How do you change the teams of Pokemon Go

You may not be aware that you can swap the teams you play within Pokemon Go – here’s how

If you’re looking for a way to switch team members when playing Pokemon Go, you can take a breath of relief. If you’re suffering from buyer’s remorse it’s possible to change teams if you’d like, but there’s a modest cost to pay and a tight time limit to be within.

There’s a choice to pick a team from the game Pokemon Go when you visit the Gym at the level five. Three options include Valor (red), Mystic (blue) as well as Instinct (yellow) as well as although there aren’t many distinctions between them but it can affect the game in some way. Your team decides who you take Gyms for and who you battle, however you’re able to switch teams if you’re having trouble settling with the one you’ve chosen.

Switching teams In Pokemon Go is done by buying an item known as The The Team Medallion. It can only be used every year, so you need to take your time before you pull the trigger. There are a variety of reasons you could want to switch teams including Raid bonuses to the individuals you’ll interact with. Learn how you can make use of your Team Medallion to change teams in Pokemon Go.

How do I switch team members in Pokemon Go

How do you change the teams of Pokemon Go


The choice of which team to join is an important decision when playing Pokemon Go, but you could also choose to change teams with your Team Medallion. Then, you’ll be in a position to lead an entirely new squad to win at the vicinity of your Gyms and then use the medallion to your advantage in Raids However, you must choose your team carefully since there’s no chance of going back after a year!

The process of changing your team is easy, but you’ll need to acquire or buy 1,000 PokeCoins. Here’s a step-by step guide to the entire procedure.Reach 1,000 PokeCoins. You can earn PokeCoins by two methods. You earn PokeCoins through interactions with Gyms. You will earn 1 PokeCoin for each 10 minutes you defend an area with your current team. You can earn up to 50 every day. It’s a shame that this could be rather slow if you are trying to get to 1,000. Another option is to purchase PokeCoins with real money. You can purchase 1,200 PokeCoins at PS9.99.

  • Visit the shop. It is the Team Medallion can be found in the section Upgrades.
  • Purchase the Team Medallion. Exchange 1,000 PokeCoins in exchange for an Team Medallion.
  • Utilize to use the Team Medallion. The purchased Team Medallion in your items menu. It will inform you that you can’t purchase a second Team Medallion for 365 days as well as your Pokemon currently in Gyms do not be able to earn PokeCoins if they are defeated. If you’re okay with that, then use your Team Medallion and choose your new team. You’ll need to confirm once more that you have a good understanding.
  • Have fun with playing with your brand new squad. Join your new team and compete for Gyms!

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