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High on Life Review

High on Life is a a laugh first-individual shooter game with a memorable and hilarious story in addition to a couple of severe bugs that want addressing.

Rick and Morty author Justin Roiland’s game development studio Squanch Games has mainly focused on virtual truth video games on the grounds that its inception in 2016. From its debut VR sport Accounting to 2019’s Trover Saves the Universe, Squanch’s efforts have been nicely-received by way of the VR community. With its present day game, Squanch is seeking to launch a extra conventional gaming enjoy. High on Life is a primary-person shooter that efficaciously serves as a send-up of the FPS style whilst also standing as a wonderful new representation of it, foul-mouthed speakme weapons and all.

High on Life‘s speakme guns are its defining feature, and they help inject plenty of persona into the enjoy. All the traditional FPS gun types are represented here, with the same old pistol, shotgun, gadget gun, and so on., besides they all have their very own personas, voice actors, and a laugh methods of reacting to the ridiculous situations the players find themselves in. Besides their preferred fireplace, the weapons all have secondary features which can be incorporated seamlessly into the game’s fight, puzzles, and platforming.

Take High on Life pistol Kenny, for instance. While gamers are able to use Kenny like a pistol from some other FPS recreation, he also has a secondary fire that lets him shoot out a huge glob of inexperienced goo. In combat, Kenny’s glob is outstanding for crowd manipulate, as players can shoot it right into a swarm of enemies to send all of them flying into the air at once. For platforming and puzzle solving, the glob is used to knock barriers around, every now and then growing new systems for players to land on.

The extra weapons players acquire in High on Life, the more innovative they could get with the sport’s fight. For instance, gamers may want to ship a collection of enemies flying into the air with Kenny’s glob, then they could speedy change to the shotgun (a frog-like creature named Gus) and take them all out with a single shot. Each weapon provides to the player’s combat toolbox, and their secondary skills additionally give gamers many more alternatives when it comes to navigating the game international.

High on Life has Metroidvania factors in that regard. When players first go to a planet, they may find areas that they lack the means to reach. Upon returning to these regions in a while with extra weapons and skills at their disposal, High on Life gamers will discover that they’ve a long way more freedom and might be able to get to spots and collectibles that were inaccessible before.

The knife in High on Life is as integral to exploration as the weapons. Very early on in the game, High on Life players accumulate a bloodthirsty, psychopathic knife this is passionate about stabbing people. As one might imagine, the knife serves that function nicely, and it is able to even be used to cause some brutal melee kill animations. But the knife is an awful lot more than a device to stab enemies with; it is also a grappling hook that we could players attain a ways ledges and swing on easily-positioned flying bugs.

High on Life gamers will take their knife and talking weapons on a grand, unpredictable sci-fi journey that takes area throughout a handful of visually wonderful and exciting planets. In High on Life, gamers take at the position of a bounty hunter who’s tasked with killing members of an intergalactic drug syndicate, with each come across culminating in an interesting and specific boss fight. To pass into too much detail about these bosses and the planets they stay on could be to wreck the experience, so it’s first-class for players to look all of it themselves.

The tiers in High on Life are huge, full of hidden chests, secret paths, and lots of loot that gamers can use to buy upgrades from a pawn save close to their domestic base and different traders they come upon on their adventures. Some of the chests house weird Garbage Pail Kids-fashion buying and selling playing cards and different collectibles with humorous descriptions, so it is well worth going out of one manner’s to tune the whole thing all down for the leisure value alone. There are over 200 chests in the game so completionists hoping to liberate all the extra content and acquire all of High on Life‘s achievements have to be saved plenty busy after the credit roll.

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Of path, mileage may vary when it comes to High on Life‘s humor. Like the different games from developer Squanch GamesHigh on Life leans closely into Justin Roiland’s signature emblem of Rick and Morty-fashion comedy, so those who enjoy on the way to likely have a blast with the game whereas others may additionally find it all too crass and obnoxious. Those that fall inside the latter category can at least tone down how often the weapons talk, even though a person that does not like Roiland’s humorousness will probable now not revel in High on Life pretty as much regardless.

Those that like Rick and Morty‘s surreal humor and meta remark will probable come faraway from High on Life questioning it to be one of the funniest video games they’ve performed. Not each comic story lands and listening to Morty’s screeching voice from Kenny’s mouth for hours may be grating at instances, even for diehard Rick and Morty lovers, but High on Life is in any other case an fun, nicely-written, sudden, and definitely hilarious revel in.

High on Life is a blast for the maximum component, but the game starts to lose a few steam at across the midway mark. Instead of gamers visiting fantastical new locations to seek out their next bounty, they may be sent returned to planets they’ve already explored. Granted, they may be able to pass down new paths in these regions way to the improvements they have amassed since their last go to, but it nonetheless way some backtracking. The second 1/2 of the sport nevertheless has plenty of interesting shootouts to preserve the adrenaline high, however it additionally has a variety of slower moments that hurt the pacing. It’s a little too tale and communicate heavy in comparison to the rest of the sport.

While High on Life cannot keep the momentum of its first half of for the entire sport, the second one half nevertheless has plenty of hilarious moments, unexpected plot twists, and funny observations about sport layout. The remaining stretch of the game continues to be masses interesting, despite the fact that it does not attain the equal highs mounted with the aid of the first half of.

High on Life is an easy recommendation, particularly thinking about it’s a day one Xbox Game Pass sport and may be played with out paying full rate. However, capability players must be aware about more than one probably recreation-breaking insects that threaten to wreck their time with High on Life. One of the bugs we encountered throughout our playtime almost forced a complete restart of the complete recreation, whilst some other noticed the primary person glitch into an area they weren’t presupposed to reach pretty yet, even though fortunately both issues ultimately resolved themselves. The loss of a guide keep option and the game most effective having one vehicle-shop makes these troubles a touch greater concerning, but optimistically those troubles are addressed shortly after launch.

Those admittedly extreme technical issues aside, High on Life is in any other case a consistently pleasing game from start to complete. It proves Squanch Games is able to turning in an extraordinary traditional gaming experience along its outstanding VR titles, and it’ll be interesting to see what the studio does next. Whether they play it through Xbox Game Pass or no longer, game enthusiasts need to make it a point to play High on Life ASAP. It’s a wild trip that merits to be skilled unspoiled.

High on Life launches December 13 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Game Rant was provided a PC code for this overview.

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