Here’s an overview of pretty much each known PSVR 2 title announced so far.


This week Sony revealed the release date as well as the high price of its brand new VR headset, the PlayStation VR2.

As a dedicated helmet-head I was thinking that Sony is aiming to achieve an affordable price that was similar to the price of the PS5 so the figures that it stated as pre-order pricing were not too shocking to me. I’ve had the pleasure of going on a hands-on experience using PSVR 2 in the past. PSVR 2 before and I’m sure it’s a top-quality piece of kit . And thanks to the inclusion to the Sense controllers that come with the kit the price was just right to me.

What didn’t agree for me, however, was it appears that the basic PSVR 2 bundle seems to include none of the games. As of the time I write this article, Sony hasn’t made any mention of the possibility of a PlayStation VR Worlds style demo disc or download code that is included in the packaging of the base bundle, as it was with earlier versions of the PSVR. The reason for this is the well-known, but somewhat disappointing absence of backwards compatibility with PSVR’s original PSVR library this could be seen as an obstacle for potential users who are new to the technology.

What do Sony think of bringing an audience new towards their PSVR 2 if it’s this costly and there aren’t many games to play in the beginning? This is one of the concerns that Eurogamer’s news team asked as I was for the Newscast last week. I think it was a valid question.


The only launch games that be officially announced include games that will be PSVR 2 exclusive, Horizon: Call of the Mountain as well as an updated port from the Quest 2 game, Cities VR: Extra Edition. It’s not a lineup worth spending close to PS600 on if you pay on the Horizon bundle, so I wondered about it “what other can this PSVR 2 have to offer with this moment?”

This is where the latest show of VR Corner comes in, that you can view in the video player on right at the very top. There are 47 officially confirmed PSVR 2 games that are currently in development for the headset currently This can provide you with an insight into what else could be coming to PSVR 2 at some point in the near future (and it’s not exclusively shooter games at this point I’m sure of it).

The 47 games vary in terms of quality, naturally. Certain of them are newly revealed PSVR 2 exclusives like the Rush of Blood sequel, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR and others. Others, however, are more like standard VR shovelware.

If you add the 13 games of high quality that I’ve listed in my video that’s embedded a few paragraphs over the words, this increases the count of verified PSVR 2 titles so far to about 60. This is an impressive number, if I’m honest I’m particularly hoping that this number will increase as we near launch day by the developers of PSVR 1 games announcing PSVR 2 updates to their games.

While the future of PSVR 2 might not be promising as it might be right now with regard to launch games however, there’s a chance for a thriving library in the near future. Also, it will allow you to save money should you choose to hold off until you have some real games available!


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