Hori Split Pad Compact Review

A quick upgrade is a plus, but otherwise it’s the experience is a disappointment.

Hori Split Pad Compact | Nintendo made it tough to allow third party Switch controllers to truly shine, since they have to struggle in the various scenarios that the Switch console can find itself in. Certain Nintendo controllers might attempt to provide flexibility or depend on wireless connectivity as opposed to trying to emulate that of Switch Joy-Con. Hori’s brand new Split Pad Compact controllers belong to the latter group. They are also a follow-up to with the Hori Split Pad Pro with a brighter design and a smaller size. In the end, they function as a size and capabilities upgrade for the Joy-Con but with a cheaper cost. There are a few disadvantages that hinder them from serving as a full replacement to Nintendo’s first controllers. Let’s dig in.Hori Split Pad Compact – Photos 

Hori Split Pad Compact – Design and Features

Hori Split Pad Compact Hori Split Pad Compact acts exactly like Joy-Con on the basic level. They fit right to the edges of the Nintendo Switch where Joy-Con would fit, and draw power out of the Switch. The grips add a touch of Switch Light color to regular Switch consoles, including the Apricot Red model as well as one that blends the front of a gray-colored front with what I would describe as a sickly yellow back.

Don’t be deceived by”compact,” or the “compact” within the title However. They offer a lot larger space for hands than the traditional Joy-Con. They come with bigger triggers and buttons for the shoulder and the thumbsticks are larger, taller and are more textured. This extra dimension is a significant improvement in comfort over the constricting Joy-Con. It’s not impossible to get bigger in my opinion, (I’m 6-foot-3), however, the dimensions here is likely to be more comfortable for the majority of adults, even teenagers.

The increase in size has more significant consequences to Switch owners, but. One of them is installing the new Switch as well as the Split Pad Compact combination into the Switch enclosure in the event that you’ve already bought an appropriate case. This Split Pad Compact also won’t fit inside your Joy-Con grip, even though it would be a problem even in the event that it did as it only allows an immediate connection to the Switch it self – there’s no USB or Bluetooth and no wireless.

In keeping with the idea of what like the Split Pad Compact doesn’t include, you can’t discover HD Rumble (or normal definition rumble in fact) as well as an NFC reader or the IR camera (though what if the Joy-Con really need an IR camera anyway?) as well as the gyro sensor. Rumble is useful to have, yes however, the gyro sensor could be crucial in certain video games. For instance, you won’t be able to beat all the temples of the game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild without a gyro, and the aim of arrows could prove to be more challenging.

Hori Split Pad Compact Hori Split Pad Compact has something that makes up the things it is lacking, however. At the back of every grip, you’ll find two buttons that can be assigned on any buttons on the face of the grip. While it’s helpful, it doesn’t mean that you can connect one of the button onto one of the grips on either side’s button or D-pad buttons onto those on the left grip’s. Hori completes the picture with an additional Turbo button for each grip, which can repeatedly repeat an input when the button is in use.

An interesting detail about this design Split Pad Compact controller is a tiny bit of metal that extends to cover with the side of the Switch itself , and then bumps out from behind. It is believed to safeguard the trigger for the controller whenever the Switch is placed on a table. It also helps in decreasing the risk of damage to the rails on the Switch’s controller by the additional leverage that larger controllers offer.

Hori Split Pad Compact Gaming and Performance

Hori Split Pad Compact Hori Split Pad Compact a reliable set of control options that offer an improvement in performance over regular Joy-Con controls. The additional space on the joysticks makes precise and delicate moves much easier to perform. When playing Breath of the Wild, I wasn’t frequently drifting off-course as I teetered on the edge of an escarpment. This was something that happens often when using the Joy-Con’s awkward joysticks.

Face buttons tend to be bigger and are easier to touch by a simple thumb press. All of the buttons offer some more flexibility before pressing than the buttons on the Joy-Con. They provide a little resistance, but they don’t feel mushy when you press, however they are able to move around slightly. It doesn’t mean that they’re any less secure when fighting. Although the triggers do have some room to move about, Hori was stuck with analog triggers which lack sensitivities.

The buttons on the bottom of the Split Pad Compact are an useful addition to the arsenal. They’re simple to map to buttons on the face, and allow me to hold on to the analog sticks to ensure consistent control. In Breath of Wild, I was able to mix the two along with Turbo in the correct controls to perform the endless running trick that usually involves pressing down the D-Pad, and then repeatedly pressing B the button. This is extremely difficult to pull off without letting go on the thumbsticks.

While Hori Split Pad Compact Hori Split Pad Compact is a step up on the basics of controls, the absence of specific control functions holds it back from being a full alternative to the Joy-Con. The inability to focus or control the game using gyroscopes was a hassle as I was switching over to the Joy-Con to complete the challenges ( FWIW: it’s possible to use a split Pad Compact grip on one side of the Switch as well as an Joy-Con in the second side, to gain some of the benefits of Hori’s control features while maintaining the ability to gyroscopically aim). The Split Pad Compact also only operates when connected to the Switch and isn’t a good idea when the console is docked.

Hori Split Pad Compact

Purchasing guide

Hori Split Pad Compact Hori Split Pad Compact now available from Best Buy for $49 from on October 2nd.


In the end it’s a good choice. Split Pad Compact is a great upgrade and a good value for gaming in the car However, it’s not an all-inclusive Switch controller. If you’re playing mostly in handheld mode it’s then the PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless or 8BitDo Pro 2 are likely more suitable options for those who need to take the Joy-Con the time of day. If you want to ensure that you’re able to participate in each Switch games, then you’ll require your Joy-Con to be an alternative to Split Pad Compact. Split Pad Compact.