How to Unlock Gold Camo MWO2 in call of duty

Gold Camo MWO2

Leveling up weapons has been a hallmark of Call of Duty’s Multiplayer. Modern Warfare 2 follows the same pattern. Special camos can be unlocked as you level up your weapon. One of the earliest is the Silver camo.

This page explains how to unlock Gold camo in Modern Warfare 2.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone 2.0 All Launch Details Explained

Gold Camo Challenges

Gold Camo MWO2 in call of duty

Modern Warfare 2 has changed the way you unlock Gold camo to your weapons. It should be fairly easy to get it if one weapon is chosen at a given time.

Go to the Multiplayer’s Weapons tab and then enter the Loadout section. After you have selected the Loadout that contains the weapon for which you wish to use the Gold camo, click on the weapon tab to access the Gunsmith.

You’ll find a separate section called Weapon Mastery on the left side of the Customize tab. Each square displays a different camo, which unlocks when you complete the challenge. There are four of these squares. Completing each of the 4 Challenges will not only get you the four camos but also the Gold camo that you can use to unlock the weapon.

The M4 Assault Rifle, for example, is a weapon that you will have instant access to. These are the four challenges required to unlock the Gold Camo:

  • 50 Kills with M4 — Unlock the Scales Camo
  • 50 Kills with the M4– Unlock the Desert Hybrid Camo
  • Get 10 Double Kills With the M4 Unlocks Dark Leaves Camo
  • Get 15 Kills From Behind with the M4 Unlocks Urban Renewal Camo
  • Get 3 Kills with the M4 and Unlock the Gold Camo

After that, you will be able to complete 8 Gold Challenges in order to unlock Platinum. Then, 51 Platinum Challenges will unlock Polyatomic. Finally, 51 Polyatomic Challenges will unlock the Orion camo.


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