House Party Cheats & Console Commands (2022)- Get intimate!

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To experience snug, epic gameplay, take advantage of the residence birthday celebration game console commands or cheat codes to alter the capabilities of the game.

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How to Activate Cheats and Console Commands in House Party

To execute residence celebration game console instructions and cheats:

  • You first prompt the console command by hitting “.“. Most notepads need the letters “ö“, “/“, or “‘” to release the console command. 
  • After you’ve released the console command, then kind “assist” to get a complete set of instructions. 
  • Enter “assist” + one command to acquire training, an “example” + one command to get an real example that explains the relevant effect.

All House Party Cheats and Console Commands

In your console instructions for House Party, you can use any of the individual names underneath. The intimacy codes do not affect the Game Grumps (Arin and Dan).


  • Leah
  • Lety
  • Vickie
  • Madison
  • Derek
  • Ashley
  • Patrick
  • Rachael
  • Katherine
  • Frank
  • Amy
  • Stephanie
  • Brittney
  • Dan
  • Arin
House Party Cheats

Helpful House Party Cheats

  • Door: Close or open doorways.
  • Command: ‘lock /unencumber’ door ‘door name’.
  • Illustration: lock door main bedroom/lock door “master bedroom” Means lock the door to the primary bedroom.
  • Possibilities for the 0.33 time period: select any door and sort in its call (without “door”)

Pro Tip: This is useful for locking characters away even in rooms wherein you don’t have a key.

  • Roaming: Keep characters from leaving their gift role.
  • Command: ‘person’ name’ roaming ‘genuine or fake
  • Illustration: Leah wandering fake permit = Leah will no longer go away her gift place.
  • 1st term Value possibilities: Amy, Brittney, Ashley, Derek, Frank, Madison, Stephanie, Patrick, Katherine, Rachael, and Vickie.
  • Worth noting: (I) Certain characters possess confined roaming powers; to view those locations, kind roaming ‘character’s name’ listing. (II) To have a specific individual wander everywhere, use roaming ‘character’s call’ clean listing (III) You may even be greater specific and limit characters’ get admission to to particular venues or proximity to particular people.
  • walkto: Direct characters to stroll to any vacation spot you desire.
  • Command: ‘individual’s name’ walkto ‘call of destination’ command. 
  • Example: Brittney walkto residence = make Amy go away the mattress
  • 3rd term cost opportunities: Outside, mattress = major bed room mattress, hottubseat1, and different values.
  • Combat: Make your characters war one another.
  • Command: Combat ‘man or woman name(s)’ ‘passout or awaken or combat’. 
  • Illustration: fight Patrick and Frank = have Patrick and Frank combat one another.
  • Another instance: battle Patrick passout = knock Patrick out.
  • Second-term value possibilities: Amy, Brittney, Ashley, Derek, Frank, Madison, Patrick, Katherine, Rachael, Vickie, and Stephanie
  • Third-term Possibilities: wakeup, pass out, and combat.

Pro Tip: After Frank is subconscious, you must deal with yourself to the alcohol in the cabinet.

  • Intimacy: Have s*x with every person.
  • Command: Intimacy gamer ‘someone else’s call’ ‘s*x role’ sexualact.
  • Illustration: Intimacy gamer Ashley 10052 sexualact=Cowgirl with Ashley.
  • 2nd Term price possibilities: Arin, Ashley, Amy, Dan, Derek, Brittney, Frank, Lety, Madison, Katherine, Patrick, Rachael, Vickie, and Stephanie.
  • third term cost opportunities: 9000 = kiss, 10011 = hand process, ten thousand = bl*wj*b, 10050 = doggy, 10030 = missionary, 10051 = masturbate, 10053 = licking, 10052 = cowgirl,10055/56/57 = wall s*x, 10054 = sixty nine. 
  • Possible changes #1: zero intimacy ‘name’ 10051 Ashley 10000 = compel Ashley to offer a blowjob.
  • ‘active consumer’s name’ 0’s*x role’ ‘passive individual’s call’ intimacy
  • Illustration: Rachael 0 10054 Amy intimacy = Rachael taking Amy’s sixty nine.

Pro tip: (I) you must do away with the clothing of the persons involved. 

              (II) You may additionally have men shag one another, and 

             (III) With Dan and Arin, each position except 9000 “make out” are invalid.

Amusing House Party Cheats

  • Bodyparts: Modify the dimensions of particular bodily organs.
  • Command: bodypart ‘respective body part’ ‘goal person’ ‘fee’
  • Illustration: Brittney, for has bodypart titties. 0.Seventy five = Brittney’s breasts might be 25% smaller.
  • second term price opportunity: tits, head, penis, tits, arms, toes, and buttocks.
  • third time period cost possibilities: Amy, Ashley, Amy, Brittney, Derek, Derek, Frank, Madison, Patrick, Katherine, Rachael, Vickie, Leah, and Stephanie.
  • 4th time period cost possibilities: a range of within 0.1 and 10
  • Drunk: How to Get Drunk:
  • Command: upload ‘wide variety’ to social participant
  • Possible Fourth-term values ranging from 0 to ten or one hundred
  • Clear: Remove all command records out of your computer. Simply enter “clear” to get commenced.
  • Clothing: Take off the characters’ apparel.
  • Command: Clothing ‘man or woman name’ ‘item’ exchange ‘on or off’.
  • Illustration: Clothing Amy 0 alternate off = take Amy’s pinnacle off.
  • 2nd term price opportunities: Amy, Ashley, Frank, Katherine, Brittney, Derek, Madison, Patrick, Stephanie, Rachael, and Vickie.
  • threerd term value possibilities: zero = pinnacle, 1 = backside, 2 = pants, three = bra, 4 = footwear, five = add-ons, 6 = strapon (lady characters most effective), or all (can also use the call rather, all has no quantity)

Pro suggestions: (I) Because a few characters do now not put on bras, lifting their tops to reveal their titties;

(II) The value “all” may also be used for the 2d and third terms; and

(III) Characters becoming a member of and exiting the recent tub will erase this command.

  • Personality: Prompting people to discover their nudity.
  • Command: ‘individual’s call’ persona exhibitionism = a hundred
  • Ashley’s personality exhibitionism equals a hundred, which means she can end concealing herself whilst she is nude.
  • 1st time period value opportunities: Amy, Ashley, Amy, Brittney, Frank, Derek, Katherine, Madison, Rachael, Patrick, Stephanie, and Vickie.

Pro tip: You may additionally regulate all 17 of each one’s person attributes the use of this option.


Use our House party recreation cheats & console instructions list for checking out, storyline improvement, data harvesting, and trendy tinkering.

The cheats enable you to try one of a kind instructions to useful resource both your gameplay as well as entertainment. Add items, get intimate and boost stats!