How To Install And Use Epic Games On Steam Deck

Here’s how to make the most the benefits of Epic Games library available on Steam Deck. Steam Deck.

Since the Steam Deck’s HTML1Steam Deck‘s desktop operating system is Linux is based, you’re typically not able to play games that are supported by Windows or other anti-cheat systems don’t work. The majority of non-Steam games do not work on Linux however there are solutions for this. What do you think about Epic Games as well as other platforms?

How To Install And Use Epic Games On Steam Deck

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If you don’t want to install Windows 10 on your Steam Deck in order for access to your Epic Games collection, you could install it using Heroic Launcher, or even in traditional desktop style. No matter which method you choose to use you’ll need to change certain files inside out in order so that you can play games directly from Epic. Check out the article!

Switch to Desktop Mode

  • Steam button
  • Switch to Desktop

First, switch to desktop mode first. Then, switch to desktop. Click the Steam button and scroll until you reach the power menu, and then click “Switch back to Desktop”. When you are in Desktop Mode, make sure that you have the desktop app for Steam on in background. If you don’t, you won’t be able use the Steam keyboard, or the other buttons that are not designated for desktops to play.

Search for Heroic Games Launcher

  • Open Steam Deck start menu
  • Open Discover. Open Discover app
  • Look for Heroic Games Launcher

The most simple, and least time-consuming method of using Epic Games on the Steam Deck is to install the Heroic Games Launcher. It is a launcher which integrates both The Epic Games and GOG applications to make it easy to download and access the games.

All you need to do is hit to the Steam Deck icon at the lower left corner of your desktop and then launch your Discover application (essentially an app marketplace) and then look for Heroic Games Launcher. Install it, and there we go.

Log In Epic Games From Heroic

  • Launch the Heroic Games Launcher. Then sign into
  • Start Steam using Desktop Mode, and Add non-Steam games
  • Select Wine version from Heroic Games Launcher
  • Have fun playing games!

After you’ve installed the Heroic Games Launcher is installed and you’ve opened it, click on the launcher. Then, you’ll be asked to sign into Epic Games.

It is then necessary to launch the Steam application using desktop mode, and then add the Heroic Games Launcher as a non-Steam-based game to your library. Click on Games and then select Add Non-Steam Game. Locate your Heroic Games Launcher in the list, or browse for it. Add it to the Steam library lets you play the Epic Games when in Game Mode instead of opening Desktop Mode and launch Heroic manually.

If you launch Heroic Games Launcher from your library and attempt to launch an application, it may not be able to work. It will tell you that Wine was not found, or that a suitable version is required. While Heroic will automatically select the appropriate version for every game, there are times when you’ll have to alter the settings.

To accomplish this, you need to hover over the card of the game within the Heroic library, and click on the cog icon to go into the game’s settings. On the Wine tab, you’ll find an option to select the Wine Version dropdown. There are several Proton versions available including Proton-Experimental, Proton 7.0, and Proton-GE. Try switching to a different version and then see whether the game functions.

In the In the Wine Manager part in the Wine Manager section of Heroic Games Launcher, you can download other version of Proton. It is possible to check your game’s compatibility using ProtonDB to find out what’s compatible. As the rule, you should stick with the most current version to stay safe.

Be aware that some games require more complex solutions to be launched while others simply aren’t working regardless of what settings you test.

When you have the proper Version of Proton installed, you’ll be in a position to launch The Heroic Games Launcher on Steam and play your games.

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Alternately, Manually Install Epic Games

  • Install EpicInstaller, download it and then add it as a non-steam game

This is the other method, which is more time-consuming of adding Epic Games onto your libraries on Steam Deck. The first thing in order is download the executable installer from the Epic Games website. Then, you’ll need to start the Steam application it is in Desktop Mode.

Once you’re in Steam Like you do use on a PC you can hover over gamesand then Add a game that is not Steam to your library. There is no Epic Games in the list of programs Steam has downloaded however, select to browse at the bottom and navigate to the directory where you downloaded the EpicInstaller program. Add this file into Steam’s library. Steam library.

Be aware that if you are unable to locate certain files, they could be hiding. The three lines are located at the top right on the Dolphin program to open the file manager. In the drop-down menuthat appears, choose Show Hidden Files. The shortcut to display hidden folders is CTRL+H.

Explore The Epic Games Files

  • Find the EpicGamesLauncher.exe file
  • Copy it into the Target section of Shortcut Properties
  • Copy it into in the Beginning In section, and then remove the last section
  • Force compatibility

When you have confirmed that the EpicInstaller is installed in the Steam library, click it and select the Properties. You’ll need to modify the start and target location of the files and alter compatibility for you to be able to successfully start Epic Games here.

To begin, navigate toward shortcut. The Target location of the file may be filled in automatically If it is not, find the location of the file using this route:

  • Home/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata

This is the tough part. In this location for files there are a lot of folders, each with a different number. You can browse them until you locate Epic Games, but the best method to determine which one you require is to choose that one with the highest or longest number..

From here, you have to follow this route:

  • /pfx/drive_c/ProgramFiles(x86)/EpicGames/Launcher/Portal/Binaries/Win32.

When you reach the conclusion of this route you’ll find a number of files. Look for the one that says EpicGamesLauncher.exe. Once you’ve found it right-click on it then select Copy the location. Then, go back to Steam and then back to EpicInstaller’s Properties as well as a Shortcut. Paste the Epic Games Launcher path into the Target section..

The next steps are straightforward and bring the curtain down on this lengthy installation procedure. Copy and paste the URL in the Start In section. Here, remove the ending of the path that says “EpicGamesLauncher.exe”.

After that, click Compatibility on the left of the screen and ” Force the use of a particular Tool for Steam Compatibility“. It is also possible to make use of the drop-down menu below to select various Proton versions. The choice of different versions will reduce the chance of crashes and bugs in the event that one you prefer.

After that, you can relax and enjoy playing your Epic games!

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