

This Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 100% Completion Checklist & Guide will help you complete the game to earn the Remasteredtrophy/ achievement. (updated for GTA San Andreas Remaster on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC). You don’t have to complete the entire list in order to achieve 100% completion.

All trophies will be disabled if you cheat, so make sure to meet all requirements. It is rare for the game to crash. Therefore, it is important to regularly save your progress to prevent losing progress while playing Horseshoes and Oysters. Fidelity and Performance modes can be more dangerous than Fidelity, where some mission cutscenes could cause crashes.

Although 100% completion is a label, there are many things that you don’t need to do. These include all 70 Unique Jumps, all girlfriend relationships up to 100%, and all gang warfare turfs.

The following are the benefits of completing 100%:

  • $1,000,000
  • All weapons require ammo to be returned
  • Double the vehicle’s strength
  • Sweet’s house roof is adorned with Hydra
  • Rhino under the Grove Street bridge
  • Remastered trophy / achievement

100% Checklist

Story Missions

  • All 98 Story Missions Completed

Asset Missions

  • All 26 Asset Missions must be completed for all Assets
    • 3 Courier Missions
    • 8 Trucking Missions
    • 7 Quarry Missions
    • 3 Zero RC Missions
    • 4 Wang Car Missions
    • Valet Level 5

Vehicle Challenges

  • All 3 Vehicle Challenges Completed
    • BMX Challenge
    • NRG-500 Challenge
    • The Chiliad Challenge: Win all 3 Routes

Vehicle missions

  • All 6 Vehicle Missions Completed
    • Firefighter: Complete Level 12 in One Go
    • Paramedic: Complete Level 12 in One Go
    • Vigilante: Complete Level 12 in one shot
    • Pimping: Complete Level 10 in One Go
    • Freight Train: Complete Level 2
    • Taxi driver: 50 total taxi fares

Race Tournaments

  • All 19 Race Tournaments: 1st Place. Complete all 6 Checkpoint Races.
    • Los Santos – 9 Race Tournaments
    • San Fierro – 6 Race Tournaments
    • Las Venturas – 4 Race Tournaments, 6 Checkpoint Races

Stadium Events

  • All 4 Stadium Events must be completed
    • 8-Track – Win 1st Place
    • Blood Bowl – complete 1st event
    • Dirt Track – 1st Place
    • Kickstart – Score at least 26

Vehicle Schools

  • All 4 Vehicle Schools lessons must be at least bronze
    • Driving School
    • Bike school
    • Boat School
    • Flying School


Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Completion of all 3 export and import lists
  • All 4 Ammu-Nation Shooting Range Weapon Challenges in One Go
  • All 24 Properties and 5 Hotel Suites Available for Purchase
  • All moves in the 3 Gyms

Story Missions

GTA San Andreas Complete 100% Completion Guide and Checklist

You have 98 Story Missions to complete in the game. These missions will be displayed on the map along with the character’s initials or a symbol, if they are available.


  • The Beginning
  • Big Smoke
  • Sweet & Kendl


  • Ryder
  • Home Invasion
  • Catalyst
  • Robbing Uncle Sam


  • Tagging Up Turf
  • Clean the Hood
  • Drive-Thru
  • Nines and AKs
  • Drive-By
  • Sweet’s Girl
  • Cesar Vialpando
  • Doberman
  • Los Sepulcros
  • Reuniting Families
  • The Green Sabre
  • Beat down on B Dup
  • Grove for Life
  • Los Desperados
  • End of the Line

Big Smoke

  • OG Loc
  • Running dog
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks
  • Just Business

Cesar Vialpando

  • High Stakes, Low Rider
  • King in Exile
  • Wu Zi Mu
  • Farewell, My Love…
  • Photo opportunity
  • Jizzy (starting dialogue only).
  • Pier 69

OG Loc

  • Life is a beach
  • Madd Dogg’s Rhymes – Assassin trophy/achievement can be done on that mission
  • Management Questions
  • House Party


  • Burning Desire
  • Gray Imports
  • Badlands
  • We tip 555
  • Snail Trail
  • Missappropriation
  • High Noon


  • First date
  • First Base
  • Gone Courting
  • Made in Heaven
  • Tanker Commander
  • Local Liquor Store
  • For All Odds
  • Small Town Bank

The Truth

  • Body Harvest
  • Are You Going to San Fierro
  • Black Project – They can’t stop All of Ustrophy/achievement can be achieved on this mission
  • Green Goo


  • Flowers for your hair
  • Ice Cold Killa
  • Riot


  • Deconstruction

Jizzy B

  • Jizzy
  • T-Bone Mendez
  • Mike Toreno – Do You Need Directions? This mission can award a trophy or achievement.
  • Outrider

Wu Zi Mu

  • Mountain Cloud Boys
  • Ran Fa Li
  • Lure
  • Amphibious Assault
  • The Da Nang Thang
  • Toreno’s Last Flight
  • Yay Ka-Boom Boom-Boom

Mike Toreno

  • Monster
  • Highjack
  • Interdiction
  • Verdant Meadows
  • Learn to Fly – Must get at least bronze in all lessons
  • N.O.E.
  • Stowaway
  • Vertical Bird
  • Home Coming


  • Fender Ketchup
  • Explosive Situation
  • You’ve had your chips
  • Don Peyote
  • Fish in a Barrel
  • A Home in the Hills
  • Architectural Espionage
  • The Key to Her Heart
  • Dam and Blast
  • Cop Wheels
  • All the best!
  • Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s


  • Intensive Care
  • The Meat Business
  • Freefall
  • Saint Mark’s Bistro

Madd Dogg

  • Madd Dogg
  • Cut Throat Business

Asset Missions

You must complete all 26 Asset Missions. These will unlock in the game and be marked on the map with symbols. However, the courier missions and Valet are not listed on the map. You will generate revenue from outside the establishment by completing a series of asset missions.

Courier Missions

There are three Courier Missions. These can be started by getting in a vehicle and stopping at a specific building on each island. You will need to deliver packages all over the island. The first level has 3 packages, the fourth level has 6 packages. To complete each courier mission, you must complete all four levels. Please refer to GTA San Andreas Hidden mission Locations for the exact location of all courier missions.

  • Roboi’s Food Mart, Commerce, Los Santos – Get on the BMX bike parked outdoors
  • Hippy Shopper (Queens San Fierro, San Fierro). – Get on the Freeway from a parked car outside
  • Burger Shot (Redsands East Las Venturas) – Get on the Faggio parked outside

Transporting Missions

After completing the “Tanker Commander” mission, there are eight Trucking Missions. These can be started at RS Haul, Flint County. These will be marked with a truck symbol on the map. These will require you to transport a truck with goods to a specific location on the map. You must comply with one of three conditions: delivering within a specified time limit, delivering without causing any damage, or delivering illegal goods at a desired level. You can complete the first six missions as soon as the unlock is completed. However, the final two missions will require that you unlock Las Venturas before you can begin the second mission.

Quarry Missions

After completing the mission “Explosive Situation”, there are seven Quarry Missions. These can be initiated at the Hunter Quarry, Bone County. These will be marked with the yellow bulldozer symbol on the map. These simple missions are performed within the Quarry using either a Bulldozer or a Dump Truck. These tasks will require you to move objects or complete time-limited tasks.

Zero RC

After completing “Wear Flowers in Your Hair”, there are three missions that Zero RC will allow you to complete. These are side missions that involve RC vehicles.

  • Air Raid
  • Supply Lines
  • New Model Army

Wang Cars

You have four missions to complete for Wang Cars. First, you need to buy Wang Cars’ asset for $50,000. After completing the mission “Yay Ka Boom-Boom”, and at least bronze in all Driving School lessons, you will be able to purchase the Wang Cars asset. These are side missions that you will be performing. Each one requires you to steal a car by various means and return it back to the Doherty Garage. The third mission unlocks the Export and Import Lists, which are required for 100% completion.

  • Zeroing In
  • Take a test drive
  • Customs Fast Track
  • Puncture Wounds


The Valet mission has 5 levels. To be able to complete this mission you need to first complete “555 We Tip”. You can then start the Valet mission at Vank Hoff Hotel, Financial, San Fierro if you’re wearing the Valet outfit. This mission consists of taking cars left at the valet and parking them in designated spaces in the carpark. You must park three cars on the first level, while 7 cars must be parked at the fifth level. Time bonuses will be given for parking cars straight and doing so without causing damage. You will be penalized 20 seconds for killing other valets.

Vehicle Challenges

You must complete all 3 Vehicle Challenges. These challenges are created when you get on a particular vehicle at the spawn location. These are not visible on the map. You can find the location of all vehicle challenges at San Andreas Hidden Mission Locations.

BMX Challenge

You can start the BMX Challenge by riding your bike at the Glen Park Skate Park, Los Santos. You will need to complete all 19 checkpoints at the Skate Park. Each checkpoint grants you 10 seconds, while you start with 10 seconds. You will need to bunny hop with your BMX in order to reach many of these checkpoints (which you can do by holding :l1: ), and you should have a minimum of 60% cycling skill before you attempt this. Your bunny jump height will increase as you improve your skill level. Some checkpoints can be difficult to reach if you have a low level of cycling skill.

NRG-500 Challenge

You can start the NRG-500 Challenge by riding the NRG-500 from the dock at Easter Basin, San Fierro. You will need to complete the 18 checkpoints in the halfpipe. Each checkpoint grants you 10 seconds, while you start with 10 seconds. Many of these checkpoints require that you launch the halfpipe at the correct angle and speed in order to hit them in air.

Chiliad Challenge

You can start the Chiliad Challenge by riding a mountain bike to the top of Mount Chiliad and having a minimum of 40% cycling skill. You must complete 3 routes. The challenge is available only between 07:00 and 18:00 (7AM-6PM). These routes require you to race down the mountain and win each one. You will unlock the next route after you have completed a particular route.

  • Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route
  • Birdseye Winder
  • Cobra Run

Vehicle missions

You can start 6 vehicle missions in the game by pressing :up: while you are in your respective vehicle type. These are where you drive around the map to complete a specific objective. These can be completed at any time, but it is highly recommended that you start as soon as possible to become a Paramedic, Firefighter, or Vigilante. The rewards are extremely beneficial all throughout the game.


Firefighter missions require a Fire Truck. These can be found at any Fire Station, or you can start a fire using molotov cocktails. To complete the task, you must reach level 12. Each level increases the number of fires you need to put out. Level 1 has one car on fire and level 12 has three cars on fire. You must extinguish a car that is on fire. Passengers will run around after you have finished putting out the fire. Each fire you put out will cost you time. You’ll also quickly run out of time. This is why it’s important to make sure you don’t run over or ram into any cars that are burning.

You will be fireproof after you complete the Firefighter mission.


An ambulance is required for paramedic missions. To complete the mission, you must reach level 12. You will be responsible for picking up injured civilians from the map and returning them to hospital. The rescue time increases by 1 with each level. To avoid flipping, the Ambulance is very difficult to handle and can easily flip. It is best to be cautious while driving and use :r1: brakes when turning around corners. The Ambulance can only hold three people simultaneously so you will need to plan your route for each level. You must be careful not to hit any civilians, or cause injury while moving them. This will result in the mission being cancelled.

Angel Pines is the best place to do this as it has a small hospital. You can quickly complete the paramedic task by doing this mission.

You will have a greater level of health after you complete the Paramedic mission.


Vigilante missions require any law enforcement vehicle. This includes the HPV-1000 and Rhino, as well as Hunter. (In the case of Hunter, the mission is called Brown Thunder but it counts the same thing). To complete the task, you must reach level 12. Each level increases the number of criminals you can kill by 1. Level 1 has one criminal per car. Level 12 has 12 criminals spread across three cars.

This is possible with either the Hunter or Rhino, although they will take some time to obtain. You can access the Rhino from Area 69 in the Restricted Area of Las Venturas. By entering Area 69, you will be granted an immediate 5-star desired level. You can either get all the gold medals from the Flight School or smuggle it out of the Heli hell checkpoint race (by flying it into Las Venturas Airport and watching the race fail). Vigilante will be laughing at these vehicles, since the Rhino is virtually indestructible and can destroy cars quickly. The Hunter, on the other hand, can cover ground very quickly and has lock-on guns.

You will need a regular police vehicle to accomplish this task, which is the HPV-100 Police Bike. You can use any SMG variant (preferably with 2000+ bullets to make sure you don’t run out) to drive by the criminals until either they get out of their cars, or they explode. Because you can shoot both forwards and sideways, the HPV-100 is a great choice. You should be careful if they try to get out, as they may have rifles or shotguns that will quickly destroy your vehicle. This method will result in you being a highly wanted person. You’ll either have to pay bribes to police or grab another vehicle to use a “Pay’N’Spray”. This will likely mean that you will need to change several law enforcement vehicles.

You will be able to increase your maximum armor after you have completed the Vigilante mission.


A Broadway is a 2-door convertible, and it’s required for pimping missions. You can find them driving around El Corona by Varrios Los Aztecas. They are parked near a gas station on Idlewood. Or you can get them during “Jizzy”. To complete the mission, you must reach level 10. You will be responsible for picking up two girls and taking them to the clients. Sometimes, clients will attack you or run away when you attempt to rescue a girl. In these cases, you must kill them. Each time you collect a girl from a client, you will be able to complete a level. This game has no time limit, so you can go as slow as you want. San Fierro, the smallest and most accessible city, is the ideal location.

Freight Train

Freight Train missions are possible by either getting in a Freight Train (or Brown Streak Train) and stopping at any station on the map. To access Las Venturas, you must first complete the mission “Yay Ka Boom-Boom”. You can complete the Freight Train mission on its own or in two levels.

You will be required to deliver goods to all 5 stations on the map. This is essentially completing a complete loop. You will have to arrive at each station on time. You can cause the train to veer off-track if it goes too fast. It is best to keep the train at 45 mph, as 47.5 mph will result in the train crashing. To avoid overtaking a train station, it is best to slow down when the station is less than 10 times your speed. For example, if you are traveling at 45 mph, you should slow down when the station distance is at 450 mph. The mission is the same on both levels, but you’ll have slightly more time for the second.

You will receive $50,000 and free rides when you complete the Freight Train mission.

Taxi driver

Taxi Driver missions require either a Taxi driver or cabbie. This will require you to complete 50 fares in total. It does not have to be completed in one sitting. You will need to drive from one point A to another, pick up the fares, then drop them off.

All Taxis will receive nitro and hydraulics after they have completed 50 total fares.

Race Tournaments

There are 19 Race Tournaments and 6 Checkpoint Races. These can be initiated by clicking on the Checkered Flag symbol located on the map. It will display locations for each city. The Checkpoint Races are not required, but you must place 1st in each of the 16 Race Tournaments. Before Race Tournaments are available, you must earn at least bronze medals in all Driving School lessons. You will be given a vehicle for each race, so it is not possible to bring your own. Each race wins $10,000 and all wins earn you $1,000,000.

Los Santos Race Tournaments

After completing “Verdant Meadows”, and the Driving School, these Race Tournaments will be unlocked. Cesar will have won 3 races already, so they don’t need to be won again.

  • Lowrider Race (automatically done during “High Stakes Low Rider”
  • Little Loop
  • Backroad Wanderer
  • City Circuit
  • Vinewood
  • Freeway
  • In the Country
  • Badlands A (done automatically during Wu Zi Mu)
  • Badlands B (done automatically in “Farewell, My Love “

San Fierro Race Tournaments

After completing the Driving School, these Race Tournaments can be unlocked.

  • Dirtbike Danger
  • Bandito County
  • Go-Go Karting
  • San Fierro Fastlane
  • San Fierro Hills
  • Country Endurance

Las Venturas Freight Depot Race Tournaments

After completing the “Yay Ka Boom-Boom” mission and the Driving School, these Race Tournaments will be unlocked.

  • SF to LV
  • Dam Rider
  • Desert Tricks
  • LV Ringroad

Las Venturas Airport Checkpoint Races

After completing the mission “Yay Ka Boom-Boom”, these Checkpoint Races will be unlocked.

  • World War Ace
  • Barnstorming
  • Military Service
  • Chopper Checkpoint
  • Whirly Bird Waypoint
  • Heli Hell

Stadium Events

You must complete all 4 Stadium Events. These events can be started at any of the three stadiums on each island and will appear on the map with a trophy symbol. Two of these events require you to win. One is a race, while the other is a demolition derby. The last is a checkpoint challenge.

8-Track (Los Santos Forum)

Los Santos Forum is located east of Grove Street. To start the event, you must have at least 20% driving skills. You must finish 1st in this 12-lap stockcar race. This race is not special. Just avoid being spun out by your opponents. Once you have a steady lead, there should be no threat to the opposition.

Blood Bowl (Corvin Stadium).

Corvin Stadium, San Fierro is the location for this event. It is located directly south of Driving School. This is a demolition derby. Your goal is to collect checkpoints all around the arena and reach the time limit of 1 minute. Start with 30 seconds. Each checkpoint will give you 15 seconds. Although it sounds simple, other cars will try to ram you and collect checkpoints, making this a battle between attrition. It can be somewhat random as there will likely be several checkpoints within close proximity to each other. However, if you keep your eyes on nearby cars and focus on the checkpoints, it shouldn’t take long to complete.

Kickstart (Blackfield Stadium).

You can do this at Blackfield Stadium, Las Venturas on the west side of the city. Kickstart will be open every day except Monday and Wednesday, but you can check the day by pressing. To earn points, you will need to collect checkpoints throughout the arena. Each checkpoint is worth one point. Orange checkpoints count for 2 points, red checkpoints count for 3 points. To complete the challenge, you must score at least 26 points. The maximum possible total is 61. These checkpoints will be located around jumps, ramps, and other obstacles. This will give you a four-minute time limit, so focus on the easiest checkpoints and don’t waste your time trying to reach the more difficult ones.

Dirt Track (Blackfield Stadium).

Blackfield Stadium, located on the west side of Las Venturas can host the event. Dirt Track will only be available at this location on Monday and Wednesday. You can check the day by holding :left:. You must finish the 6-lap dirt bike race in 1st place. You should be able to quickly gain a lead over your opponents as long as you are proficient with the bike.

Vehicle Schools

There are four Vehicle Schools within the game. You must complete each lesson with at least one bronze medal. You don’t need to complete 100% of the game with all silver/gold medals. They will unlock other vehicles from that school. Each school has between 5-12 lessons. These are mostly tests of vehicle control and movement. Unlocked schools can be found on the map by clicking the red _ S.

Driving School

After completing the mission “Deconstruction”, Driving School can be unlocked. It is located just south of Doherty Garage. Driving School offers 12 lessons. All bronze unlocks the Super GT, all the bullet and all the hotknife.

Boat School

After completing the mission “Deconstruction”, Boat School can be unlocked and is located at the Bayside Marina, in the northwest Tierra Robada. Boat School offers 5 lessons. All bronze unlocks the Marquis, all Silver the Squalo and all Gold the Jetmax.

Bike school

After completing the mission “Deconstruction”, Bike School can be unlocked. However, it cannot be accessed without obtaining a 4-star wanted level prior to completing “Yay Ka-Boom-Boom” and is located just south of Las Venturas’ Blackfield Stadium. Bike School offers 6 lessons. All bronze unlocks the Freeway. All silver the FCR900 and all gold the NRG500.

Flying School

After the mission “Learning to Fly”, Flying School can be unlocked and can be found at the Verdant Meadows Airstrip. To continue the story, all bronze medals must be completed during mission “Learning to Fly”. Flying School consists of 10 lessons. All bronze (along with your Pilot License) will unlock the Rustler, all silver the Stunt Plane and all gold to the Hunter.


You can collect 4 types of collectibles, and you have to complete them all. One type is for each island and one is shared across them all. The four weapons that can be obtained by completing the island-specific sets are available at the main safehouse. Additionally, the final set is available to make it easier for girls to date.

Gang Tags (Los Santos)

You must spray 100 Gang Tags located throughout Los Santos. After completing “Tagging Up Turf”, you will need a Spray can to spray these Gang Tags. These can be done at the end of the mission, since you have an unlimited Spray Can so you won’t need to refill it.

Spraying all 100 tags unlocks the Tec9 and AK-47, Sawn-Off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails at Johnson House. Grove Street gang members will also have their weapons upgraded.

You can find a complete list at San Andreas Gang Tag Locations.

Snapshots (San Fierro).

You must take 50 Snapshots around San Fierro. These landmarks have a floating camera icon nearby. To capture the Snapshot, you will need to take a photograph of this icon. These Snapshots require a Camera. You can find it upstairs at the Johnson House, or near many of the Snapshot locations. The Snapshots can be taken at landmarks but the landmarks do not have to be photographed. You just need to photograph the floating icons. You can capture these from distances where the floating icon is not rendered in. As long as you are able to photograph the right spot.

Snapshots 50 will unlock the Micro Uzi and Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Grenades at Doherty Garage, and $100,000.

You can find a complete list at San Andreas Snapshot Locations.

Horseshoes (Las Venturas)

You will find 50 Horseshoes all around Las Venturas. These are common collectibles you should pick up. These are often located on rooftops and in difficult-to-reach places, so it is best to collect them with the Jetpack (unlocked at Verdant Valleys Airstrip following the mission “Green Goo”) or with a helicopter. However, some of them will be more difficult to find using a helicopter.

All 50 Horseshoes can be collected to unlock the SMG and Combat Shotgun, M4 Remote Explosives at Four Dragons Casino, and $100,000.

You can find a complete list at San Andreas Horseshoe Locations.

Oysters (Whole-Map)

You will find 50 Oysters all over San Andreas. These are common collectibles you should pick up. They are all found underwater so they are best collected using the Sea Sparrow (located at Sherman Dam’s southeast dock or at Verdant Meadows’ small northeast dock). You can fly quickly to the Oysters’ locations and land on the water or use a boat to reach them.

All 50 oysters can be collected to give you $100,000 and maximum lung capacity. It will also mean that all potential girlfriends can date you, regardless of CJ’s appearance or sexual appeal.

You can find a complete list at San Andreas Oyster Locations.

Miscellaneous Tasks

You will need to complete a variety of miscellaneous tasks in order to achieve 100%. These include completing all export lists and purchasing all property.

Export and import

Once you have completed the “Customs Fast Track”, for the Wang Cars asset’s mission, Export and Import will be available at the Easter Basin drydock. There are 3 lists with 10 cars each to be completed. Depending on the quality and quantity of vehicles delivered, you can earn up to $1,444,000 by completing all three lists.

For a complete listing of Import and Export Vehicles, please visit San Andreas Export Vehicle Locations.

Ammu-Nation Shooting Range

Many of the larger Ammu-Nations will have shooting areas attached to them, such as Downtown Los Santos or Come-A-Lot Las Venturas. Here you can compete for 4 weapons. After completing the mission “Yay Ka Boom-Boom”, you will unlock the final weapon.

Each round of the weapon challenge will have three rounds. The first two rounds you’ll need to destroy 3 targets faster than your opponents. In the third round, you’ll each share one target, and you’ll need 20 points more than your opponents. You can fail any challenge and you can restart it immediately. However, if you leave the shooting area, you’ll have to start over from the beginning. These will give you 200 weapon skills for each weapon, and will increase your weapon skills.

  • Pistol Challenge
  • Micro SMG Challenge
  • Shotgun Challenge
  • AK-47 Challenge


You can purchase 24 properties and 5 hotel suites across the map. These properties will be marked on the map as either a green or red house depending on when they are available to purchase. After completing the mission “Learning to Fly”, all 29 locations can be purchased for $879,000.


There are three Gyms located on the map. One on each island. These gyms will be marked on the map with a dumbbell. Talk to a trainer at each gym and they will show you three moves if you beat them in fight. However, they won’t fight you if your muscles are greater than 35%. This can be done by lifting weights in gym.

  • Ganton Gym (Ganton, Los Santos)
  • Cobra Martial Arts Gym (Garcia, San Fierro)
  • Below the Belt Gym, Redsands East Las Venturas


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