Halo Infinite ranks: multiplayer ranking system explained

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Looking to find out the complexities that go into how to use the Halo Infinite ranks system? If so, then you’re in the right spot.

Halo Infinite ranks: multiplayer ranking system explained

The multiplayer of the game is one month away from the end of its second season. So if you’ve been able to get an overview of what it’s about it’s possible you’ve seen the game’s competition mode called Ranked Arena.

Halo Infinite‘s Ranked Arena mode is designed for players who take their kill-death percentage seriously and would like to challenge others Halo players. If you participate within Ranked Arena mode, you’ll be able to use your Halo abilities to climb the ladder of rank and explore the different tiers that are above. The proper mastery of its many rungs will ensure that you can be able to climb them swiftly – however, when you play badly, you could find that your progress slows down to a slow crawl.

What exactly is the best way to start to comprehend these Halo Infinite rankings? What is the structure? What is the difference? Halo Infinite’s scoring system and Ranked Arena mode differ from the previous Halo games?

Learn all you must be aware of Halo Infinite ranks as we discuss the most recent multiplayer ranking system, so you are aware of what to be expecting before you enter the arena.

Halo Infinite ranks


You’ll need to play 10 qualifying matches prior to being awarded an overall rank based upon the performance of these matches. If you win, you have more chance to climb up the ranks, however your individual performance will also be considered. But, you could lose rank after losing too many times.

It’s important to note that Ranked Arena shuts off the minimap and grenade hit markers, and forces players to begin playing with Battle Rifles instead of the Assault Rifle. Friendly fire is also enabled and so are the static items that spawn.


Halo’s system of ranking can be divided into six sections and includes the total of 31 ranks. Below are the ranks accessible from low to highest rank:

  • Bronze I through VI
  • From Silver I through VI
  • From Gold I through VI
  • From Platinum I through VI
  • From Diamond I through VI
  • Onyx


In contrast to Halo 5: Guardians, there isn’t a Champion ranking In Halo Infinite. In the top 200 teams from the Onyx division will be identified by the Champion Division rank. It ranges which ranges from 200 up to.

A brand new feature in Ranked Arena within Halo Infinite is the ability to join an open queue, or a duo or solo queue. Open queue lets you play against a group of players with either keyboard or controller inputs. It also lets you play as a whole team of four players. The solo/duo queue requires you to choose one specific input, which is keyboard or mouse it is limited to two or one-player fireteams.

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