Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel Review.

Logitech G Pro real sim wheel stumbles out from behind.

the G923 model from Logitech created the company synonymous with beginners’ wheel racing However, the brand is currently aiming for the high barriers of professional simulation race with its Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel. This G Pro lives up to its title as a direct-drive wheel that can provide up to 11 newton meters (nm) in force feedback. This makes it harder to whip than professional racing wheels, such as that of the Fanatec DD Pro (8nm) and Moza R9 (9nm). The G Pro also benefits of Trueforce Logitech’s unique technology that allows you to feel the vibrations generated by your computer’s engine, and each bump along the road.

Of course, all this top-of-the-line technology for racing simulation costs a significant amount that is $999 to purchase the wheelbase , and further $350 for pedals. This is a lot higher than other models. The decision on whether it’s worth it boils down to how compatible the wheel works with your current game and how much mileage it can vary depending on the game you’re playing.Logitech G Pro Wheel for Racing

Logitech G Pro Race Wheel

Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel Review.

It’s true that the G Pro doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel of racing wheels. Its design is an obvious improvement over the G923 wheel. It has the identical set of buttons on the controller’s face which your thumbs can reach while your hands are set between the ten and two. It’s also not that difficult from the trigger buttons, or the dials and menu buttons.

The most intriguing and exciting feature is the tiny touch-sensitive joystick that is within the reach of my left thumb. It is not like a traditional joystick, it’s more like an fly stick cap, and so moving through menus is easy with a few precise clicks.

The wheel itself is nice and sturdy and has a large metal plate at its center. It’s also slightly larger than the G923, with a more authentic 300mm (11.81-inch) diameter, compared to the smaller the 280mm (11-inch) dimension of G923 as well as it’s a bit larger than the DD Pro.

The paddle shifters made from metal are large and attractive they come with two sets so that you can change gears regardless of how you hold the wheel. You can also arrange the lower two paddles to function as the analog levers for gas or brake. The click-like mechanical sound of paddle shifters is extremely enjoyable and tactile regardless of the fact it makes use of a magnetic system and hall-effect sensors that are contactless.

It’s also easy and quickly take off the wheel’s rim completely due to the quick-release mechanism. Logitech hasn’t announced the accessibility of F1 or any other themed wheels that can fit on G Pro’s wheelbase. G Pro wheelbase, but it’s a very likely possibility.

When it comes to the wheelbase, it’s a massive model, weighing in with 15.4lbs (7kg). It’s also quite large at 305 x 290x 200mm, meaning it’s nowhere far from being as compact as its newer competitors that come from Fanatec or Moza. It’s a good thing that it has an office mounting system that can do a great job of keeping it in its place despite the weight and power.

This G Pro wheelbase also features an adjustable OLED display. From the beginning the display displays the entirety of your pedal and wheel Telemetry, however, you can alter it to display your gear’s speed, position or an active ticker to show the amount of torque that the wheel puts out. You can also make use of this OLED display to alter all the settings of the wheel, including the Trueforce strength and force feedback and an operating angle for the wheel as well as the paddle modes and you can add the settings in five distinct profiles, making the transition between races easier.

The pedals on the feet are a significant improvement over the pedals that are included in the G923, however they are available separately. For the price of $350 is a little disconcerting that they’re made with plastic, but they’re certainly constructed overall. It also assists that all three pedals are equipped with heavy springs behind the pedals. The brake pedal with load cell is especially pleasant since it measures force by the pressure you exert on your foot. The greater the force and speed you apply it, the harder it will stop in game.

It’s also extremely simple to adjust as well as move your pedals about. By loosening or unbolting one or two bolts will allow you to easily remove or slide them entirely. In addition, you can alter all the springs that are behind the pedal without any tools.

For compatibility it is compatible with the G Pro comes in two varieties that can either work with Xbox Series X Xbox Series X|S consoles as well as PC, or PlayStation5/PS4 with PC. However, you can purchase this wheel in the PS5 version of the wheel, and it’ll be compatible on Xbox Series X/S. Xbox Series X/S in the event that you swap out the PlayStation wheel to one that is compatible with the Xbox one. But, as Logitech hasn’t yet started selling the wheels on its own so you’ll need to buy this Xbox version of G Pro wheel to get access to one. However, when Logitech begins to produce F1 or other types of themed wheel for what’s going to be two platforms, you could have the option of taking advantage by the PS5 and PlayStation 4 versions’ additional compatibility.

The most annoying thing is that it has only USB ports for peripherals that aren’t included in the. There are no old VGA ports, it’s not backward compatible with Logitech’s G Driving Force Shifter unless you purchase adapter cable mods. However, I’ve been unable to test this for myself yet. There aren’t any RJ45 ports that can support accessories from other manufacturers too.

Logitech G Pro Race Wheel Performance

The transition from the G923’s gear-driven model towards the direct drive G Pro feels like a different experience from day to night. There’s not any rattling or herky-jerky quality to the steering wheel. Instead the pull is soft and you’re able to feel the way your car’s virtual model is moving around when you turn hard or the amount you need to move it back in order to break free from an oversteer. With up to 11nm of force flowing throughout the wheels, my hands certainly get tired after a short sprint through Assetto Corsa Competizione and Gran Turismo 7.

Trueforce has been upgraded in this racing wheel that is more expensive. It used to use the sound of your engine and convert it into vibrations, these advanced haptics allow you to feel every blemish along the route, from rough potholes and gravel to bollards that surround the apex of the turn. Logitech is also able to significantly reduce the volume Trueforce is, making it sound less like a pot filled with boiling water.

However, the small number of games supported by Trueforce is a restriction that you must take into consideration if contemplating purchasing this costly wheel. It’s currently compatible in conjunction with iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione Dirt Rally 2.0, Automobilista 2, F1 22 as well as GRID (2019) and isn’t compatible with many contemporary, well-known games like Forza Horizon 5, Need For Speed Heat The Crew 2 and The Crew 2.

There were a few instances in which I could only play G Pro G Pro with games like Forza Horizon 5 and Dirt 5 in compatibility mode which basically tricks the Xbox into believing it’s G923. In reality, this mode makes the $999 wheel emulated by the same wheel, it still get access to the entire 11nm of force feedback as well as the redesigned Trueforce haptic. In the end, you gain nothing by using this Logitech G Pro function as an Logitech G923.

However, I’m not impressed with the fact that you can play the majority of racing games using this wheel, which is in a pseudo-emulation mode It’s an issue with how few racing games have new hardware support, and the update for them are slowly withdrawn within months or even years after the game’s launch.

At the very minimum, Logitech has informed me that Forza Horizon 5 is going to include an integrated support feature for their Pro Wheel shortly with a coming update. But up until The Crew 2 and NFS Heat’s respective developers implement native support, placing the wheel into G923 support mode can be the only method to be compatible with older games similar to those.

Guide to Purchasing

Its Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel will be sold on sale for $999 for just the wheel base only along with the pedals are priced at $349 that brings the total price to $1,348, and will only be sold directly through Logitech.


It’s a great wheel. Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel comes with a many advantages with its excellent quality construction, a big wheel size and a high amount of force feedback for its class. The Trueforce haptics feature also provides an additional level of realism that other wheels don’t have, even though it’s not yet compatible with the same amount of games as you’d think. The price of $1,348 for the entire set (the pedals are available separately) is a bit high in comparison to other bundles such as that $969 Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro and having to switch the wheel into compatibility mode in certain games is a sad fact.


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